Demand to Bargain


Demand to Bargain

Mid-Term Bargaining Report Calendar Year 2017
Demand to Bargain- VHA Community Care Clinician User Interface- Community Provider Portal 05/20/17

Demand to Bargain – OI&T ITOPS Transformation Realignment Announcement 05/22/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Office of Nursing Services Mental Health Awareness Month Challenge Awards 05/16/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Office of Community Care, Patient Care Coordination and Assessment Tool and Phase 1 & 2 Pilot Implementation 05/09/17

Demand to Bargain-VHA Office of Community Care (PPMS) 05/01/17

Demand to Bargain – OI&T Executive Support Service Desk ESD change in Tour of Duty 05/01/17

Demand to Bargain – VIHA PLO Station 701 SAO NCO Reorganization 04/28/17

Letter of Agreement – VHA Procurement SAOs and Procurement Policy Office realignment under the Chief Supply Chain Officer 04/27/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA OSI VERC Notification of Project Time Reporting Requirements 04/21/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA PCMHI Competency Based Training Program 04/19/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Directive 1502 Homeless Veteran Contact and Referral Management 04/19/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Directive 1406 PCCM for Primary Care 04/19/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Office of Systems Redesign and Improvement VHA Transitions Collaborative 04/19/17

Demand to Bargain – Office of Strategic Integration VERC General Office Standard Operating Procedures 04/19/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Supply Chain Management Transformation Program Office Pilot Sites 04/18/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Logistics and Prosthetics VistA Graphical User Interface Overlay 03/30/17

Demand to Bargain – NCA Online Tool Suggestion Box 03/30/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA’s P&LO Reorganization of Procurement SAOs and Policy Office under the Chief Supply Chain Officer 03/30/17

Demand to Bargain – VHS’ Reorganization of the Clinical Integration Department of the Office of Community Care Staff 03/29/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA CPAC Work Measurement Study and Site Visits 03/27/17

Demand to Bargain – Office of Strategic Integration and Veterans Engineering Resource Centers Staff Reorganization 03/27/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Office Access to Care Medical Appointment Scheduling System Piot Activities 03/16/17

VHA Directive 1162.06 Veterans Justice Program 03/16/17

Demand to Bargain – Reorganization VISN 1 Patient Contact Centers from Medical Centers to VHA Member Services 02/24/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Veterans Engagement Reconnecting with America’s Heroes 02/24/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Directive 1085 Smoke-Free Policy for VA Health Care Facilities 02/24/17

Demand to Bargain – Revenue Operations Office of Community Care Notification of LAWS Implementation CPAC Staff 02/23/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA CPAC Financial Accounts Clerks-Technician Performance Standards 02/14/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Mandated VA-Social Skills Training Program Assessment Survey & Interviews of Staff 02/10/17

Demand to Bargain – Readjustment Counseling Services Vet Center Reorganization to CHRMO 02/10/17

Demand to Bargain – Change affecting two AFGE locals 02/03/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Office of Community Care Change in station number – supervisor for BUE at two locals 02/03/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA Prosthetics Inventory Management Reorganization 01/31/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA’s Veterans Experience Office VA Feedback Tool 01/31/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA CPAC Standardized Training Specialist Performance Standards GS-1712-GS-11 01/20/17

Demand to Bargain – VHA PACT Roadmap for Managing Pain Guidance Document & Roadmap 01/19/17

Demand to Bargain – OI&T Enterprise Operation Center (EOC) Incident Management 01/18/17





Mid-Term Bargaining Report Calendar Year 2016




























VHA Directive 1231-Outpatient Clinic Pratice Management 09/06/16

VHA RN Role in Mental Health Same Day Initial Screening Evaluation 09/06/16

VHA’s Office of Community Care Enhancements 09/06/16

VHA CPAC National Quality Evaluation System (QUEST) 09/02/16

VHA VISN-VAMC Contact Center Expansion (VCCE) 08/26/16

Demand to Bargain CPAC Performance Standards Billing Lead, Revenue Facility Technician & Billing Database Administrator08/26/16

OI&T Security of Apps on iOS Devices Training 08/25/16

VHA MyVA Access Implementation Guidebook 08/25/16

VA Office of Diversity & Inclusion Employee Engagement Service (EES) 08/18/16

VHA VA Voices Program 08/18/16

VHA Office of Connected Care ANNIE App 08/12/16

VHA Mental Health Scheduler Training 08/12/16

VA Handbook 5007 Pay Administration revisions for Title 5 and Title 38 08/10/16

Security changes to accessing the eOPF 08/08/16

OI&T MyVA Transformation 08/03/16

VA Directive and VA Handbook 0730 Appendix G 08/01/16

VHA Member Service Transfer of Function Five (5) GS-0544 Civilian Pay 07/28/16

VHA Telework Memo for CPAC PMO Workforce Development 07/26/16

VHA Just Culture Program 07/22/16

VHA CEOSH Employee Threat Assessment Team A Guidebook for Managing Risks Posed 07/22/16

VHA Directive 1306 Querying State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs 07/20/16

VHA-Vet-Ride Vehicle Telematics 07/19/16

Disciplinary Action for Privacy Violations 07/18/16

Enterprise Health Management Platform 7/18/16

VHA CBO Purchased Care Voucher Examiner 30 Percent Reduced Performance Standards 07/13/16

VA Leaders Developing Leaders Cascade 07/13/16

VHA Hire Right Hire Fast Pilot 07/13/16

VHA Planned Implementation of Veterans Choice Program Care Coordination Pilot (Alaska, VA HCS and Fargo, VAMC) 06/14/16

VA Implementation of Telematics, Federal Vehicle Fleets 06/03/17

VHA CPAC Change in Working Conditions for Facility Revenue Technicians (FTR) 06/01/16

VHA Realignment of Health Eligibility Center, Health Revenue Center and Veterans Crises Line 05/31/16

Ensuring Safety and Security of VHA Community Based Workers 05/25/16

VHA Flu Icon for Reporting Vaccination Status 05/23/16

VHA Office of Disability and Medical Assessment Veterans Experience with C & P Examination Process Project 05/06/016

VHA Call Centers-New Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Application 05/05/16

VHA Mandatory Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program 05/05/16

VA Directive 6517 and VA Handbook 6517 Risk Management Framework for Cloud Computing Services 04/25/16

VistA Scheduling Enhancement 04/22/16

VHA Directive 1114 Controlled Substance Patient Prescription Disposal 04/19/16

VHA Handbook 1108-05 Otupatinet Pharmacy Services April 8 2016 04/08/16

VA Police Officer GS-06 Performance Appraisal Standards under MyVA Security and Preparedness Initiative 03/24/16

National Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy Facility Equipment Maintenance Program 03/21/16

Veterans Choice Program, Chief Business Office Providers Agreement and Home Health Aide Services Agreement 03/21/16

VHA my Access Declaration 03/16/16

SOARD-Maximo Program implementation at VHA facilities 03/02/16

MyVA Security and Preparedness Initiative 03/02/16

VA OI&T Realignment of Enterprise System Engineering and Executive Program within SDE 03/01/16

VHA EES Telework Policy 02/18/16

VHA Patient Flow Coordination Collaborative 02/18/16

VHA MyVA Audiology and Optometry Direct Scheduling 02/18/16

VHA’s Access Stand Down February 27, 2016 02/10/16

VCS Hours of Operations Category 1- 4VCS locations 02/05/16

VA’s eLES Process 02/04/16

VHA’s Veterans Enrollment Rework Project 02/04/16

VHA Cancellation of Patient Care Activities 02/04/16

VA Handbook 5017, Employee Recognition and Awards, Part V, Title 38 Special Advancements and Cash Awards 02/04/16

VA Office of Diversity & Inclusion Technical Assistance Review focus groups at select VBA and VHA sites 02/04/16

VHA Therapeutic and Supported Employment Services Transformation Plan 02/02/16

VHA EES Records Management Policy No. 777-RM01-11 01/28/16

VHA Organizational Realignment of Chief Business Office Purchase Care 01/27/16

VA Mandatory Use of PIV-Multifactor Authentication for Access to VA Information Systems 01/27/16

VA Office of Information and Technology Establishment of Enterprise Program Management Office 01/27/16

VHA Directive 7702 Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment Program 01/13/16

Disciplinary-Adverse Actions and the use of Administrative Leave VAIQ #7661457 01/13/16

OIT Up to Two IT Device Policy 01/11/16

VHA Enterprise Health Management Platform VA Office of Diversity & Inclusion Technical Assistance Review Groups 01/11/16

VHA Procurement Manual #30 Volume 6 Chapter XXIV Contract Closeout SOP Revision 02 01/07/16

Approval of Realignment of Northwest Innovation Center 01/05/16

revised CBO CPAC performance Standards 01/04/16

Sterile Processing Services 01/04/16

Mid-Term Bargaining Report Calendar Year 2015

CTVHCS Memo 138-001 Transportation & Vehicles Policy 12/24/15

VHA National Enrollment Initiative Call Center Pilot Program TX and NC 12/24/15

VHA Procurement and Logistics Offices, SAO and PCOE Organizational Realignment 12/24/15

VA OIT National Performance Standards for GS-2210 7/9/11 12/24/15

VA Directive 5007 and VA Handbook 5007, Pay Administration Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentives 12/23/15

VHA Compliance with Standardization of Primary Care Clinics 12/23/15

VHA EES Records Management Policy No. 777-RM01-11 12/22/15

VHA Physician Engagement 12/21/15

VA EES E-Learning Producers Performance Standards 12/17/15

VHA Office of Procurement and Logistics National Performance Plan, Procurement Technician, Application Coordinator and ETC 12/17/15

VHA Realignment of Connected Health and Telehealth in VHA Office of Connected Care 12/16/15

VHA Service Area Office (SAO) Central Network and Program Contracting Offices Warrant Board Procedu12/16/15

VHA Organizational Realignment of Chief Business Office in Community of Care and the Office of Quality, Safety and Value 12/11/15

VHA Annual Surgery Updates to the VistA Surgery Package 11/30/15

VHA Outpatient Access to Care Program Phase II Pilot Sites 11/30/15

VHA Chief Business Office CPAC Performance Standards for GS-9 Program Analyst and GS-11Denials Mang Specialist 11/25/15

VHA Telehealth Scheduling System 11/19/15

VA Directive 0000 Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures 11/18/15

VHA Office of Procurement and Logistics addendums for Purchase Card Holders 11/17/15

VHA Handbook 7701.02 Fire Department Services at VA Medical Centers and Domiciliary 11/17/15

VHA Handbook 1106.01 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Procedures 11/16/15


VHA Access Stand-Down 11/10/15

OI&T Realignment of Bargaining Unit Employee to Region 2 Applications Service Line from VISN 23 11/06/15

VHA CBOPC Community Care Operations Realignment 11/04/15

VHA Realignment of Connected Health and Telehealth in VHA Office of Connected Care 11/04/15

Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures 11/03/15

VHA Annual Surgery Updates to the Vista Surgery Package 10/23/15

VHA CPAC Revenue Utilization Review (RUR) Nurse Functional Statements 10/21/15

VHA Handbook 1106.01 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Procedures 10/21/15

VHA Clinic Pratice Management Model Pilot 10/09/15

COAC RNs Boarding Process to VHA’s Office of Nursing Service 10/09/15

VHA CBOPC Business System Management Procedure on the Relocation of Virtual Employees 10/09/15

(ORM) call Monitoring SOP 10/08/15

VHA PCT Clinical Process for Unscheduled Patient Walk ins 09/30/15

VHA Service Area Office (SAO) Central Network and Program Contracting Offices Warrant Board Procedures 09/28/15

VHA Clinic Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy 09/28/15

VA Pulse Empowering VA Staff Through Collaboration 08/28/15

VHA Realignment of Office of Public Health within the Office of Patient Care Services 08/28/15

VA’s AES 08/28/15

VA Office of Information and Technology Service Line Realignment and Reassignments 08/28/15

VHA CBOPC Performance Standards August 2015

VA’s All Employee Survey (AES) 08/06/15

VHA CPAC Billing Quality Review User Guide 07/31/15

VA Regionalization Reorganization 07/30/15

VHA Office of Procurement and Logistics National Performance Plans 07/27/15

VHA Directive 1933 VHA National Core Collection of Online Resources 07/24/15

Demand to Bargain on VHA office of Procurement and Logistics Services alignment with AFGE locals 07/15/15

Memorandum of Agreement between VA and DOD on Separation Health Assessments for Separating-Retiring Service Members 07/15/15

VHA Directive 7705 Management of Hazardous Chemicals 0/715/15

RUR FY 17 Volume Tracker Staffing Model for CPAC’s 07/14/15

VA Mandatory Use of PIV card on OIT computer Systems 07/14/15

NCA’s Performance Plans for Motor Vehicle Operator & Gardener 07/10/15

NCA’s proposed change for Performance Plans-Organizational Support 07/10/15

VISN 19- VAECHCS Nursing Service Guidelines For Staffing of Saturday Clinin 06/25/15

VHA Outpatient Scheduling Policy and Procedures and Interim Guidance 06/18/15

060815 – CORRECTION_Clarification of VHA Outpatient Scheduling Policy Attachment 1 06/18/15

060815 – CORRECTION_Clarification of VHA Outpatient Scheduling Policy and Procedures attachment 2 06/18/15

OPM Cybersecurity Incident 06/17/15

VA EES Conversion of Employees from GS-303 Series to GS-1702 Series 06/17/15

VA Regionalization Reorganization 06/15/15


VHA Restrictions on Non-Critical Expenditures 05/27/15

VHA Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) Expanded Grille Operations Hours 05/18/15

VA FY 2015 Supplemental General Schedule Performance Appraisal Plan Guidance 05/15/15

VA EES Conversion of Employees from GS-303 Series to GS-1702 Series 05/15/15

VHA Logistics Customer Service Survey 05/13/15

Suicide Prevention Outreach Activities Survey 05/12/15

PTSD Clinical Team Interviews 05/12/15

VHA General Employee Survey Regarding VA’s Suicide Prevention-Related Resources 05/12/15

VHA’s RN Transitions-to Practice Interview 05/11/15

VA Integrated Behavioral Health Providers Survey 05/11/15

VHA Point of use (POU) Program Management Office Implementation System wide 05/04/15

OIT Region 1 Standardized Performance Plans 05/04/15

Chief Business Office Purchased Care Involuntary Overtime Extension 05/04/15

VHA Clinical Nurse Leader Survey 05/04/15

My VA 101 Training 04/09/15
NVAC MyVA 101 Training MOU 04/10/15

VHA Directive 1133 “The Under Secretary for Health’s Awards Program for Excellence in Clinical Simulation Training, Education and Research” 04/03/15

VHA National Contracting Offices (NCO) Employee Wellness (NCO 7, NCO 18 and NCO 20) 04/02/15

VA Mobile Health Program 04/02/15

VHA Directive 1164 Essential Medication Information Standards 03/30/15

VistA Enhancements 03/26/15

VHA Handbook 1108.11- Clinical Pharmacy Services 03/23/15

VA Office of Diversity and Inclusion Technical Assistance Reviews to Determine Compliance with EEO laws, regulations and policies 03/18/15

VA Office of Diversity and Inclusion and VA Learning University MyCareer@VA Day event 03/18/15

Union Officials request to record their Official Time in VATAS by VA’s Administration 03/03/15

VHA Handbook 1058.01 Research Compliance Reporting Requirements 02/27/15

VA’s Veteran Appointment Mobile Application 02/26/15

NOC 20 Employee Physical Fitness and Wellness Activities 02/24/15

VHA Annual Pharmacy Automation Assessment and Technology 02/18/15

Agreement on VA Core Value 02/13/15

Chief Business Office Purchased Care Mandating Overtime 02/12/15

Chief Business Office (CBO) Consolidated Mailout Pharmacy (CMOP) Telework Pilot 02/12/15

VA OIT National Service Desk Standardized Performance Plans 02/12/15

DTB-PMC employees working compensation claims 01/29/15

VHA Handbook 1058.01 Research Compliance Reporting Requirements 01/22/15

VA OIT Region 5 Service Line Implementation 01/22/15

VHA CPACs Work Measurement Study 01/15/15

VHA Implementation of AcuStaf Self-Scheduling for all VHA Staff 01/07/15


VISN 1 Call Centers 12/16/14

VA Core Value Mandatory Training requirement 12/15/14

VHA Guidance to Reduce Elopements by Mental Health Patients 12/15/14

VA’s Staff Response to an Active Threat Event 12/11/14

VA OIT National Service Desk Standardized Performance Plans and Position Descriptions 12/08/14

VHA Handbook 1065.01 Specialty Provider Group Practice Productivity 11/26/14

VHA VistA Evolution Program Notification of Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV) Initial Operating capability (IOC) Deployment 11/25/14

Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) Uniform Policy 11/25/14

VHA iPads Pilot Usage in VHA Facilities 11/19/14

VA Handbook 5005 On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Procedures 11/18/14

VHA’s HSR&D Proposal PEC 14-272 Caregivers Support Program Partnered Evaluation 11/17/14

VHA Community Living Center (CLC) Care Study 11/07/14

VHA’s Clinical Nurse Leader Practice Model Survey 11/07/14

Uniforms Issued to TCT Employees at Eastern Colorado HCS 11/07/14

VA Employee Education System (EES) E-Learning Division Performance Plans 10/27/14

VHA Proposal to Adjust Nurse practitioner (NP) Panel Size in Patient Alignment Care Teams (PACT) 10/27/14

VHA CPAC Productivity Assessment Tool (PAT) Billers Job Aid 10/27/14 PAT Job Aid for Billers

VA Ebola Safety Procedures Implementation 10/22/14

VA North Central CPAC Employee Leave Policy 10/09/14

Sample Demand to Bargain Art 47 Sec 4 A October 2104 doc

Sample Demand to Bargain Art 47 Sec 4 B October 2104 doc (1)

VA EES Workspace Assessment Guidance 10/06/14

VA-Wide Administrative Office Space Standards 10/06/14

VHA PL&O Overtime Rosters in Network Contracting Offices (NCO) 10/03/14

VHA AES Pop-Up-Tool 09/02/14

VHA Healthcare Talent Management (HTM) Program Office, ePerformance Pilot 2.0, VHA Workforce Service Program Office VISNs 5, 6, 10, 22 and VHA Central Office for AFGE BUEs 09/02/14

VHA Procurement Office Dress Code Policy 08/25/14

VHA Primary Care Management Module (PCMM) GUI Web 08/12/14

Non-VA Medical Way Forward Initiative 08/12/14

OIT Region 5 Fid Hub Broadband ISP Service Plan 08/08/14

VHA VistA Evolution Program Notification of Joint Legacy Viewer (JVL) Expansion 08/07/14

OIT Enterprise Voice System (EVS) Initiative 08/05/14

Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application Ststem (FAITAS) User Profile 08/05/14

VA Handbook 5005 Part II Chapter 4 Selective Service 08/05/14

VHA CareTracker System 08/05/14

NCAs New Performance Plans for Budget Analysis 08/01/14

VA NCA New Performance Plans for Tractor operator 07/31/14

Recission of VHA Outpatient Scheduling Policy and Procedures and the Issuance of Intrem Guidance 07/23/14

VA OIT implementation of Primavera Software Program 07/21/14

VHA Community Living Center (CLC) Care Study 07/14/14

VA Downgrades of Positions 07/14/14

VHA Directive 2013 – xxx Certification Requirements for Therapeutic and Recreational Swimming Pool Staff 07/11/14

VHA Handbook 5011 Part 1 Hours of Duty and Leave for Physicians and Dentists 07/11/14

VA OI&T Enterprise Voice System (EVS) Initiative 07/11/14

VISN 17 – Central Texas Veterans, HCS Home Telehealth (HT) Emergency Management Procedures and Continuity of Operations Policy 07/10/14

VISN 22 GLAHCS Medical Support Assistants (MSA) Competency Assessment Form 07/10/14

VA’s Litigation Hold concerning alleged Consult and Appointment Delays in VHA Facilities 06/26/14

VA’s Inspection and Review of Scheduling Practices at VHA Facilities 06/23/14

VA Implementation of the Federal Acquistion Institute Training Application System (FAITAS) 06/23/14

VH Handbook 5005 Part II Chapter 4 and Appendices R1-R8 Selective Service Waiver Decision and Appeals for VA 06/16/14

VHA Modification to 2014 Performance Plan – 14 Day Access Measures 06/16/14

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) and VA Learning University (VALU) MyCareer@VA Pilot 06/02/14

VHA CPAC Performance Plan Insurance Verification Database Manager 05/30/14

VHA CPAC Performance Plan (Program Analyst and Quality Assurance Reports Analyst) 05/30/14

VISN 7 E-Consult Expansion 05/28/14

VISN 7 Outreach to veterans Patients Regarding Clinic Appointments 05/28/14

VHA Implementation of Disruptive Behavior Reporting System (DBRS) 05/27/14

OI&T Elimination of Compressed Work Schedules (CWS) for OIT Staff 05/23/14

VHA Network Contract Office (NCO) Incentive Award Plan 05/22/14

VHA Network Contract Office (NCO) 5 Outstanding Employee of the Month (EOM) Program 05/22/14

VHA Conversation of Biomedical Equipment Support Specialist to Title 38 Hybrid 05/22/14

VHA Implementation of Employee Threat Assessment Teams 05/22/14

VA Directive 5019 and VA Handbook 5019 “Employee Occupational Health Service” 05/20/14

VA Handbook 5975.3 Barrier Analysis 05/14/14

VA OI&T Air Gap Networks 05/12/14

VA Office of Occupational Safety and Health implementing Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) 05/12/14

NCO 17 Eliminating two (2) Procurement Analyst Positions 05/05/14

VA VistA Electronic Health Record EHR implementation 04/23/14

VA Handbook 5007 / Pay Administration, Part V, Chapter 6; Part IX; Part X, Chapter 1 and Part X Appendix B 04/22/14

VA Handbook 0632 “Conference Planning, Execution, Reporting and Oversight” dated December 23 2013 04/22/14

VA National Cemetery Administration NCA Occupational Safety and Health New Employee Training 04/21/14

VA National Cemetery Administration NCA Occupational Safety and HealthAnnual Refresher Training 04/21/14

Central Texas Veterans HCS Electronic Government Vehicle Reservation System 04/16/14

VA OI&T Single Information Technology Service Management ITSM Suite 04/16/14

VHA Expansion of Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) Program 04/16/14

VA Implementation of Microsft Lync Software 04/14/14

VHA Handbook 5005/71 Staffing Qualifications Standard for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) date March 24, 2014 04/08/14

Central Texas Veterans HCS Memorandum 138-019 Smoke Barriers Walls Floors and Fire Doors 04/03/14

Central Texas Veterans HCS Memorandum 07B-005 Tobacco Free Environment 04/03/14

VHA Handbook 1605.1 privacy and Release of Information 04/02/14

Central Texas Veterans HCS Memorandum 138-015 Energy Management 04/01/14

VHA Tele-ICU Expansion 03/27/14

VHA Office of Mental Health Operations (OMHO) Interview Project 03/14/14

VHA Directive 2013-xxx Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Basic and Advance Cardiac Life Support Training for Staff 03/13/14

VA E-Gov Travel Service 2 (ETS2) Transition 03/13/14

VHA Workforce Management and Consulting (WMC) Union Traveler use of Alternate Preparer Function in Fed Traveler 03/12/14

VA OI&T Service Delivery & Engineering (SDE) Printer Policy Implementation 03/11/14

VA OI&T Service Delivery & Engineering (SDE) OITs Budget Tracking Tool BTT 03/11/14

VHA EES Realignment – Position Descriptions 03/11/14

VHA EES Realignment – Performance Plans 03/11/14

NCO 18 Implementation of Mandatory Overtime NCO 18 03/11/14

VA National Cemetery Administration NCA Performance Plan for Automotive Mechanic and Automotive Worker 03/03/14

VCS Electric Trash Compactors 03/03/14

VCS Mandatory Quarterly Training 03/03/14

VA International Classification of Diseases ICD-10 Implementation Plan 02/24/14

Reassignment of QRS Employees – Spring Surge 02/24/14

VA Directive 0325 Personal Accountability 02/18/14

VHA CPAC Performance Plans 02/14/14

VA Office of Strategic Integration (OSI) Indoor Maps and Wayfinding Project Pilots in VISN 5 and VISN 20 02/13/14

VHA Directive XXX Telehealth Disability Examinations 01/31/14

VHA Handbook 5978 ADR Neutrals Certification Handbook 01/31/14

VA Handbook 5975.1 dates November 27 2013 Processing Request for Reasonable Accommodation from Employees and Applicants with Disabilities 01/28/14

VHA Hand Hygiene Study 01/24/14

VHA Procurement and Logistics Point-Of-Use Solutions Programs VISN 4, VISN 5 and VISN 6 Pilot 01/23/14

VHA Handbook 1163.06 Intensive Community Mental Health Recover Services 01/21/14

VHA PACT Initiative 01/21/14

VHA Specialty Physician Productivity Standards & Business Rules 01/09/14

VHA Handbook 5011 Hours of Duty and Leave Part I, Paragraph e and Part II Chapter 3, Paragraph 2a 01/09/14

VHA Directive 1063 “Utilization of Physician Assistants (PA) dated December 24, 2013 01/02/14

Demand to Bargain Archives