2020 VBA MOU

Support Services Division Beneficiary Travel Expense Reimbursement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) MOU

Appeals Management Office VA Video Connect Pilot Program MOU

Support Services Division Beneficiary Travel Expense Reimbursement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) MOU

Inappropriate VSR Credit MOU – 04-06-2020

Loan Guaranty Service National Realignment MOU – 04-06-2020

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020

2019 VBA MOU

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020

National Call Center Legal Administrative Specialist and Public Contact Representative Performance Standard MOU

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Performance Standard Modification 10-31-19

Fiduciary Service Representative (FSR) Performance Standards MOU 10-31-19

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Task Based Quality Checklist MOU 10-31-19

Field Examiner Task-Based Quality Checklist MOU 10-31-19

Reasonable Accommodation Centralized Program Process MOU 10-31-19

Field Examiner Performance Standard Modification MOU 10-31-19

ASPEN Migration for Fiduciary Employees MOU 10-31-19

Fiduciary Service Representative (FSR) Task Based Quality Checklist MOU 10-31-19

Changes to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Redaction Process MOU 10-31-19

Education Service Revised Quality Scorecard MOU 10-31-19

Fid Hub Mandatory Overtime MOU for FY2020 10-30-19

Loan Guaranty Funding Fee Initiative MOU 10-30-19

Loan Guaranty MOU – Planview Enterprise One Usage Initiative MOU 10-30-19

SSD-VRE Beneficiary Travel Direct Reimbursement Pilot MOU 10-30-19

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020 10-30-19

MOU – Utilization of Veterans Service Center (VSC) Resources for Legacy Appeals 10-30-19

Mandatory-Overtime-MOU-FY-2020 Mandatory-Overtime-MOU-FY-2020

Pension Call Center Transition to the National Call Centers MOU 7-24-19

NWQ Distribution Change – PMCs MOU 7-24-19

Invoice Payment Processing System (IPPS) for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Initiative MOU 7-24-19

Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) Tier 1 Phone Calls Plan MOU 7-24-19

Field Examiner Production Element Modification MOU 7-24-19

Centralized Mail for Education Service MOU 7-23-19

Support Service Division (SSD) Limited Pay Process Standardization Pilot MOU 7-23-19

Support Service Division (SSD) Revolving Fund Loan Process Standardization Pilot 7-23-19

RVSR Exam Pilot 7-23-19

VRE Implementation of Time Study 7-23-19

Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) Changes to Performance Standards 7-23-19

Fiduciary Hub Transition Plan to the National Call Centers MOU 6-14-19

National Call Center Mental Health Executive Order 13822 6-14-19

Support Service Division (SSD) Attorney Fee Process Improvement Pilot MOU 6-13-19

National Call Center CRM Unified Desktop Optimized (UDO) Continuous Improvement Site Visits MOU 6-13-19

RVSR Job Task Analysis Survey 2019 MOU 6-10-19

Character of Discharge Consolidation MOU 5-24-19

Reassignment of PMC Employees to VSC MOU 5-24-19

VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor National Performance MOU 5-24-19

Rating Quality Review Specialist (RQRS) National Performance Standard MOU

Authorization Quality Review Specialist (AQRS) National Performance Standard MOU 5-23-19

VR&E VRC Competency-Based Training System (CBTS) National Baseline & Full Deployment MOU 5-2-19

National Call Center – Transition of Call Center Excluded Time Database Platform to SalesForce MOU 5-2-19

Indianapolis Fid Hub Quality Review Trainer Performance Standards MOU 5-2-19

Pension & Fiduciary Service Appeals National Quality Checklist MOU 5-1-19

Loan Guaranty (LGY) System Application Redesign (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface (VALERI) 5-1-19

Changes to PMC VSR Output Performance Element MOU 5-1-19

Education Service – Veterans Claims Examiner Lead – GS-12 National Performance Standards 5-1-19

Education Service – Senior Veterans Claims Examiner (VCE) Regional Processing Office GS-11 Standards 5-1-19

Education Service – Veterans Claims Examiner (VCE) GS-7 & GS-09 National Performance Standards 5-1-19

Decision Review Officer Performance Standards – Seattle and St Petersburg Decision Review Operations 5-1-19


QMS MOU 1-31-19

Field Examiner National Performance Standards MOU 1-31-19

Discontinuation of End Product 693 MOU 1-31-19

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Change in Process MOU 1-31-19

MOU Field Examiner Quality Review Checklist MOU 1-31-19

MOU VRE Centralized Mail and Active Folder Scanning MOU 1-31-19

PMC VSR Quality Review Checklist MOU 1-30-19

Nationwide Fiduciary Hub Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Excluded Time and Productivity Tool MOU 1-30-19

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Performance Standards MOU 1-30-19

Military Service Coordinator (MSC) National Performance Standards MOU 1-30-19

2018 VBA MOU

Workload and Time Reporting System (WATRS) MOU 11-14-18

Pension Management Center (PMC) Veterans Service Representatives (VSR) Performance Standards MOU 11-14-18

National Call Center Legal Administrative Specialist (LAS) National Performance Standards MOU 11-14-18

Mandatory-Overtime-MOU-FY-2019 11-14-18

Signed MOU- FE Excluded Time Policy 07/13/18

Signed MOU Revised Process IU 07/13/18

Signed MOU- Education Service Organizational Structure 07/13/18

Signed MOU- Claim Asst. Modification to Element 3 07/13/18

Louisville Fid Hub – Field Examiner (FE) Excluded Time Policy and Production Tracker MOU 05/14/18

Skills Certification ROs for RVSR-DRO JTA Site Visits MOU 05/14/18

VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) Updates MOU 05/14/18

Pension Fiduciary Automated State Consolidated Plot Processing MOU 05/14/18

Pension Management Center (PMC) Utilization of Automated Private Medical Records (PMR) Program MOU 05/14/18

PMC VSR Sr. VSR JRVSR and DRO Surveys MOU 05/14/18

BFFS Version 4.0 MOU 05/14/18

Salt Lake City Fiduciary Hub – Change in Work Credit for Location Unknown 05/14/18

EP 310 Future Exam Project MOU 05/14/18

VRE Field Survey – Capri MOU 05/14/18

Change in the Assignment of Work for all QRT Members MOU 02/09/18

GS 12 Senior VSR National Performance Standards MOU 01/22/18

Louisville Fid Hub – Field Examiner (FE) Excluded Time Policy and Produc…01/22/18

VSR Performance Standards – Modifications to Element 3 (Output) 01/11/18

VBA MOU Claims Assistant National Performance Standards 01-10-18

Mandatory Overtime MOU – FY 2018

2017 VBA MOU

Lincoln Fid Hub – Local Quality SOP 10/25/17

Indianapolis Fid Hub – Local Quality SOP 10/25/17

New Camp Lejeune (CLCW) Regulations and Presumptive Conditions MOU 10/25/17

Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) VSR National Performance Standards MOU 2017 10/25/17

Decision Ready Claims Program MOU 10/25/17

RVSR National Performance Standards MOU 2017 10/25/17

Expansion of Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Pilot MOU 08/01/17

Requirement for IDES Military Service Coordinators (MSCs) to use ERRA Tool MOU 08/01/17

PMC VSR Training Curriculum MOU 06-13-17 08/01/17

National Work Queue Phases 2 MOU 08/01/17

VBA Real Property Workspace Management Directive MOU 08/01/17

VBA Letter Improvement Project – Veteran’s Experience Changes MOU 08/01/17

National Mentoring Program Initiative MOU 08/01/17

Education Service Regional Processing Office – Revised Quality Review Worksheet MOU 08/01/17

2017VSR Quality Review Checklist MOU 04/14/17

VSR National Performance Standards MOU 2017 04/14/17

Mandatory Overtime MOU – 2017 04/14/17

Loan Guaranty Service – Cisco Enterprise Telephone System MOU 04/14/17

Employee Performance Report (EPR) Tool MOU 04/14/17

Compensation Work Credit Measurement MOU 04/14/17

Claims Assistant National Performance Standards Pilot – 2017 04/14/17

Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Vet Success on Campus Expansion-Hybrid Pilot MOU 04/06/17

AFGE – MOU TeleHealth Scheduling System 04/06/17

BFFS Work Items MOU 04/06/17

Education Service MITRE Studies-Survey at the RPO Initiative MOU 02/23/17

VBA Telework Directive MOU 02/23/17

JRVSR Job Task Analysis Survey 01/30/17

Signed MOU on Committee on Waivers and Compromises 01/20/17


mou-centralized-mail-portal 11/15/16





Deployment of VR&E, SSD, and the Fid Hubs into Centralized Mail 08/10/16

Signed MOU on VBMS Functionality Upgrade 08/08/16

efolder Express Application 07/14/16

Loan Guaranty Notices of Values Timeliness Changes 07/17/16

MOU- Data Gathering Pilot for Veterans and Employees Experience with C and P Exam 06/14/16

Nice Call Recording System MOU 06/06/16

MOU- RMC Toolkit 04/13/16

MOU- EPIC 04/13/16

MOU- Telework Pilot Program 04/13/16

Mandatory Overtime 01/05/15

Customer Service in Public Contact (SAREA) 01/141/5

High Leverage Regional Office HLRO 01/15/15

OI&T Pilot – Use of New Technology (VOIP Soft Phones) in Telework Environment 01/15/15

Education Services Committee on Waivers and Compromises (COWC) Consolidation MOU 02/12/15

Rating Board Automation 2000 Test Pilot 02/13/15

Customer Relationship Management 02/18/15

National Call Center Pilot and Three Service Enhancements 02/19/15

VRE VRC Competency Based Training System (CBTS) Demo-Station Request 03/30/15

VRE Upgrade Enhancement to CWINRS System to use SAM 03/31/15

Temporary Surge for Reassignment of Work on Quality Review Teams 04/13/15

Education Service Telework MOU – Compliance Liaison Staff 04/22/15

Education Service Telework MOU – Compliance Liaison Staff05/27/15

Laptop Distribution and Field Desktops Replaced with Laptops MOU 07/20/15

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) MOU 07/20/15

Right Fax Initiative MOU 07/20/15

VBA – VSR Segmented Survey MOU 07/22/5

Printing Solution for telework employees 07/28/15

Regarding the Education Service Regional Process Office Time Study 07/29/15

Certification of Veteran Status Veteran Relatives 08/28/15

National Work Queue (NWQ) MOU – 10-28-15

MOU-Performance Standards for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Coordinators 12/08/15

VBMS End User Experience Management Initiative 03/11/14

Spring Surge 04/16/14

Day One Brokering Centers (D1BCs) Transition 04/17/14

Acquistion Realignment Contract Specialist 07/10/14



Columbia Fid-Hub LIW Work-at-Home MOU Pilot 10/09/14

Columbia Fid-Hub LIW Work-at-Home MOU Pilot 10/09/14

National Call Center Level II Knowledge Check Sheet 10/29/14

National Call Center Exclusion Category 12/09/14

National Workflow Process For Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) 12/09/14

Pension and Fiduciary (P & F) Work Measurement Study (WMS) with pilot 12/09/14


Southern Area VETSNET Initiative (SAVI) 01/29/13

Claims Processing Time Assessment02/08/13

Proposed Rating Integrated Systems Model (PRISM) 02/26/13

Realignment of VBAs Support Services Division 07/31/13

Disability Evaluation System Rating Activity Site (DRAS) for Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR) Performance Standards 07/31/13

VSR Data Gathering for National Performance Plan 11/15/13


Standarization and Simplifying Rating Notification SSRN 01/06/12

Transformation Initiative Integration Pilot 02/01/12

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System 02/09/12

Expansion of Fiduciary Hubs 03/01/12

Transformation Processing Model 03/28/12
Veterans Benift Management System (VBMS) 03/29/12

5 U.S.C. 7106(b)(1) Pilot 04/13/12

National Performance Standards for Legal Administrative Specialist (LAS) at National Call Centers, IRIS Response Center, and Pension Call Centers 04/18/12

National Performance Standards for Loan Technicians at Regional Loan Centers 04/19/12

Veterans Benefits Management Assistance Program (VBMAP) 07/18/12

Rules Based Process System 10/02/12

Veterans Claims Intake Processing (VCIP) 10/16/12

VSR Performance Standards 11/01/12

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Video Telecounseling Pilot 11-16-12

Private Medical Records (PMR) 12/10/12)_


Revised National Performance Plan Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor’s(VRC)Counseling Psychologist(CP)National Performance Standards 01/20/11

Mandatory Overtime 06/30/11

Quality Review Teams 12/21/11


Revised National Performance Plan Veterans Service Representative (VSR

VSR Elements


FFE MOU 06/03/09

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) National Performance Plan 06/03/09

Field Examiner National Performance Plan 06/03/09

VBA Policy on Management of Veterans’ and other Government Paper Records 2009

VBA MOU National VSR, RVSR, SVSR Performance Standards 1-29-09

National Performance Plans for VSRs, RVSRs, and SVSRs 2009



Transfer of toll free calls 01/05/07

National Silent monitoring/call recording 05/03/07

National FlexiPlace Program 05/03/07

Socioeconomic Goals Performance Elements MOU 10/19/06

Art26MOU 02/01/06

Interim Certification MOU 05/19/06


Implementation of (ETA) at VBA Field Stations 03/30/05

Benifits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) Sites 03/28/05

Revised VSR Performance Standards 05/11/05

VRC/CP Performance Standards 06/14/05

National Scanner/Indexer Performance Standards 06/28/

National VSR Performance Standards Pension Maintenance 06/28/05

National VSR Performance Standards Pension Maintenance 06/28/05

Education Program Journey-Level ECSS and ELR Performance 06/28/05

Access Standardized Performance Elements Nationwide (ASPEN) 08/09/05

Relocation of COE Center to Winston-Salem 10/26/05


Pilot Testing of TIMS Proposed National Performance Standards 04/01/04

National ECM and Senior ECM Performance Standards 04/01/04

Pilot Testing of the PMC Proposed National Performance Standards 04/09/04

Pilot Testing of VSR National Performance Standards 05/27/04

Employee Transition Issues in the Education Work-Study Consolidation 07/26/04


Certification Validation test 07/02/03

Performance Standards for VCE’s in Education centers 06/30/03

Performance Standards test Loan Specialists 08/07/03

Learning Management System 09/15/03

MAP-D Implementation 10/08/03


A 76 Employee Transition 01/18/02

Claims Process Improvement (CPI) Pilot 02/21/02

National Performance Plan Journey VSRs 02/28/02

Claims Process Improvement (CPI) Implementation 04/04/02

C&V Redesign 05/23/02

Claims Process Improvement (CPI) 06/19/02

Work Redistribution temp Newark Philly 11/05/02

PROSTAR 08/16/02

Decision Review Officer National Performance Test 08/27/02

Outbased RVSRs 11/20/02

Employee Express EEX implementation 11/27/02

Decision Review Officer National Performance Plan 12/31/


CoreFLS Pilot Project of Financial Management and Logistics Systems 01/11/01

RBA 2000 01/22/01

VA Info Security Awareness Course 03/19/01

Previous NFFE facilities 03/22/01

Rehiring annuitants later amended in Oct 04/10/01

Work Stress Project 05/08/01

Virtual Call Centers VIC 061401

Remote Management in Loan Guarantee 06/25/01

SDN 3 Pre-Discharge and C&P jurisdiction 08/14/01

SIPA Beta Test eval 08/15/01

Rehiring annuitants to assist Tiger Team 10/15/01

Notational Performance Plan Journey RVSRs 12/20/01


Certification 01/02/00

Sector Sites 02/29/00

Remote Mgmt Cleveland Pittsburgh Pilot 04/04/2000

Case Mgmt Implementation 04/14/2000

SDN 8 Finished Product Review Worksheet Pilot 05/18/2000

SDN 2 Virtual Call Center Pilot 04/14/2000

National Telephone Hours 06/12/2000

C&P Focus Groups 09/11/2000

RPO Mandatory Overtime 11/13/2000

Rewards and Recognition 11/20/2000

Overseas Project 12/20/2000

STAR implementation 01/19/99

New Technology employee user computer 02/14/99

Technical Skills matrix 02/14/99

Vital Implementation 03/16/99

CATS System 03/21/97

Mortgage loan accounting center 12/15/99


Remote Mgmt VR&C Hartford & Boston 06/16/98

Ground Rules Mid Term Bargaining VBA 07/13/98

BPR Subject Matter Experts 07/14/98

Use of Teams to Perform Work 10/21/98


Education RPOs 03/05/97

Consolidation of Four Northern tier Medical Centers in VISN 12 to Milwaukee 03/18/97

Nationwide Loan Guaranty Restructuring in VBA 10/26/96

Help Teams 05/23/97
ISD Training 11/20/97


Loan Guarantee 12/13/96


Vountary early Retirement authorization VBA 090795

Consolidation of Education Claims Processing and Moving Chapter 30 Debt Collection VBA 07/28/94

Employee Development 11/12/92


BPR Testing at Demonstration Sites 0/10/901

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