We Stand Together
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Our Organization


Justice, fairness, equality, and dignity are cornerstones of our organization. 

We use these ethical standards to protect those who take care of our veterans.

Core values

  • Demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness
  • Promote quality care and service for veterans
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace
  • Empower democratic decision making
  • Respect diversity and inclusion
  • Promote solidarity


Legislative & Political Action:
Build a grassroots movement of members and allies to support politicians. Advocate for friendly policies that protect AFGE NVAC and working families.

Effectively grieve, arbitrate, litigate, bargain, lobby, and organize through well trained and knowledgeable officers, stewards, and staff.

Training & Education:
Empower union leaders and members with knowledge to help them understand issues and policies that affect their jobs.

Communication & PR:
Provide useful and timely information that will allow us to move our agenda forward. Maintain positive relationships creating a positive attitude about federal employees and what they do.

AFGE National VA Council logo AFGE National VA Council

AFGE National VA Council logo AFGE National VA Council

Our story

People take for granted fundamental freedoms today, such as having weekends off, coffee breaks, eight-hour work schedules, official time-off, and healthcare benefits.  Only by being united as a union could workers have ever had hope of negotiating and winning these concessions from employers.
We call these concessions RIGHTS. 
~Alma Lee, AFGE National VA Council, President
Fighting For Our Members