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National VA Council

Fighting for jobs and the future of federal employees

Master Agreement,
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To help create a quality work environment for VA federal employees, the AFGE National VA Council works in a mutually respectful partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Through contract negotiations the Master Agreement (MA) sets an agreed standard for management and local unions to follow.

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A list of key legislation affecting federal and DC Government workers that has been introduced in the 118th Congress

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What we FIGHT for


National Grievances

AFGE National VA Council dutifully represents its members when grievances happen with workplace conditions or when there's a violation of law, regulation, department directives in handbooks, or past practice, as well as a violation of any agreement. The litigation procedure will result in a settlement or withdrawal, an arbitration decision, and an FLRA decision (including ULP orders). To find the original legal grounds for filing disputes, click this link for the National Grievances page. Then, for the final decision process, you can follow the links below.

Settlements Withdrawals

Our council strive to facilitate agreements that best represents fairness for our BUEs. Grievances may lead to a settlement or withdrawal. The link to this page houses the cases AFGE NVAC has completed. Click now and learn more.

Arbitration Decisions

When resolving national grievances, AFGE NVAC attorneys present each case in a fair and balanced manner. These disputes are resolved through a third-party's decision. Click this link and be informed about ADs that affect your Local.

Flra Decisions

Acting as an independent agency, the Federal Labor Relations Authority oversees disputes between the federal government and employees. For a list of FLRA decisions that affect our council, follow this link.

ULP Decisions

The Federal Labor Relations Authority may issue a complaint when a union files a charge. When employers violate the Federal Service Labor Relations statue, unions have the right to file Unfair Labor Practices. Click here for more.

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Standing for what matters

Many of the benefits jobs have don't exists without the work of union representation. Connect with us and make a real difference because we are stronger together. You deserve fair treatment.

Why should I join?

In today's work environment, our hard work is often exploited. At AFGE NVAC, we negotiate for security, safer working conditions, management competence, and fight for the dignity of all. Check out Robert Reich's video about Why Unions Matter on our Communication & Media page.


You work hard and care about the people you serve. Let your voice be heard. Join our next event to show solidarity. As an AFGE member you can log into Events using your password.

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What we FIGHT for

Mid-Term Bargaining

Demand to BargAin

AFGE National VA Council strives to protect working conditions of Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs). Click on the icon to be taken to our Demand To Bargain page.


These DTBs are about safeguarding and expanding rights of employees in local Veterans Integrated Service Networks. For VISN DTBs, click here.


AFGE NVAC partners with the Veterans Health Admin. to ensure hospital heroes are represented fairly.
Click on the icon for the VHA DTB page.


Veterans Benefits Admin. employees are entitled to fair working conditions. Stay abreast of the latest negotiations by clicking the icon.


Input from employees can call attention to effective and ineffective programs and workplace conditions. Find surveys archived under the above icon link.


A Memorandum Of Understanding commits both parties to defining the strategic scope for bargaining. Follow this link for our MOU page.

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What we FIGHT for

From our Training & Education Department

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Find your local office

Your local office is the first defense when facing unfair labor practices. They’re here to listen, educate, and support BUE’s in a commitment to guidelines of the master agreement.

Our local offices are here to help. Use the Contact Us link for more information.

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We’re defending the right to a safe working environment.  Each month the National VA Council shares a newsletter with information that affects your VA, your Local, and your life. If you are a member of AFGE and would like to stay up-to-date, let us know. Click the link below to sign up for our Keeping In Touch monthly newsletter with AFGE Insider.

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