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NVAC 50th Anniversary Timeline

1962 There were 43 VA Lodges

1963 John Donovan from San Francisco, CA was elected first National VA Council President, Royal Sims from Philadelphia, PA was elected Vice President and E.A. Hoard from Waco, TX was elected Secretary-Treasurer in Seattle, WA

Local Number City and State Activity Status
Local 17 Washington, D.C. Active
Local 120 Coastsville, PA Disband
Local 138 Detroit, MI Active
Local 320 Lexington, KY Disband
Local 390 St. Cloud, MN Active
Local 490 Los Angels, CA Active
Local 665 Amarillo, TX Disband
Local 940 Philadelphia, PA Active
Local 1012 Lyons, NJ Active
Local 1043 San Francisco, CA Disband
Local 1133 Louisville, KY Active
Local 1151 New York, NY Active
Local 1159 San Francisco, CA Active
Local 1168 Bronx, NY Active
Local 1226 Knoxville, IA Active
Local 1509 Sioux Falls, SD Active
Local 1557 Denver, CO Active
Local 1667 Brooklyn, NY Active
Local 1669 Wilkesboro, PA Active
Local 1715 St. Louis, MO Disband
Local 1739 Madison, WI Active
Local 1738 Salisbury, NC Active
Local 1765 Chicago, IL Active
Local 1793 Philadelphia, PA Active
Local 1816 Altoona, PA Active in TX (DOD)
Local 1822 Waco, TX Active
Local 1844 Murfreesboro, TN Active
Local 1891 Memphis, TN Disband
Local 1963 Danville, IL Active
Local 1966 Lebonon, PA Active
Local 1985 Dublin, GA Active
Local 2031 Cincinnati, OH Active
Local 2039 St. Louis, MO Disband
Local 2044 Wood, WI Disband
Local 2060 Columbia, SC Active in CA (DLA)
Local 2062 New Orleans, LA Active
Local 2074 Cleveland, OH Active in CO (DOI)
Local 2097 Brooklyn, NY Disband
Local 2107 Downey, IL Active
Local 2145 Richmond, VA Active
Local 2155 Hines, IL Disband
Local 2157 Portland, OR Active
Local 2201 Fayetteville, AR Active

1964 Council receives permanent charter status Royal Sims elected as second National VA Council President in Dallas, Texas

1977 Al Crespo was elected as the third National VA Council President

1978 Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) was signed into law by President Carter

1979 Arte Pierce was elected fourth National VA Council President in Washington, D.C.

1980 Consolidated unit certified by the FLRA in Certificate No. 22-08518 (UC)

1989 Membership at 29,000 13th Triennial Convention held in Minneapolis, MN

1989 Membership at 29,000 13th Triennial Convention held in Minneapolis, MN


1992 Alma L. Lee elected fifth National VA Council President 14th Triennial Convention, Clearwater, FL Membership increases to 35,159history-5

1993 Hatch Act Reform legislation became law on October 6, 1993. Family Medical Leave

1994 Membership continues to rise to 38,408 Department of Veterans Affairs Labor-Management Partnership Agreement signed New EEO Complaint Processing Requirement Clinical Programs Dietetic Service Charter establishing a National Total Quality Council, signed by Jesse Brown, Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Alma Lee, AFGE National VA Council President.history-6

1995 Membership progressively grows to 39,435 15th Triennial Convention held in Palm Springs, CA Government shutdown locking out all employees VBA Midterm Bargaining team established NVAC negotiated full time Director of Information Technology

1996 Membership leaps to 41,257

1997 Second Master Agreement negotiated; covering 125,000 professionals, non-professionals, Title 5 and Title 38 for the first time

1998 Membership climbs to 43,090 16th Triennial Convention held in Atlanta, GA Convention Delegates adopted a vision and revenue proposal for representation, organizing, legislative, education and traininghistory-8

1999 Membership increases to 43,952

2000 Membership ascends to 44,779 NVAC hires a full-time lobbyist to work on VA issues. Nurse pay initiative was passed by Congress to improve the pay of nurses and other Title 38 employees First Annual NVAC Legislative Conference held in Washington, DC (over 100 union activist attended)

2001 Membership reaches 48,697 17th Triennial Convention held in Palm Springs, CA Largest election in FLRA history. NVAC wins NFFE vote (23 new facilities and over 10,000 new bargaining unit employees)Now representing over 140,000 bargaining unit employees Saturday premium pay guaranteed for Title 38 Hybrid NVAC negotiated a full-time Executive Administrative Assistant for the Council officehistory-9

2002 Membership soars to 51,509 NVAC Physician Task Force established

2003 Membership rockets to 54,129 NVAC hires full-time attorney Department of Veterans Affairs demands to reopen Master Agreementhistory-10

2004 Membership at record setting 56,434/ largest bargaining unit in AFGE 187 locals Saturday Premium Pay for Title 5 employees signed into law Hybrid Title 38 Legislation signed into lawhistory-11
2007 Alma Lee re-elected to sixth term National VA Council President record setting 63,000,000. Continues to be the largest bargaining unit in AFGE.history-12
2010 Alma Lee re-elected to seventh term National VA Council President record setting over 81,000. Continues to be the largest bargaining unit in AFGE.SAMSUNG
March 2011 Current and third Master Agreement signed in Washington, DC. signed by Eric K. Shinseki , Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Leslie Wiggins, DAS Office of Labor Management Relations; Alma Lee, AFGE National VA Council President and John Gage American Federation of Government Employees President.history-14a
2013 Alma Lee re-elected to eighth term National VA Council President with nearly 95,000 members. Continues to be the largest bargaining unit in AFGE.history-15


August 25, 2014  AFGE/National VA Council reaches 100,000 members.





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