DTB Survey (5-03-2021) Mitigating Racial-Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities in VA Care Quality and Patient Experience

DTB Survey (5-03-2021) MIDAS QUERI

DTB Survey (4-22-2021) VA 2021 All Employee Survey

DTB Survey (4-14-2021) VA Video Connect during COVID-19 Adoption Project Survey

DTB Study (4-15-2021) Mental Health Provider Burnout Study

DTB Survey (4-14-2021) VHA Office of Primary Care Modernization Evaluation

DTB Survey (4-12-2021) Pharmacy Automation Assessment FY 21

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Office of Nursing Service Qualitive – Researcher & Nurse Scientist Experiences

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Understanding the Impact of the EHR Transition

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Continuous Quality Improvement

DTB Survey (3-19-2021) Care Coordination and Integrated Case Management

DTB Survey (3-18-2021) VISN 20 Education Department Post Audiovisual Production Evaluation

DTB Study (3-12-2021) VISN 23 Orthopedic Staff at Iowa City and Minneapolis

DTB Survey (3-12-2021) VISN 20 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work Climate

DTB Survey (3-03-2021) VA State Veterans Home Telehealth Affect Due to COVID-10 Interviews

DTB Survey (3-03-2021) VA Delivering Telehealth-Virtual Care

DTB Survey (2-24-2021) Career Aspiration and Development Survey

DTB Survey (2-17-2021) Strengthening Suicide Prevention Efforts for Women Veterans

DTB Survey (2-16-2021) Campaign for Inclusive Care Quality Improvement Evaluation

DTB Survey (2-09-2021) VISN 20 Pappas Clinical Preceptors

DTB Study (2-09-2021) Effect of Maternity Care Coordination on Pregnancy Outcomes Study

DTB Survey (2-09-2021) VHA OCC Care Coordination Model National Survey

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) Nursing Innovations Collaboration for Evaluation

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) Optimizing Function and Independence QUERI-Caregivers FIRST Field Readiness

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) FY 21 HR Modernization Customer Service Survey

DTB Survey (1-05-2021) Office of Mental Health Mental Health Provider SAIL Survey


DTB Survey (12-16-2020) Whole Health Outreach Efforts for Rural Veterans-Phase II Study

TMO OIT Customer Satisfaction Survey 10.26.2020

Home Based Primary Care During COVID-19 Survey 10.27.2020

Adoption of Measurement Based Care in Telemental Health Survey 10.22.2020

Survey Providing life goals to high-risk veterans 10/14/2020


Office of Nursing Service RNTTP Nursing Employee Questionnaire 3/25/19

VHA Personnel Survey Substance Use Disorders in Veterans with Chronic Liver Disease Research Study 3/19/19

VHA Office of Strategic Planning and Organizational Performance MP&A Customer Survey 3/15/19

VA Privacy Service Focus Group 3/11/19

VA Imaging Technologist Needs Assessment Survey 1/8/19

VHA Improving Dysvascular Amputee Outcomes Survey 1/8/19


VISN 6 Survey – Attitudes of VA Mental Health Providers towards LGBTQ Veterans Questionnaire 12/28/18

VISN 20 Notice on eHRM Change Readiness Questionnaire Survey 12/28/18

VISN 16 – Telehealth Survey 12/12/18

VHA Workforce Management and Consultant – Employee Engagement Council Survey 12/12/18

Office of Community Care, Care Coordination and Outcomes in the VA Expanded Choice Program 12/7/18

VISN 17 – CTVHCS Pathway to Excellence Program Adoption Self Assessment & Questionnaire 12/6/18

Office of Patient Advocacy – Patient Advocacy Program Survey Questionnaire 12/4/18

VHA Survey for Center for Information Dissemination and Education Resources (CIDER) 10/15/18

VHA Survey Pharmacy Workforce Assessment 10/5/18

Natural Disaster Interview Survey 10/5/18

VHA Central Office HR Reorganization Realignment of SAO HR to Workforce Management Consultant (WMC) 09/27/18

Advance Payment Pilot Program MOMMC – VASNHS VAMC 09/27/18

Enhanced Team-Based Care in VA -HSR&D Pilot Study Project Interviews 09/24/18

VHA Community Nursing Home Value Study Interviews 09/24/18

VA OI&T Human Capital Management Customer POC Survey 09/13/18

VA Research Data Collection Needs Assessment Survey 09/13/18

VHA OCC Workforce Management Strength Management RUR Nurse Manager Interview Questionnaire 09/13/18

VISN 1 – 2018 Education Needs Assessment Survey 09/06/18

VA-CDC Developing a Bundled Approach to Environmental Cleaning to Prevent Transmission of HAIs 09/04/18

Evaluation of Reflex Urine Culture Policies to Improve Antimicrobial use 09/04/18

VA-CDC Expansion of Bundle for Prevention of Surgical Site Infections 09/04/18

VA-CDC Effectiveness of Antibiotic Formulary Policies on Clostridium Difficile Infection 09/04/18

VISN 20 – V-Impact Survey 08/28/18

VISN 17 – CTCHCS, Education Needs Assessment Survey 08/27/18

Surveys and Interviews on AdvanCing High-Quality COPD Care for People with Immune Dysfunction 8/27/18

Denver-Seattle Center of Innovation Transition Nurse Program Relational Coordination Survey 08/27/18

NECPAC Facility Revenue Department Survey 08/21/18

VISN 20 – Impact Survey 08/21/18

‘s Quarterly Best Places to Work Survey 08/21/18

VHA Implementing Goals of Care Conversation with Veterans in VA Long-term Care Study in CLC and HBPC Provided Sites 08/08/18

VHA 2018 PACT Survey 07/17/18

Study to Prevent C Difficile Infection (CDI) 07/17/18

VISN 10 – Survey for VISN 10 LDI EOC Rounds Project 07/17/18

ResCU Ii Improving In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Care and Discovering Keys to Super-Survivorship Study 07/16/18

Telehealth Provider Needs Assessment Survey 07/16/18

FDA PBM Provider Survey 07/16/18

Survey Evaluating Delivery of Comprehensive Care of Women Veterans 07/16/18

‘s Study Clinical Decisions 07/16/18

OIT Employee Engagement Survey Apr 2018_LRO 07/13/18

WMC Morale Survey for WMC Employees 07/13/18

OCC Contact Center Survey 07/13/18

FMBT iFAMS Quarterly Feedback Solicitation NCA Feedback Form Round One- Letter of Disapproval 07/12/18

STAR-VA Survey Interviews CLC Employees 07/12/18

‘s Traveling Veterans Coordination Survey 07/12/18

VALOR Program Survey 071218

VEO Managing Veteran Feedback for Customer Support Survey 07/12/18

‘s Evaluating Practice Facilitation to Optimize Alcohol-Related Care and HCV Treatment Outcomes Study 06/18/18

‘s Privacy Service Focus Group Strategic Approach and Questions Feedback 06/13/18

VA Research Electronic Data Capture REDCap Survey 06/05/18

VHA Optimizing Function and Independence QUERI Stride Program 06/05/18

SMITREC Evaluation Survey 06/05/18

Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education 06/05/18

‘s Bacteriuria Management Survey 06/05/18

‘s Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) Collection Survey 06/05/18

VISN 20 – VA Puget Sound, HCS Employee Personal Emergency Preparedness Survey 05/17/18

VHA Delivery of ACT using Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) Survey 05/14/18

VHA Veterans Health Information Exchange Super User Survey 05/14/18

VHA Privacy Compliance Assurance Interviews Survey 05/14/18

Evaluation of State Veterans Homes Telehealth Initiative Survey 05/04/18

2018 VA AES Survey 05/04/18

‘s Center of Innovation Interview Data Collection Plan for INPOWR Survey 05/02/18

VHA Office of Geriatrics & Extended Care , Bright Spots Community Livings Center Interviews Survey 04/30/18

VISN 20 – VA Portland HCS 2018 Nurse Engagement Survey 04/26/18

VHA WCPAC Work Measurment Study Site Visits April 26 2018_

VHA Metabolic Screening Study 04/12/18

EES Internal Employees Communication and Customer Service Surveys 04/12/18

QCD Customer Satisfaction Survey 04/12/18

Toolkit Intervention Promoting Effective, Routine, and Sustained Implementation of Stress Treatments 2.0 03/06/18

VISN 17 – Central Texas Veterans , HCS Employee Engagement AES Questionnaire 03/01/18

‘s Best Place to Work Survey 02/21/18

VHA Survey for Function Queri Study 02/16/18

‘s Associated Infection Prevention Network Study 02/15/18

‘s Rural Expansion of Medical Foster Home Program Survey 02/15/18

VA Electronic Health Record Modernization Data Collection Survey 02/14/18

VISN 17 CTVHCS CARF Survey February 12 2018

VHA Emergency Preparedness Survey 02/09/18

Office of Disability and Medical Assessment Virtual Employees 02/07/18

VHA 10E Organizational Identity Staff Assessment Survey 02/07/18

VA Survey of Specialty Care Coordination 02/07/18

VA Medication Copayment Redesign Survey 02/01/18

VISN 17 – CTVHCS Quality, Safety & Value All Employee Survey Questionnaire 02/01/18

VHA Evaluation of the State Veterans Home Telehealth Initiative Survey 01/31/18

VA Office of Rural Health, Veterans Real Health Resources Center- Togus SLC Strategic Communication about VHIE to Increase VA Provider Utilization 01/30/18

VA FitHeart & CRPro Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation in Veterans Survey 01/30/18

‘s Survey of Geriatric Care (GRECC) 01/30/18

VHA CARRIAGE CRE Study 01/10/18

VHA Office of Community Care Customer Service WFM Survey 01/09/18

VISN 23 – Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Service Line Provider Survey 01/09/18

National Survey EForce 01/05/18

VISN 17 Mental Health & Behavioral Medicine Leadership Quick Card Survey 01/03/18

Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine Leadership Quick Card Survey 01/02/18

VHA Qualitative Phone Interviews regarding Dental Stewardship of Antibiotics and Opioids Survey 01/02/18

VHA Vista Evolution Adoption Assessment Survey for Organizational Change Management Execution and Support 0/10/218


VHA Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Chronic Pain Survey 12/21/17

VISN 20 VA Portland HCS NURSE Unit Council Health 7 Effectiveness Survey 12/12/17

‘s Improving Access to Supported Employment for Veterans with PolytraumaTraumatic Brain Injury Study 12/12/17

Office of Nursing RN Transition to Practice Learning Needs Assessment 12/08/17

OIT ODE Employee Engagement Focus Group 12/01/17

VHA Multi Drug Resistant Organism Prevention Coordinator Survey 11/30/17

VISN 10 – Research Project Peer-Led Patient Navigation in VA Mental Health Setting Study 11/30/17

VHA CPAC Work Measurement Study and Site Visits 11/30/17

VHA De-Implementation of Inhaled Corticosteroids for Patient with COPD Study VA Puget Sound HCS. 11/29/17

VHA Catheterization Study at VA Puget Sound, HCS and Eastern Colorado HCS 11/29/17

VHA Mental Health Provider Survey 11/28/17

VHA Primary Care Provider Study 11/28/17

VHA Logistics Customer Service Survey 11/28/17

VHA Central Office Classification Training Needs Assessment Survey 11/21/17

VA Clinical Nurse Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Nurse Residency Programs Survey 11/21/17

VHA Implementation of Trail of a Coching Intervention to Increase the Use of Transrdail PCI Study 11/21/17

Survey approval – VHA Moral Injury Chaplain Survey 11/09/17

Survey Approval – VHA SEPM 2017 Needs Assessment Survey 11/09/17

Survey Approval – Post Deployment Health Services Educational Needs Assessment 11/02/17

Assessment Approval – OCC KMS Technology Tool Assessment 10/05/17

Survey Approval – OI&T Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 10/05/17

Survey approval – VHA HSR&D Project 10-02 10/05/17

Survey Approval – VHA Care Coordination in PACT Survey 10/05/17

Study Approval – HBPC Additional Sties 10/05/17

Survey approval – VA Energy Management Program Annual Employee Commuting Survey 10/05/17

Survey approval – VHA Interview Survey V-IMPACT 10/05/17

Survey Approval – Virani Employee Interview HSR&D 10/05/17

Survey Approval – EES Events Satisfaction Survey 09/27/17

Survey Approval – VHA RTLS Post Satisfaction Survey 09/15/17

Survey Approval – Denver Cardiology Survey on Care of Veterans with Heart Attacks at Four Locations 09/14/17

Provider Data Collection, Management of Osteoporotic Fractures in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury 09/14/17

Survey Approval – EES PIV Renewal Process 08/29/17

Survey Approval – VHAOpioid Overdose Education Survey 08/29/17

Survey Approval – VHA’s Risk TRatiifed Enhancements to Clinical Care Interviews & Survey 08/29/17

Survey Approval – EES Telework Survey 08/29/17

Letter of Approval – FY 2017 VHA Occupational Safety & Health Activities Evaluation Survey Union Reps 08/11/17

Research Study approval – VISN 22 VA Long Beach, HCS Leadership, Communication Satisfaction and Leader Trust within the VA 08/07/17

Survey Approval – NCO 8 COR Survey 07/28/17

Corrected Letter – VHA HBPC Study Site Visits Survey 07/28/17

Survey Approval – VHA’s Description of the Clinician Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey 07/26/17

Survey Approval – Teledermatology Mobile Apps Implementation and Impact on Veterans’ Access to Dermatology 07/26/17

Interviews and Survey Approval with Conditions – VHA DIAMOND Qualitative Interviews & Survey 07/21/17

Survey & Interview Approval – VHA’s Hypertension Improvement intervention in Post-Stroke Veterans Survey & Interviews 07/20/17

Letter of Approval – VA Portland Employee Luncheons Survey 07/19/17

Approval of CTHCS Education Needs Assessment and Survey 07/18/17

Survey Approval – VA GLAHCS Bicycling Commuting Survey 07/11/17

Survey Non-approval – 2017 VA AES 06/21/17

Approval – VA Study Women’s Health PACTs Survey Questionnaire 06/20/17

Survey Approval – VA OI&T Employee Engagement Survey 06/15/17

Survey Approval – VAPHCS 2017 Nurse Engagement Survey 06/13/17

Survey Approval – VHA Evaluating the Delivery of Comprehensive Care for Women Veterans Provider and Staff Survey 06/09/17

Survey Approval – VHA Office of Community Care CPAC Strength Management Assessment Survey 06/09/17

Survey for Evaluating Delivery of Comprehensive Care for Women Veterans 06/06/17

Survey Approval – VHA EES Customer Service Recognition Survey 06/06/17

Letter of Approval – VHA Standard vs High Dose Flu Vaccination Survey 06/01/17

Survey Approval – VA Fleet Managers Survey 06/02/17

Survey Approval – VHA Recovery-Oriented Acute Inpatient Mental Healthcare Interviews Survey 05/31/17

Survey Approval – VISN 20 VA Portland, HCS RLTC Newsletter Survey 05/31/17

Survey Approval – VHA Caregiver Support Coordinator Survey 05/18/17

Survey Disapproval – VA Portland HCS 2017 Nurse Engagement Survey 05/18/17

Survey Disapproval – VA NCPS Patient Safety Centers Inquiry Survey 05/16/17

Survey Approval – VA Health Economics Resource Center Survey 05/10/17

Letter of Disapproval – ONS Evidence Based Practices Social Network Survey 05/02/17

Survey Approval – VISN 17 CTVHSC P&LMS Physician Survey 04/24/17

Survey Disapproval – EES Employee Education Needs Survey in VISN 21 04/20/17

Survey Approval – Evaluation Process Center Help Desk Survey 04/18/17

Survey Approval – EES Employee Education Needs Survey in VISN 5 04/06/17

Study Approval – VHA Psychotherapy for Depression in Primary Care 03/31/17

Survey Approval – VA Portland HCS Staff Satisfaction Survey 03/30/17

Study Approval – VHA Development Study Evaluation of Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services03/28/17

Survey Approval – VISN 20 VA Puget Sound Mental Health Domiciliary Feedback Survey 03/27/17

Survey Approval – VISN 8 CDL Project Survey 03/27/17

Survey Approval – Best Practices for Management of Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders 03/16/17

Survey Approval – EES Employee Communication & Internal Customer Service Survey 03/13/17

Survey Approval – VHA Value of Library Survey 03/02/17

Study Approval – HSR&D CHOIR Patient Experienced Integrated Care for Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions 02/24/17

Questionnaire Approval – VISN 20 VA Portland, HCS Nurse Retention Focus Group Interviews Questionnaire 02/24/17

Survey Approval – VHA EES Telework 02/23/17

Survey Approval – Improve Secondary Prevention of Amputation 02/14/17

Survey Approval – VA Blind Rehabilitation Specialist Trainng Needs Assessment 02/14/17

Survey approval – VHA Community Care Office for Revenue Operations Revenue Transformation Fact Sheet Survey 02/10/17

Questionnaire Approval – VHA Telemedicine Outreach for PTSD in Small Rural CBOCs 02/10/17

Survey Approval – VISN 8 CDL Team 6 – Culture of Safety 02/01/17

Survey Approval – Needs Assessment-Gap Identification Physical Therapy CCCE Survey 01/31/17

Survey Approval -VISN 20- Puget Sound, HCS Mental Health Domiciliary Services Providers Survey 01/31/17

Survey Approval – VISN 1 Education Needs Assessment Survey 01/24/17

Survey Approval – VA Occupational Therapy Training Needs Assessment Survey 01/19/17

Study Approval – Amended Study Implementing Goals of Care Conversation with Veterans in VA Long-Term Care Settings 01/17/17

Survey Approval – VHA Office of Rural Health VHA National Telestroke Program Project Survey 01/12/17





























VISN 5- Workplace Employee Engagement Survey 09/07/16

VISN 15-VA Library Resources Survey 08/22/16

VISN 15-Harry S. Truman VA Library Resources Survey 08/22/16

VHA Social Workers Study Survey 08/18/16

VHA Annual Occupational Safety and Health, 2016 Union Survey 08/10/16

Questionnaire Approval – 2016 BH Nursing Annual Competency Questionnaire 07/22/16

EES MoA Project Managers Survey 07/21/16

EES Process Improvement Community of Practices Survey 07/21/16

Disapproval VISN 5 Workplace Employee Engagement Survey 07/21/16

VISN 12- Home Telehealth Provider Satisfaction Survey 07/19/16

VA Central Office Procurement Acquisition Initiatives Survey Questionnaire 07/12/16

VHA Strength Management Assessment Survey 06/28/16

VHA All Employee Survey 062716

OI&T Employee Engagement Survey 05/23/16

VISN 8-Needs Assessment for Providing Health Care for Transgender and Intersex Veterans Survey 05/23/16

VHA Pharmacy Automation Assessment Survey 05/11/16

Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care GeriPACT Survey 05/09/16

VHA Specialist Care Coordination Survey 05/09/16

VA National Center for Patient Safety, Patient Safety Culture Survey 05/05/16

Antibiotic Prescribing Pratice in the Spinal Cord Injury System of Care Survey 05/05/16

VISN 8 Women’s Health Needs Assessment Survey 05/04/16

Office Of Employee Education Services (EES) Accreditation Service Satisfaction Survey 04/27/16

VA Specialist Care Coordination Survey 04/27/16

VHA Biomedical Engineering Fast Feedback Survey 04/13/16

EES Performance Improvement Education Technicians Survey 04/12/16

EES Program Managers Survey 04/11/16

2016 VHA Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Survey for Union Representatives 04/07/16

All_VHA_MH_Survey_Results 04/07/16

VISN 8-CDL Project Increasing Care for Transgender Veterans Survey HAS-MAS Staff 03/30/16

Influenza Vaccination Survey 03/30/16

VISN 20-VA Puget Sound, HCS VHA Organizational Baseline Survey 03/30/16

Study-Implementing Goals of Care Conversations with the Veterans in VA Long-Term Care Settings QUERI Program CLCHBPC 03/216

Office of Human Resources eDIP Survey 03/23/16

Assessment of Women Veterans’ Health Care Survey in Primary Care and Emergency care 03/16/16

VHA’s State Veterans Homes Needs Assessment Survey 03/16/16

VHA Tele-Support and Education of Women’s Health Care in CBOC’s Health Providers Survey Extension 03/03/16

VA Community Living Centers (CLC) CESARS Survey 03/03/16

VA Community Living Centers (CLC) Administrator Survey 02/18/16

VHA 2016 PACT Survey 021816

VHA Coordination of Care for Veterans with Epilepsy Survey 02/02/16

VHA Medical Support Assistant Survey 01/28/16

VHA Biomedical Engineering Customer Satisfaction Survey 01/13/16

VHA-Valley Costal Bend Veterans, Clinical Team, Organizational Factors Burnout Survey 01/04/16

EES Business Information System Satisfaction Survey 01/04/15

VHA Valley Costal Bend Veterans, PTSD Clinical Team Survey for Non-Prescribing Providers 01/04/16

VISN 11 Telehealth Survey 01/06/15

VHA Designated Women’s Health Providers Survey 01/09/15

VHA HIV Study for Providers Survey 01/15/15

EES Work Perception Survey 01/23/15

VHA CPAC Work Measurement Study 01/30/15

VISN 20 Puget Sound HCS Survey of Primary Care Staff in General Medicine Services 02/12/15

Birmingham Study approval 02/06/15

VHA Annual Pharmacy Automation Assessment and Technology 02/18/15

Study Disapproval of Glove and Gown in VA CLC 02/18/12

VALU Financial Management Training Program Survey 02/19/15

VALU Written Communication Learning Progran Survay 02/19/15

VHA Organizational Health Index Study 02/19/15

VISN 15 Harry S. Truman MVH Employee Health and Wellness Fair Needs Assessment Survey 02/20/15

VISN 8 PACT Nutrition Subcommittee Survey 02/23/15

VHA CPAC Coding Improvement Evaluation Staff Interviews 02/25/15

VISN 5 VA Maryland HCS Professional Enhancement Initiative (PEI) 02/25/15

VHA CPAC Coding Improvement Evaluation Staff Interviews 02/27/15

2015 VHA Glove and Gown Study in VA Community Living Centers 03/17/15

Network Contracting Office Lean Six Sigma Survey 03/23/15

VHA Organizational and Patient Factors Related to Polytrauma / Tramatic Brain Injury Patient Outcomes Questionnaire Survey 03/23/15

MyVA Perception Survey 03/23/15

EES Events Division Event Client Satisfaction Survey 03/23/15

2015 EES Employee Communication and Internal Service Survey 03/23/15

VHA EES VACAA Performance Based Needs Assessment Survey 03/30/15

OAL Acquisition Assessment Survey SAO West, NCO 20, NCO 21, & NCO 22 03/31/15

VHA Employee Perception of Providing Supported Employment for Veterans with PTSD Survey 03/31/15

OAL Acquisition Assessment Survey SAO Central 04/01/15

VA Fleet Management Competency Vaalidation Survey 04/06/15

VALU Fleet Management Survey 04/06/15

Veterans access, Choice and Accountability Act Assessment Survey 04/08/15

VHA’s Concurrent Hospice Care and Cancer Treatment Research Questionnaires 04/08/15

CY 2015 OIT Customer Satisfaction Continous Survey 04/08/15

VISN 20 – Cancer Care Survey 04/15/15

VHA’s HSR&D Patient-Experienced Integrated Care for Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions Providers Survey 04/22/15

VISN 1 Primary Care Work and Well Being Survey 04/22/15

VA’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI), OPM of Personal Management (OPM) and University of Southern California (USC) Web-Based on Workplace Inclusion Pilot Study 04/23/15

VA Records Center and Vault Survey 04/24/15

VHA Health Informatics Community Questionnaire 04/24/15

VISN 20-VA Puget Sound, HCS 2015 Library Needs Assessment Survey 04/24/15

VHA Tele-ICU Survey 061815

VA-Wide- Mentoring Survey 06/18/15
VHA Increase Quality of Leveraging Search in Client Services Survey for the Lean Six Sigma Project 07/09/15

Employee Wellness Survey Results Read-Only 07/09/15

VA All Employee Survey (AES) 07/20/15

VA Center Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care Palliative Care Survey in CLC 07/20/15

VHA (HSR&D) Boston & Office of Mental Health Operations Study on Attitudes toward Metabolic 07/20/15

National Center for Patient Safety- Medication Reconciliation in Clinical Care Survey 07/22/15

VHA-CBO Program Integrity Tool Assessment Survey 07/24/15

2015 Occupational Safety and Health Survey for Union Representatives 07/27/15

VA Health Services Research and Development office SMMRT 07/29/15

VHA National Utilization Management Integration Survey 07/29/15

VHA BMS Survey 07/29/15

VHA Office of Strategic Integration, Future State of VA Community Care Employee Survey 08/07/15

VISN 22- GLAHCS Mental Health Survey 08/28/15

VHA’s Study Hysterectomy Trends and Survey 09/01/15

VHA’s Service Center Survey 09/01/15

EES MEU’s Program Staff Needs Assessment Survey 09/03/15

VISN 1 EES Educational Needs Assessment Survey 09/04/15

VHA Doctoral Nursing Workforce Survey 09/18/15

VA OIT’s 2015 IT Customer Satisfaction Annual Survey 09/19/15

National Center for Patient Safety Nursing Home Survey 09/28/15

VHA CBO Choice Communications Survey 09/28/15

VHA State Home Per Diem Customer Services Survey 10/07/15

VA Primary Care Suicide Risk Assessment Study 10/08/15

EES Client Services Communication Six Sigma Follow up Survey 10/08/15

Salewsky.Jones My_Report 10/21/15

VACO and Office of Operations Security Preparedness (OSP) PIV Customer Satisfaction Survey 10/21/15

EES ACES Customer Service Survey 10/21/15

VISN 15 Harry S. Truman MVH, Ethics Follow-Up Questionnaire 10/23/15

VA Green Management Program-VA Employee Commuting Survey 11/02/15

Office of Mental Health Survey 11/09/15

VHA Internal Communications Conjoint Analysis Study Survey 11/12/15

VHA VISN 17 Research Study PTSD Focused Parent Training Survey 11/17/15

VHA Home Based Primary Care Survey December 7, 2015-March 2016 11/17/15

VISN 20-VA Portland Health Care System Huddle Board Survey 12/07/15

VA Homeless Program Survey 12/07/15

VHA Optimizing the Value Primary Care Survey for NP’s 12/22/15

VHA Hospitalists Needs Assessment Survey 01/09/14

VHA CBO Onboarding Survey Questionnaire 01/21/14

VHA HSR&D Promoting Effective Routine and Sustained Implementation of Stress Treatments (PERSIST) Study 01/21/14

VISN 8 Transgender Care Provider Needs Assessment Survey 01/22/14

VHA CLC CEASARS Survey 01/22/14

VHA OEM Tele-Consultation Pilot Survey 01/22/14

VHA EES Education Project Plan Survey 01/22/14

VA Office of Research and Development Survey on Organizational Research Climates (SORC) 01/31/14

VA Wound Management Providers Survey 02/13/14

EES VA Dementia Committee’s Needs Assessment Survey 02/13/14

VHA Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) Burnout Survey 02/18/14

VHA New Employee Orientation Needs Assessment Survey 03/03/14

VA Institutional Review Board (IRB) Survey 03/07/14

VA MRSSA SSI Checklist Survey 03/07/14

VA EES Client Service Communication Performance Importance Lean Six Sigma Project Survey 03/07/14

VHA EES Media Request Form Feedback Survey 04/01/14

Denver VA Medical Center Shared Governance Survey 04/01/14

VHA VISN 23 Tele-ICU Critical Care Needs Assessment Survey in VISN 15 and VISN 23 04/01/14

VHA EES Occupational Survey 04/02/14

VHA Human Resource Development 2014 HR Assistant Training Needs Survey 04/08/14

VHA Telehealth Survey 04/11/14

The Voice of The Process Questionnaire for (OEF OIF OND) Veterans Survey 04/11/14

VHA Patient Aligned Team Recognition Survey 04/15/14

VA IT 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey 04/18/14

VISN 1 Workforce Committee Facilitated Listening Sessions Plan Survey 04/23/14

VHA Home Safety Toolkit for Veterans with Dementia Questionnaire Survey 04/29/14

Media Request Form Survey Report Results 05/05/14

VHA Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) Technology Tool Assessment Survey 05/12/14

VHA Mental and Behavioral Health in PACT Training and Education Survey 05/12/14

VHA 2014 Summer Voice of VA (VOVA) Survey – Integrated Ethics Staff Survey (IESS) and Patient Safety Culture Survey (PSSC) 05/12/14

VISN 10 Expandable Supply Inventory for Logistics Survey 05/12/14

VISN 16 Library Survey 05/19/14

VHA EES Realignment Survey 05/20/14

VA Privacy Communication Survey 05/21/14

VHA Supported Employment Web 05/21/14

VHA Anonymous Scheduling Survey Disapproved 05/21/14

VHA Value of the Library Survey 05/29/14

VISN 20 Portland VA Medical Center Communication Assessment Tool-All Employee Survey 06/03/14

VISN 11 CPRS Medication Reconciliation Tool (Med Rec Tool) Survey 06/05/14

VISN 20 – Portland VA Medical Center Dental Survey 06/06/14

Revised VHA Directive 1078 Privacy Regarding Photographs-Digital Images and Video or Audio Recordings 06/13/14

VHA Accelerated Care Initiative Implementation 06/13/14
Accelerated Care Initiative 2014

VA Center for Clinical Management Research, Survey of Clinician Attitudes Regarding Choosing Wisely Recommendations 06/16/14

VISN 22 VA Long Beach Healthcare System Clinical Alarms System Survey 06/17/14

VISN 20 Portland VA Medical Center Communication Assessment Tool-All Employee Survey 06/18/14

NCO 23 Minneapolis Time Keeping Processes 06/18/14

Sensemaking in VHA Health Care Systems Survey 06/26/14

VA Learning Frontline Expertise Surveys Organizational Characteristics and Frontline Staff Feedback 06/26/14

VA Office of Healthcare Technology Management Customer Satisfaction Needs Assessment Survey 06/26/14

VISN 1 Research Project Implementing Hepatitis C Testing in Veterans Born 1945-1965 Survey for Primary Care Providers 06/27/14

VHA Occupational Safety & Health Activities Evaluation Survey 07/11/14

VHA Annual Biomedical Engineering Customer Satisfaction Survey 07/16/14

Center for Healthcare Organization & Implementation Research Employee Perceptions of Providing Supported Employment for Veterans with PTSD Survey 07/23/14

VHA Special Emphasis Program Manager Needs Assessment Survey 07/23/14

VA 2014 All Employee Survey (AES) Demographic Items 07/24/14

Survey Increasing Veterans use of Home Community-Based Servive via Timely Discharge from VA CLCs 07/25/14

VA Supported Employment TBI Web Survey 07/31/14

VISN 11 Workforce Board questionnaire Survey 07/31/14

VA 2014 All Employee Survey (AES) 08/01/14

VHA Service Center (VSC) Customer Satisfaction Survey 08/08/14

Surgical Quality & Workflow Manager Technology Tool Assessment Survey 08/18/14

VISN 16 Primary Care and Mental Health Providers Veterans Suicide Survey 08/18/14

VA Employee Education System survey 09/03/14

VHA Community Living Center (CLC) Care Study 09/03/14

VISN 12 – 2014 Teleretinal Survey 09/10/14

VISN 12 FY 2014 Home Telehealth Program Provider Awareness Questionnaire 09/10/14

VISN 22 – GLAHCS Orientation Program Feedback Survey of Nursing Staff 09/18/14

VISN 17 Central Texas Veterans HCS Communication Feedback Survey 09/19/14

VA Veterans Employment Services Office (VESO) Survey 10/06/14

VA Boston Healthcare System Medication Discountinuation Survey of Primary Care Providers 10/06/14

OIT Customer SatisfactionSurvey 2014 10/08/14

VHA PACT Intensive Management Survey at VAMCs (Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Salisbury and San Francisco) 10/09/14

VHA Biomedical Engineering Transactional Customer Survey 10/27/14

VHA CBO Employee Engagement Gallup Q 12 Survey 10/27/14

VHA VistA Lab Package Technology Assessment Questionnaire 10/27/14

VISN 8 – Women Veterans Health Care Learning Needs Assessment Survey 10/29/14

National VA Survey on Prescribing and Medication Survey 10/31/14

VHA’s Clinical Nurse Leader Practice Model Survey 11/07/14

VISN 22 VA Long Beach HCS VA Speak to the Director Survey 11/24/14

VISN 20- Portland VA Medical Center Survey of Primary Care Staff on Pharmacy Service 12/08/14

VHA’s Office of Mental Health FY 2014 Survey 12/08/14

VHA’s Office of Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research (CHOIR) Job Satisfaction Survey CLCs Staff 12/08/14

VISN 20 Puget Sound HCS Primary Care Mental Health Integrations Provider Questionnaire 12/08/14

VHA’s Nursing Home Nurse Aide Job Satisfaction Questionnaire 12/08/14

VA Community Living Center INTERRACT Research to reduce Veterans Hospitalization from CLCs 12/09/14

VA Learning University (VALU) Leadership Survey 12/09/14

Employee Safety Perception NCA Survey 12/09/14

Employee Safety Perception Employee Safety Barometer Survey 12/10/14


VA RECORD Quality Survey 01/18/13

OIT Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013 02/25/13

VHA ONS Clinical Alarm Fatigue Questionnaire 03/01/13

VA Employee Education System (EES) Internal Communication Survey 03/06/13

VA Clinicians Dual Care Communication Questionnaire Survey 03/26/13

Research Pilot Study 04/01/13

Interior Design Survey Disapproving 04/13/13

National Non-VA Medical Care Program Offices NNPO Processes Improvement Evaluation Survey 04/01/13

Non-VA Medical Care Clinician Training Needs Analysis Survey 04/05/13

VHA Homeless Program Homeless Substance Use Disorder SUD 04/05/13

VHA Nursing Handbook 2013-1180.30 04/05/13

VISN 17 -STVHCS Neuopsychology Service Referal Source Survey 04/29/13

Clinical Practice Guidelines 2013 Survey 05/08/13

2013 EES MEU Client Service Feedback Survey 05/09/13

VA Privacy Service Privacy Communication Survey 06/11/13

VA Community Living Centers Healthy Smiles for Veterans Survey 06/11/13

VISN 20 – VA Medical Portland Employee Health Service Customer Satisfaction Survey 06/18/13

2013 National Non-VA Medical Poll Questionnaire 06/24/13

VISNs RTLS Technology Survey 06/24/13

VISN 11 Dissertation Study Tools for Nurses and Physicians 06/24/13

VHA CBO Workforce Management Customer Employees Survey 07/08/13

CBO WFM Locations 07/12/13

VHA Cardiac Monitoring Audit of Practice Survey 07/17/13

VA State Home per Diem program Poll Survey 07/17/13

RECORD Quality Survey 08/13/13

HSRD Research Study on Workplace Skills for Veterans Survey 08/13/13

Office of Quality -Safety and Value- Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Needs Assessment Survey 08/13/13

CBO Fee-Non-VA Care Coordination NVCC Process Survey 08/14/13

VA FY 2013 Safety and Health HAIG Survey 08/15/13

VA CY 2013 All Employees Survey 08/26/13

VALU Strategic Communications Survey 08/30/13

VA OIT Customer Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 08/30/13

MIRECC in VISN 19 Examining Variability in Risk Assessment for Suicidal Veterans Project 08/30/13

VHA Emergency Department Staff Survey 10/04/13

VHA Dietitian Technician Needs Assessment Survey 10/04/13

VHA CBO Customer Survey without Liaison 10/18/13

VHA Survey for Dieticians and Dietician Technicians 10/18/13

VISN 20 Home Based Telemental Health Provider Questionnaire 10/22/13

VHA Biomedical Engineering Customer Satisfaction Survey 10/23/13

VA Chaplain Survey 10/23/13

VA OIT Quarterly Customer Services Satisfaction Survey 10/25/13

VA OIT Records Center and Vault (VARCV) User Survey 10/25/13

VHA PCMM Training Needs Assessment Survey 10/29/13

VHA Office of Mental Health National Health Providers Survey 10/30/13

National Mental Health Providers Survey: Baseline Results 10/30/13

VALU Strategic Communications Survey 11/18/13

VHA Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Survey 11/18/13

VHA VCS Customer Survey 11/20/13

Field Survey to Support Development of Training Materials 11/25/13

VHA Community Living Centers (CLC) Care Coordinator Survey 11/26/13

Independent Living Business Process RE-Engineering Process Survey 11/26/13

VHA CBO Gallup Survey 11/26 13

VISN 4 CIS-ICU ARK Technology Tool Questionnaire 12/16/13


VA Employee Wellness is Now WIN Program Survey ~ Not Approved 01/10/12

VISN 8 Falls Journey for Change Program Injurious Falls Questionnaire 01/20/12

VA Nursing Home Social Workers Discharge Planning Survey Questionnaire 01/27/12

VHA Patient Aligned Care Team PACT Employee Survey 02/08/12

VA Telehealth Applications for Evaluation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Questionnaire Survey 02/09/12

VA Basic Police Officer Course Level (III) Survey 02/16/12

VA EES Internal Communication Survey 02/16/12

VA HR Academy Employee Engagement Questionnaire 03/02/12

VA CY 2012 AES Survey 03/26/12

VHA Pharmacy National Pharmacist Questionnaire 04/13/12

VHA CBO Clinical Inventory Questionnaire 04/13/12

VALU Cross-Initiative Training Evaluation Saturation Phone Interview and Webinar Learner Phone Interview Questionnaires 04/27/12

VISN 19 Intake Staff Assessment Tool Survey 04/27/12

VA Specialty Care Transformation Research Evaluation Process 05/11/12

VHA 2012 Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) Recognition Survey 05/11/12

Human Resources Information Service Survey 05/31/12

Office of Mental Health Survey 06/28/12

FY 2012 Integrated Ethic Staff Survey Summer Voice of VA 07/09/12

VISN 22 – VA Greater Los Angeles (VA GLA) 90 Day New Employee Survey 07/27/12

VA EES Internal Customer Service Survey 07/30/12

VA OI&T Region 4 Servive Lione Onboarding Survey 07/30/12

VHA Health Revenue Center (HRC) Pharmacy End Users Satisfaction Survey 08/03/12

VISN 22 Womens Health Educational Needs of VA Primary Care Providers Survey 08/07/12

VA FY 13 RN Satisfaction Survey 08/08/12

Annual Biomedical Customer Satisfaction Survey 08/24/12

2012 Employee Safety Perception Survey 09/20/12

VISN 9 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Customer Satisfaction 09/24/12

VA Public Affairs Competency Validation and Assessment Questionnaire 10/03/12

VA I CARE Survey 10/04/12

VISN 18 Education Program Feedback Survey 10/09/12

VHA Rural Provider Survey 12/12/12

ORM ADR Survey 12/12//12

VA Polytrauma-TBI Employee Survey 12/13/12


VHA Research Project Social Workers 01/25/11

VA Office of Information and Technology Customer Satisfaction Survey 02/14/11

VALU Training Evaluation Survey 03/03/11

2011 NCA Job Competency Analysis Survey 03/07/11

VA NCPS Patient-Centered VA Prescription Label Study Survey 03/03/11

Analysis Survey 03/07/11

VA 2011 All Employee Survey (AES) 04/04/11

OPM 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey 04/04/11

VHA Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System(DEMPS)Workforce Survey 05/04/11

VHA Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System (DEMPS) Workforce Survey 05/04/11

VA Office of Information & Technology (OI&T) Service Delivery & Engineering (SD&E) Online Survey 05/04/11

Implementation of Person-Centered Practices in VA 07/08/11

Office of Information & Technology Customer Satisfaction Survey 07/12/11

National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS) Patient Safety Culture Questionnaire 07/12/11

OI & T Customer Satisfaction August 2011 Survey 07/11/11

2011 Summer Voice of VA (VOVA) Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Survey07/12/11

Lynch Syndrome Testing Survey in VISN 22 07/12/11

VHA Office of Information Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS) Satisfaction Survey 07/18/11

VHA FY 12 RN Satisfaction Survey 07/18/11

VHA Employee Education System (EES) Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey 07/22/11

VHA Office of Procurement Customer Service Survey 08/10/11

Clinical Alarms Survey 08/11/11

VA Mandatory Safety Training Requirements using VHAs Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior Curriculum 08/15/11

VHA Chief Business Office CBO Business Policy Office Internal Survey 08/31/11

VA CITE ADVANCE Training Evaluation Survey 08/31/11

VHA Chief Business Office’s Member Service Employee Engagement Survey for Mid-Atlantic CPAC, Ashville, NC; Mid-South CPAC Smyrna, TN; North-Central CPAC Madison, WI and Florida CPAC, Orlando, FL 09/06/11_

VA Records Center and Vault Survey 2011 09/08/11

VALU My Career Website Evaluation Study Questionnaire 09/22/11

VHA Onboarding Surveys, VAMC Atlanta, Cleveland and Muskogee 10/06/11

Employee Education System EES Telework Program Customer Satisfaction Survey 10/06/11

VA CEOS Biomedical Engineering Customer Satisfaction Survey 10/13/11

VA HVSEP staff survey 10/13/11

Gown and Glove Study in VA Community Living Centers 10/25/11

CBO Member Service Survey Approval 10/27/11

VA CPACC Diversity Awareness Survey 11/04/11

O Net Survey 11/08/11

VA Office of Asset Enterprise Management Employee Commuting Survey 11/21/11

VA Services Purchased Care Survey for VAMC/VISN Fee Staff 11/23/11

VA Casement, Care Coordination and Benefits Assistance Survey 11/23/11

VISN 20 VAMC Portland Gap Analysis for RN 11/30/11

VHA National Center of Organization_Development 2012 Winter Voice of VA 12/22/11


EES Call Centers Survey 01/13/10

NCOD VOVA Surveys 01/13/10

VHA Non-VA Purchased Care Ciontracing Lessons Learned Survey 01/20/10

VHA Non-VA Purchased Care Contracting Lessons Learned Survey (Project Hero) 01/20/10

2010 All Employee Survey (AES) 02/07/10

VISN 9 Learning Needs Evaluation for Front Line Staff FY-2010

VHA Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards Active Sitting Devise Project Fitball Palo Alto, CA and Birmingham, AL 03/09/10

VHA Primary Care Survey Project (Bay Pines, FL; Charleston, SC; Cincinnati,OH; Columbia,SC; Gainesville, FL; Greater Los Angles; Portland, OR and San Antonio, TX) 03/09/10

VA Competency Validation Survey for Designated Learning Officers 03/23/10

VHA Primary Care Staff Survey Clinicians and Pharmacist 03/23/10

VHA Evidence Based Practice Survey 03/24/10

VA All Employee Survey 03/24/10

VA OIT Customer Satisfaction Survey 04/19/10

VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) Project 09-104 05/03/10

VISN 15 Rural Health Provider Needs Assessment Survey 05/14/10

2011 VHA RN Satisfaction Survey 06/12/10

VHA Integrated Ethics Staff Survey (IESS) under Summer Voice of VA Survey 07/08/10

VISN 19 Survey Monkey for Nurses in ECHCS 07/27/10

VA Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Study Survey in Spinal Cord Injury Units 07/28/10

VHA Comparison of Fidelity Assessment Methods Research Survey 08/30/10

VHA Chief Business CBO Non-VA Care National Training Needs Analysis Survey 08/30/10

NCA New Employee Survey 08/30/10

VA Nursing Outcomes Database(VANOD)Interview of Bargaining Unit Employees 09/20/10

VHA Community Living Center (CLC)Employee Survey of Attitudes about Resident Safety 09/20/10

Value of Federal Librarian Survey 09/24/10

VHA Chief Business Office’s Survey (Health Eligibility Center and Health Revenue Center) With Gallup 11/01/10

VISN 19 Revenue Operations Survey 11/17/10

VHA Research Project Social Workers 12/13/10

VHA Managing Overweight and Obesity in Veterans in Veterans Everywhere (MOVE) Survey 12/17/08


VHA Comprehensive Emergency Management Program National Education and Training Needs Assessment Survey 01/05/09

VHA Staffing Methodology Evaluation Survey 01/22/09

VA Office of Acquisition and Logistics FY 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey 03/02/09

VHA Voice of Learner Survey 03/02/09

Secretary’s VA’s Vision Statement Employee Survey 03/05/09

VHA and NCA All Employee Survey 03/05/09

VHA Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) Customer Satisfaction Survey 03/05/09

Office of General Counsel(OGC) All Employee Survey(AES) 03/18/09

VA Occupanttional Safety & Health_Activities FY2009 Survey 05/28/09

VALU EES Business Services Customer Satisfaction Survey 07/08/09

OPM Employee Bicycling Survey 07/08/09

VA Secretary Survey McKinsey and Company NOT APPROVED 07/08/09

VA Nursing Academy Survey 07/10/09

TBI Comprehensive Evaluation Survey 07/21/09

VA Secretary Survey McKinsey and Company 08/03/09

VHA Radiology and Lab ADPAC Survey 08/04/09

OPM Annual Employee Survey 09/01/09

/VALU/EES Employee Communications Survey 10/06/09

Biomedical Engineering Customers Survey 10/09/09

One VA Internet Gateway Survey 10/09/09

IT VALU/EES Support Survey 10/30/09

OI & T Field Business Service FBS Communication_Survey 10/30/09

COTR Customer Satisfaction Survey 11/07/09

EES/VALU_Pilot Telework Post-Implementation Survey 11/24/09

National Safety Council Research and Statistical Service Employee Perception Survey 12/04/09

VHA Product Effectiveness BCMA Customer Satisfaction Survey 12/16/09

VHA Community Living Center Survey 06/22/10

VHA VISN 19 Revenue Operations Survey 11/17/10

VHA All Employee Survey for 2008 02/04/08

VHA VBA POW Case Management Certification Training Survey 03/06/08

VHA Intergrated Ethics Staff Survey 03/10/08

VHA QuadraMed Customer Satisfaction Survey 05/29/08

Financial and Logistics Integrated Technology Enterprise (FLITE) Survey 06/10/08

VA Occupational Safety & Health Activities Evaluation FY 2008 Survey 06/16/08

VA Office Nursing Service (ONS) VHA RN Satisfaction Survey 07/21/08

Office of Compliance and Business Integrity (CBI) VHA CBI Training Needs Assessment Survey for FY 2009 Education and Training Plan 07/29/08

VA Patient Safety Culture Survey 10/01/08

VA Learning Management System (LMS) Customer Survey 12/09/08

Map Pilot in VISN’s 1,2,3,5,6,10,11,12,17,18,20,21,and 23 12/15/08

VA Police Questionnaire/ Research Project (Withdrawn by VA)


2007 All Employee Survey 05/01/07

2007 Contracting Workforce Competencies Survey May 18, 2007

VHA 2007 Occupational Health Program (OPH) Survey 06/05/07

VA 2007 RN Satisfactory Survey 06/19/07

Occupational Health Program (OHP) Survey 06/20/07

VHA Integrated Ethics Staff Survey 07/18/07

U.S. MSPB Merit Principles Survey 2007 07/30/07

COTR Customer Satisfaction Survey 11/07/09


VA Police Questionnaire Research Project 02/09/06

Evidence Based Practice Workgroup 03/20/06

Letter to Donahoe Communication Survey 04/07/06

Social Work Service Survey.pdf 05/10/06

Pharmacy Survey 07/31/06

VHA 2006 RN Satisfaction Survey 08/15/06

VHA Nurse Recruitment and Retention Survey 09/06/06

VHA Patient Safety Climate Survey 02/04/05

Letter to Paradis on Nursing Survey 09/06/05

Letter to Biaggi-Ayer on Patient Safety Culture 09/06/05

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