VHA MOU (3-04-2021) COVID-19 Mask Use in VHA Facilities

VHA MOU (2-17-2021) New Performance Standards


RCS Position Standardization Readjustment Counselor Functional Statement and Performance Plans 9-15-2020

MOU VHA VISN 20 (8-03-2020) CCS Realignment

VISN 20 – Police Shift Rotation Schedule 7-30-20

VISN 20 – Care Routing Group 7-6-20

VISN 8 – Proposed Changes in Working Conditions 6-7-20

VA AFGE S.A.V.E Training MOU 4-23-20

CC Clinical Coordination Contact Center (C6) 3-31-20

VEO Mini Toolkits 3-17-20

VISN 20 MOU Confidential Documents 1-9-20

VISN 20 MOU Upgrade Auditorium and Columbia Room 1-9-20

VISN 10 MOU EMS Uniforms 1-6-20


MOU VHA Notice 2019-XX, Standardization of Appointment Scheduling for Eligible Veteran Walk-In Enrollments at VA Medical Facility

Suboxone MOU and Ground Rules 11-4-19

Avaya MOU August 1, 2019

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU – VEO Patient Experience Mandatory Training 6-12-19

MOU VA VCS AFGE – Deep Clean Schedule 5-1-19

MOU Patient Care Services 4-29-19

MOU ECOMP April 25, 2019

MOU VHA P&L 4-18-19

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding VITAL CSA 2-26-19

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding Tour Bids (Member Services) 2-14-19





VA-VHA MOU on OCC Claims Modernization 12/28/18

VHA MOU – Member Services Dress Code 12-06-18

AFGE VA VHA MOU_CPAC PSA FRT Downgrade 11-5-18

MOU – VHA Directive 1192 10-24-18

MOU – VHA HCP Directive 1192 Flu Prevention 10.23.18

MOU CPAC Pharmacy 10-22-18

VA_VHA_AFGE_MOU_VHA_Directive_1611_Safe_Patient_Handling_and_Mobility_Program 10.18.18

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding OCC Healthcare Appeals Tool (HAT) Signed 08/23/18

MOU- Pharmacy (Opioid SOP) VAPSHCS

MOU- Office of Mental Health Operations Therapeutic and Supported Employment Services 08/07/18

MOU-GS-0645-05-Medical Technician Performance Standards 08/07/18

Final MOU on VHA Migration Data VACOLS 08/03/18>

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding VHA Deployment of Models for Medication Assisted Treatment Training for Opioid Use Disorder 08/02/18

VISN 10-MOU- implementation of the CCU and the Supply Chain realignment

Long Beach BUS code MOU 07/16/18

VISN 20-MOU-VA Puget Sound, HCS, Social Work Peer Review Process in Mental Health Service Line (AFGE Local 498 and Local 3197)

VISN 20-MOU-VA Puget Sound, HCS, Social Work Peer Review Process in Mental Health Service Line (AFGE Local 498 and Local 3197) Document

MOU- VISN 20-Medical Technician Performances Standards 06/11/18

MOU on CPAC Legal Review RUR 06/08/18


VA-AFGE MOU_Anywhere to Anywhere Telehealth Initiative 06/05/18

VISN 20 – VA Puget Sound, HCS Implementation of VA Police and Security Services Naloxone MOU 05/31/18

VISN 20 – VA Puget Sound, HCS Implementation of VA Police and Security Services Naloxone Policy to implement 05/31/18

Update Performance Standards for all Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialists (CPS), GS-0660-13 05/17/18

Claims Assistant National Performance Standards MOU

MOU on VHA Revised Clinic Cancellation of Patient Activities 05/04/18

MOU and Lead Police Officer Standards signed 4-27-2018

MOU- VISN 20- DHSM Nurse Care Coordinator Competency Change 04/24/18

MOU- VISN 20-Competency and PD for GS4 File Clerks 04/24/18

Final MOU OCC CCRA Solution March 2018 04/02/18

VISN 20- Parking MCM 00-03 Signed off 03/21/18

VISN 20-MOU coversheet for parking MCM 03/21/18

VA-AFGE MOU Regarding SAVE 02/28/18

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding VHA Release of ANNIE App 02/28/18

MOU- Eastern Colorado Health Care System Call Center Scheduling Queue Centralization 02/20/18

MOU on VA Patient Experience Program 02/07/18

MOU-FCCPAC Time and Leave(01) 1/19/18

FCCPAC Leave Policy 1/19/18


VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding OCC Customer Service Center 12/21/17

11-30-17 MOU Settling National ULP and Negotiability Appeal re Flu Vaccination Program

Final MOU PIV-USAccess Cards 11/30/17

MCM 00-50 Controlled Substance Inspection Program 11/20/17

MCM 119-02 MOU Pharmaceutical Drug Cache 11/20/17


MOU on Narcan 11/20/17

MOUCompToursGLA 11/06/17

MOU- Signed DIS – Functional Statements 10/18/17

MOU on Faster Care for Veterans Pilot Program 10/18/17

VA-AFGE MOU – VA Handbook 5011 – Variable Work Schedules (Full-time Physicians)

VA-AFGE MOU Regarding Financial Management Business Transformation 09/08/17

MOU CSC Personal Electronic Devices 08/28/17

Final MOU VHA Directive 1406 PCMM

MOU PLO NCO 17 July 18 2017

MOU HBPC from GMS to GEC 6-30-2017

soard mou 06/09/17

MOU OCC VISN 11 to VISN 10 June 2017 06/07/17

MOU on VHA Office of Strategic Integration Veterans Engineering Resource Center General Office Standard Operating Procedures 06/06/17

MOU on VHA Office of Strategic Integration Veterans Engineering Resouce Center-BOC-Employee interface Software Implementation 06/06/17

marbella mou 05/31/17

Final MOU Logistics Prosthetics GUI May 2017

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding OCC’s Reorganization of VISN 11 BUEs to VISN 10 05/25/17

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding OCC’s Reorganization of Delivery Operations and Claims Adjudication and Reimbursement 05/25/17

MOU VISN 7 AcuStaf_5_18_2017

AcuStaf VISN 15 MOU 04/14/17

AcuStaf MOU-VISN 18 04/14/17

AcuStaf VISN 11 MOU 04/14/17

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding Reconnecting Employees with America’s Heros 04/06/17

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding OCC’s Reorg of Services and Station Number Change 04/06/17

MOU on Office of Community Care LAWS 04061704/06/17

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding VEO VE Feedback Tool 04/06/17

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding the Just Culture Program 03/28/17

MOU for VHA Handbook 1138.01 02/14/17

MOU Hire Rright Hire Fast February 2017








MOU for the realignment of Virtual Care 10/16/16





VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding VHA Handbook 1306 Prescription Drug Monitoring 08/25/16

VA Handbook 0720 Appendix A Use of Long Rifles 08/10/16

MOU VCP Care Coordination Pilots July 13 2016 072716<

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU (VCP Care Coordination Pilots) 07/14/16

MOU on CRM Apps at VHA Call Centers June 22 2016

MOU on Realignment of Member Services June 2016

Furlough MOU June 23 2016

SOARD Mazimo Program Implementation MOU 06/22/16

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Application implementation 06/22/16

NCO consolidated under the SAO West Region, SAO East Region or SAO Central Region 06/22/16

VistA Scheduling Enhancements 06/22/16

MOU for PLO My VA Realignment June 6 2016 06/08/16

VA-AFGE MOU regarding Mandatory Use of PIV Cards for Network Access (signed)05/04/16

VHA-CBO-CMOP-AFGE MOU – CMOP Facility Equipment Maintenance Program 04/28/16

VCP Provider Agreement 04/27/16

Final MOU OMHO TSES April 2016 04/21/16

AFGE MOU OIT EPMO March 29 2016 03/30/16

MOU up to two Infromation Technology Devices 03/08/16

MOU VISN 20 For the Implementation and Impact for VA Portland HCS and Patient Belongings Inventories


MOU Telehealth Scheduling 2016 02/17/16

a href=”https://afgenvac.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/negotiations.jpeg”>MOU eOPF February 6, 2008

AFGE – MOU TeleHealth Scheduling System 02/03/16

MOU PACT Clinical Walk ins 2016 01/06/16

VCS Uniform 02/01/15

VISN 10 Implementation of Employee Self Scheduling Software System – AcuStaf 02/18/15

VHA Directive Handbook 1065.01 Specialty Provider Group Practice Productivity 02/04/15

Guidance to Reduce Elopements Mental Health 02/05/15

Implementation for VA Portland Health Care System Pharmacy Reorganization 02/23/15

VA Wide Adminstrative Offices Space Standards 03/10/15

CBO Purchased Care Involuntary Overtime 03/11/15

CPAC Productivity Assessement Tool Billers Job Aid 03/26/15

VA Mobile Health Program 04/02/15

CPAC PAT Biller Job Aid 03/26/15

NVAC MyVA 101 Training MOU 04/10/15

Meds by Mail Telework MOU 04/08/15

NVAC #53-regarding expanding Clinical Simulation Training among the staff at the CBOC in VISN 10 04/16/15

Outpatient Coding Backlog Support in VISN 10 addemum 04/29/15

Patient-Belongings-Inventories.pdf”>MOU VISN 20 For the Implementation and Impact for VA Portland HCS and Patient Belongings Inventories

MOU VISN 20 Implementation and Impact for VA Portland HCS Employee Parking

MOU ICT April 2015 05/16/15

MOU VHA Handbook 1140 47 GeriPACT April 2015 05/16/15

Signed VA-VHA-AFGE MOU regarding VHA Directive 1133 – SIMLearn Awards 05/27/15

Education Service Telework MOU – Compliance Liaison Staff05/27/15

MOU between VA Health Care System of Ohio, VISN 10 regarding expanding Outpatient Coding Backlog 05/29/15

VA Essential Medications Information Standards Directive 06/01/15

MOU VA Portland Health Care system Home and Community Based Services- VA Home Care Continuum- 0/603/15

MOU between VAPORHCS and AFGE 06/03/15

MOU_AFGE_SafetyProceduresandProtection_Equipment_Employees_caring_for_Ebola_Patients 06/09/15

MOU VistA Scheduling Enhancements (VSE) June 9 2015 07/22/15

MOU VA Eyes Ear Scheduling June 2015 06/10/15

MOU_AFGE_VHAHandbook1108.11_Clinical_Pharmacy_Services 06/17/15

Veteran Canteen Service (VCS) and AFGE concerning the Pilot on Extended Hours for the Brew Coffee Shop 06/17/15

Moral Distress Workshop 07/09/15

Appropriate Arrangements and Procedures for VA Portland Health Care System Pharmacy 07/09/15

Ground Rules-Pharmacy 7 7 2015 07/09/15

MOU_AFGE_Enterprise_Health_Management_Platform_eHMP_Program 08/21/15

RUR FY 17 Volume Tracker Model For CPACS_09.09.2015

VISN 19 MSA realignment 09/19/15

MOU_AFGE_VA_Disruptive_Behavior_Reporting_System_(DBRS) 09/28/15

MOU reguarding (OI&T) Field Operations, Regions Service Line Realignment and Reassignment of Tier III staff 10/21/15

Pilot Testing of VA Police Body Worn Cameras 10/26/15

Realignment of Office of Public Health to Office of Patient Care Services 10/27/15

VA Pulse 10/27/15

MOU  VCS concerning a supplemental review over the removal of non-Veterans Preference eligible employee 10/27/15

MOU for extended hours for VCS Patriot Brew and Patriot Cafe 10/27/15

MOU For VHA Access Stand Down 11/12/15

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding CPAC RUR RN Functional Statements (final) 12/02/15

VCS Telephone-Cellular Usage Policy 12/09/15

MOU SAO Dec 2015

MOU_VERC Pilot 12/28/15


Outpatient Coding Support in VISN 10 01/28/14

VHA Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and Anesthesia Recovery Keeper (ARK) Systems 02/06/14

GEAR Program 2013 and 2014 rollout 02/06/14

VHA’s Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) 02/19/14 Teams

VA-VHA-AFGE MOU Regarding VHA Directive 2010-021 Utilization Management, Acute Level of Care Review 02/26/14

VA Handbook 0730 5 Security Law Enforcement AppendixF Active Threat Response 03/19/14

VA Thin Client Use and Replacement of Existing Thin Client End Point 03/20/14

VA Handbook 0730/5 Security and Law Enforcement Appendix F Active Treat Response within Veterans Affairs 03/19/14

Intensive Community Health Recovery Services 04/03/14

VHA Directive 2013-xxx Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training for Staff 04/15/14

VHA Directive Utlilization of Physician Assistants 04/17/14

MOU regarding Point of Use Solutions Systems Pilot 04/18/14

Tele ICU 05/02/14

VA SDE OIT Budget Tracking Tool 05/13/14

VHA Implementation of Employee Self Schedueling Software Systems 05/20/14

HR Smart 05/28/14

OIT Personal Printers 06/05/14

VHA Handbook 1605,1 Privacy and Release of Information 07/17/14

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) and VA LearningUniversity (V ALU) MyCareer@VA Pilot 07/21/14

2- VISN 10 MOUs on (1) Clinical Simulation Training and (2) MHCL Reorganization 09/2014

Procedures and Appropriate Arrangements for MCM 05-08 Maintenance of Time and Attendance Reports and Delegations of Unit Timekeepers 09/15/14
Addendum – For The Procedures and Appropriate Arrangements for MCM 05-08 Maintenance of Time and Attendance Reports and Delegation of Unit Timekeepers

Primavera Software usage for Staff Time Tracking 09/24/14

Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV) 10/08/14

VA Care Tracker Long Term Care 10/20/14

VA E-Gov Travel Service 2 10/21/14

VA Time and Attendance System (VATAS) 10/21/14

VA Directive and Handbook 0632 Conference Planning and Execution Reporting and Oversight 10/22/14

VA Directive & VA Handbook 0632 10/22/14

Re-organization of Patient Advocates and Public Affairs Specialist 12/15/15

Realignment of Telehealth Technicians and Teleretinal Imagers 12/15/14

Non-VA Medical Care Way Forward (NVCWF) Iniative in Veterans Health Administration Chief Business Office Purchase Care (CBOPC) 12/16/14


VHA Directive 2012-xxx CPR Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training for Staff 01/15/13

AFGE Transition of AS PS Wage Schedule to NF Pay Band Schedule 01/29/13

Permanent Sunday Opening of VCS Patriot Store Operations 03/18/13

Interactive Patient Care System (IPCS) 03/28/13

Mental Health Access Consults Package 04/09/13

Single Sign-On Internal (SSOi) 04/23/13

Regarding RMS Scheduling Software (AcuStaf) 05/22/13

Employee Self Scheduling Software Systems 05/22/13

Vocera 06/03/13

Office of Quality, Safety, and Value: Utilization Management Program Acute Level of Care Review Process 06/ 2013

AFGE-TVHS MOU 07/23/13

VA Time and Attendance System VATAS 08/19/13

Management of VISN Non-VA Care from VISN 10 Network Office 08/20/13

Revenue Utilization Review (RUR) nurses reorganization in CPAC 10/09/13

Bar Code Expansion 10/09/13

Consolidated Patient Account Center Program Management Office (CPAC PMO), First Party and Administrative Services Department into the Veterans Services Department 10/10/13

VISN 8 Decision Support System 10/11/13

Regarding CROWN-Web in ESRD 10/22/13

SimLEARN 10/29/13

VHA CPRS v2g and Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances 11/20/13

Non-VA Care Program throughtout VISN 10 11/25/13

VA Vehicle Fleet Management Program 11/26/13

VHA Handbook 1004.02 Advance Care Planning & Management of Advance Directives 12/23/13

VHA Prosthetics Pilot VISN 6, VISN 11 and VISN 20 01/05/12

VA Handbook 5005, Pt II and III-Procedures regarding T38 Promotions, Advancements and Appointments in VHA 01/08/12

VHA Prosthetics Pilot in VISN 6, VISN 11 and VISN 20 within the Department 01/15/12

Staffing Methodology for VHA Nursing Personnel 03/01/12

T-21 Initiative 04/13/12

Fee Basis Program Non VA Claims from VISN 18 and VISN 19 04/30/12

PAID Enhancement for VANOD PEV 07/31/12

Letter from AFGE VA Handbook 5005/52 Part IV Appendix F Staffing , VSIP Fact Sheet 08/27/12

Pilot- VCS Sunday Patriot Store Operations 09/28/12

VHA Directive 2012-023 Extended Hours access for Veterans requiring Primary Care including Women’s Health and Mental Health Services 11/29/12

Extended Hours Policy 12/05/12

Real Time Locations System 12/19/12

VHA Directive Use Unlicensed Assistive Personnel UAP Administering Medication 12/19/12

Emergency Department intermediate Care Unit ICT 12/19/12


Patient Centered Care Veteran-Centered Care models within the Department 01/13/11

VHA Primary Care Transformation Initiative (PACT) 01/24/11

OI & T SOP Employees Tuition Reimbursement Program 02/04/11

Pilot ORM Resolution Support Center 03/02/11

Utilization Management Program 03/28/11

Memorandum of Clarification – Procedures for Local Supplemental Agreements 03/31/11

Office of Information and Technology Service Line Management Program within OI & T Regions 04/08/11

Clinical Simulation Business Practices for Audiovisual Recording 05/18/11

MD Provider Profile Program 06/09/11

Patient Aligned Care Team PACT 06/15/11

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) name change to Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) 06/17/11

VHA Pilot Onboarding 06/20/11

Addendum to Management Analysis Business Process Reengineering 07/26/11

Electronic Contract Management System eCMS implementation 08/08/11

Mandatory Training of VHA Mental and Primary Care Providers on Provision of Care to Veterans who experienced Military Sexual Trauma as required by Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-163)10/05/11

Nationawide Implementation of VA Point of Service Program (VPS) kiosks devices 11/16/11

Real Time Location System (RTLS) in VISN 10 and VISN 11 within the Department 12/22/11


VHA Directive 2009 xxx “Transition Patient Advocate and Mental Health Record” 01/26/10

Boiler Plant Safety Education 01/28/10

RN Residency Pilot Program 02/11/09

Reorganization of VISN 8 Revenue Operation into Florida Consolidated Patient Account Center(CPAC) in Orlando FL 02/18/10

VA Employees Accountability System Testing Pilot 02/19/10

New Credit Worthiness Requirement for Travel Charge Card Applicants 02/19/10

Data Center Operations Directive 8500/1 Public Affairs Program 02/19/10

Smoking Cessation Benefit For VHA Employees -2/19/10

Text Messaging While Driving 03/03/10

Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS) 03/17/10

VHA Primary Care Survey Research Project Team Process and Performance in Primary Care 03/17/10

USA Staffing 03/30/10

Implementation of Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Program 05/21/10

Patient Centered Medical Home within the Department

Patient Centered Care (Veteran-Centered Care) models within the Department 06/09/10

VHA Office of Acquisition and Logistics Realignment 06/14/10

Mid-South Consolidated Patient Account Center (MSCPAC) to include VISN 16 07/10/10

Expansion of North Central Consolidated Patient Account Center (NCCPAC) to include VISN 11 07/10/09

VHA Handbook Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Services 07/15/10

Patient Centered Care -Relationship Based Care model within VISN 10 07/15/10

VHA Directive 7701 Occupational Safety and Health and VHA Handbook 7701.1 Occupational Safety and Health Program Procedures 07/12/10

VHA implementation of Bed Management Solution (BMS)within the Department 07/19/10

Patient Centered Medical Home within VISN 10 07/29/10

VHA Insurance Capture Buffer (ICB)nationwide rollout 08/02/10

VA Point of Service (VPS)Kiosk Vision and Space Document within the Department 07/19/10

Reorganization of VISNs 18,20,21,and 22 Revenue Operation into West Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC)10/05/10

Reorganization of VISNs 1,2,3 and 4 revenue operation into the North East Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC)10/05/10

Reorganization of VISNs 15,19,and 23 revenue operation into the Central Plains Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC)10/05/10

Office of Security and Law Enforcement increase in Basic VA Police Officer training course 11/12/10


Centralized Local Payroll Service for NCA 01/27/09

VHA RN Residency Pilot Program 02/16/09

Emergency Department Integration Software (EDIS) 02/19/09)

Implementation of Management Analysis Business Process Reengineering for VISN 10 02/20/09

Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (MHRRTP) 03/11/09

Use and Management of the Government Purchase Card Program 04/13/09

Reorganization of the Consolidated VISN9 MCCF to the Mid South Consolidated Patient Account Center CPAC Station 731 04/20/09

Reorganization of the Consolidated VISN12 Patient Finance Services PFS to the North Central Consolidated Patient Account Center CPAC Station 732 04/20/09

Handbook 1850.04 Employee Uniforms 05/18/09

MOU Partnership VISN 6

Daily Plan Pilot Project 09/09/09

Operations Service Line Management Pilot Program within Region 1 10/06/09

Microsoft Office 2007 Rollout 10/07/09

VA Handbook 5015 Employee Learning and Professional Development 10/07/09

VA Handbook 5007 Part VI Appendix Q Pay Administration and Recruitment Incentives 11/07/09

VHA Directive 2009 xxx Outpatient Scheduling Processes and Procedures 12/10/09

VHA Handbook 1108.3 Self Medication Program 12/28/09


Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) Nationwide 02/06/08

Mandatory Training for Government Issued Travel Charge Cardholders 02/06/08

VHA Mental Health Initiatives as the “Mental Health Access 02/07/08

Information Security Program for Local Presidents 02/08/08

OI&T Employee Recognition and Awards Program 02/08/08

Authorization of OI & T equipment for members of the NVAC Executive Committee 02/08/08

Vista/Monitoring/Scheduler/Sampling/MOU 03/04/08

Requirements for National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Taxonomy Code(s) 03/25/08

Implementation of Vista monitoring tool for Supervision of VHA Schedulers 03/25/08

Vista Monitoring tool for Supervision of VHA Schedulers 03/25/08

Alternative Work Schedules for RN 03/31/08

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) 05/18/08

Transfer of Human Resources and Payroll services to VHA Health Revenue Center (HRC) 05/21/08

Mid Atlantic Consolidated Patient Account Center 05/22/08

Smoke Free Policy for VA Health Care Facilities 07/28/08

National Veterans Affairs Council #53 (NVAC) concerning VA Directive 6066 Protected Health Information (PHI) dated April 2, 2008 09/09/08a>

Operating Room Airway Management 09/05/08

VHA Handbook 1970.03 Health Information Management Clinical Coding Procedures 9/22/08

Information and Technology Operations Service Line Management Pilot Program within Region 10/06/08

Safety Conference 10/06/08

VHA Directive 2008 XXX Mandatory Suicide Risk and Intervention Training for VHA Health Care Providers 10/07/08

VA Directive 0730 and VA Handbook 0730 10/08/08

Expansion of Mid-Atlantic Consolidated Patient Account Center MACPAC to include VISN 5 11/01/08

Installation of Keyless Entry and Closed Circuit Monitoring in Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs 11/17/08

VHA Fee Basis Non VA Care Millennium Bill Initiative in VISN 20 and VISN 22 11/19/08

Criteria and Standards for VA Community Living Centers (CLC) 11/19/08

EES Telework Program 11/24-08

Retirement Specialty Centers in VISN 1 and VISN 6 11/24/08

VHA Recommended Revenue Cycle Productivity Guidelines identified in the June,25 2008 12/31/08


Office of Security and Law Enforcement Authorization to wear turtleneck or “dickie” apparel under long sleeve uniform shirt 02/05/07

VHA Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Mandatory Training 02/12/07

VHA Directive — USE of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) in Administering Medication 02/12/07

Permanent Realignment of Operation and Maintenance Employees Into the VA IT Federated Management System 02/26/07

Outpatient Scheduling Processes and Procedures 04/16/07

Restrictions on Transmissions, Transportation and Use of, and Access to VA Data Outside VA Facilities in the Department 05/10/07

Restrictions on Transmission, Transportation and Use of, VA Data Outside VA Facilities in the Department 5/10/07

Electronic Official Personnel Folder 05/22/07

Enhanced Time and Attendance (ETA)05/23/07

VHA Directive on the Certification of Clinicians performing C&P exams 05/29/07

Establishment of Human Resources Center (HRC) within the Department 06/05/07

Compensatory Time Change from seven pay periods to twenty-six pay periods 06/28/07

Health Maintenance Programs, Examinations and Vaccinations 07/12/07

Office of Information and Technology OI & T Standard Operating Procedures SOP Telework Program 08/10/07

VANOD Skin Assessment and Re-Assessment Templates 09/12/07

11:30 pm – 8:30 am shift to facilitate Patient Hand-Off in Communication 11/03/

Dell PC Lease Statement of Work Agreement 12/05/07

The Rules of Behavior 12/05/07

Operating Room Workload and Quality of Care Research Project 12/18/07

Violence Prevention Research Project 12-20-07


Magnet Design 01/25/06

Art. 26 Implementation of the 5-Level Performance Plan 2/1/06

Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Pilot 04/20/06

Civility Respect and Engagement in the Workplace initiative (CREW) 5/31/06

Alternative Work Schedules for RN 08/15/06

Food Service Management Program 09/01/06

E-Gov Travel Service Policy (ETS) for Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel “within the Department 09/13/06

Credentialing of Health Care Professionals 09/21/06

Socioeconomic Goals in Performance Plans 10/24/06

Security and Law Enforcement Refresher Course VA Police Officers 12/11/06


Electronic-Official Personnel Folder (OPF) 02/08/05

Patient Advocacy Program 05/23/05

Geriatrics and Extended Care (GEC) 10/12/05

Compounding Sterile Preparations (CSP) Standards in VA Pharmacies 11/05/05

(VHA) implementation of Managing Scanning Failures in BCMA at VHA facilities 11/08/05


Integration of VHA Nutrition and Food Service (NFS) with Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) 07/20/04


Competitive Sourcing within VHA 01/30/03

Use Of Government Purchase Card 02/25/03


VA Smallpox Vaccination Program 03/06/03

VHA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 03/12/03


Reasonable Accommodation 03/21/02

VHA High Performance Development Model Program 09/05/02

VHA Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services (CARES) 09/24/02


VA Directive / Handbook 7176, Supply, Processing & Distribution 11/20/01

Center for A&MM Education Online (CAMEO 10/22/01)

VA Front Line Revolution 10/15/01

Implementation of VA Handbook 1761.2 08/15/01

VHA Inventory Management, VHA Handbook 1761.2 08/15/01

Work Place Stress / Aggression Project 05/08/01

Regarding Non-Professional Bargaining Unit Employees formerly represented by NFFE/IAM at VA Facilities 03/22/01

VALU Online University 03/21/01

CoreFLS Pilot Project of Financial Management and Logistics Systems 01/11/01


Use and Management of Government Purchase Card Program, VHA Handbook 1730.1

Resident Assessment Instrument / Minimum Data Set (RAI/MDS) 09/01/00

Work Place Stress and Aggression 03/30/00

Use and Management of Government Purchase Card Program, VHA Handbook 1730.1 05/08/00


VA Implementation of Phase 2 of HR Links 01/13/99

Programs and Procedures to Arm VA Police, VA Directive and Handbook 0720 08/25/99

GSA Smart Pay Citibank Visa Travel Card Program 03/25/99

National Level Implementation of Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)08/25/99

Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) 08/25/99


Security and Law Enforcement, VA Directive and Handbook 0730 10/06/98

Voluntary Electronic Funds Transferring of Union Dues 10/01/98

Automated Safety Incident Surveillance and Tracking 088 (ASSIST) 06/22/98

Latex Sensitivity and Allergy 06/23/98

Occupational Safety & Health, VA Directive 7700, Handbook 7700.1 06/16/98

Directive & Handbook 5610.3 Alternative Work Schedules 04/20/98


Compensation and Pension Service Training and Developement Program 11/20/97

VA Handbook 4003 Travel Reimbursement 11/14/97

Consolidation of MCCR Functions between Alvin C. York & Nashville Medical Center 07/03/97

Computer Automated Tracking System (CATS) 03/21/97

Consolidation of 4 Northern Tier Medical Centers in VISN 12 to the Facility in Milwaukee 03/18/97

Cover System 03/06/97

VA Drug Free Workplace Program 02/1997


Nationwide Loan Guaranty Restructuring in VBA 10/26/96

Notification of Reduction in Force 09/26/96

Notification of Reduction in Force (RIF) 05/22/96

Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card for Micro-Purchase 02/20/96

Baylor Plan, VA and VHA Directives 5103.2 – 5102.3 and VA Handbook 5103.3 02/01/96

Travel Reimbursement VA Directive 4003 01/03/96

Baylor Plan 02/01/96

Commercial Purchase Card Usage 02/20/96

RIF 05/22/96


Sick and Other Leave for Title 38 Employees 02/28/95

VA Electronic Commerce Electronic Data Interchange 03/22/95

Merging and Consolidation of laundry Operations 07/11/95

Furlough as a Result of a Possible Lapse in Appropriations for FY 1996 09/13/95

Reengineering Project Medical Care Cost Recovery 07/11/95

Integrations Mergers and Consolidations of Medical Facilities 07/11/95

VA Directive 5610.2 Time and Attendance 08/02/95

VA Police Officer Refresher Training Course 09/07/95

Vountary early Retirement authorization VBA 09/07/95


Employee Office Attire 05/17/94

Waste Management operations 07/25/94

Retention Allowances 08/01/94

Garnishment of Federal employees Pay10/05/94

EEO Complaint Processing Requirements 12/09/94

VHA Manual M-2 12/14/94

Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacies CMOP Program 02/10/93

Discrimination Complaints Caring and Courtesy 08/03/93

Advance Food Preparation and Delivery Systems 08/03/93

Enhanced Time and Attendance 08/03/93

M-2 09/03/93

Disciplinary and Adverse Actions 10/27/93

Occupational Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens 11/10/93

Elimination of Direct Mailing of Employee Earning and Leave Statements 11/12/92

Follow up for HIY After Accidental Occupational Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids 11/12/92

Child Care 11/12/92

Metric Transition Plan and Policy 11/12/92

Pilot Program to Improve Service to Veterans 11/12/92

Prime Vendor Program 11/12/92

USXPRESS 11/12/92

Issuance of Side Handle Baton to Police Officers 11/12/92

VCS Polygraph Testing 11/12/92

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