VBA Availability Playbook

The VBA Availability Playbook is a manual/resource published by the VBA for its employees concerning “excluded time.” Click this link and be directed to a downloadable .pdf version to use
VBA Availability Playbook 2021

2021 VBA MOU

VBA MOU (6-15-2021) Expanded ERRA Guidance

VBA MOU (5-20-2021) Blue Water Navy (BWN) – Nehmer Project

VBA MOU (5-20-2021) Claims Assistants Transition into Production WATRS

VBA MOU (5-20-2021) VIP Training Implementation

VBA MOU (5-12-2021) Mandatory Overtime Fiscal Year 2021

VBA MOU (5-12-2021) Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Consolidated Processing Interim State

VBA MOU (5-12-2021) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Pilot

VBA MOU (5-05-2021) Appeal Team Transition Phase II

VBA MOU (5-04-2021) Availability Playbook – Best Year Ever Initiative

VBA MOU (4-27-2021) National VSR Sr VSR DIF Survey

VBA MOU (5-06-2021) COVID 19 Exam Special Project

2020 VBA MOU

Education Service Mandatory Overtime FY 2021 8-25-2020

MOU VBA (8-21-2020) VRE Service Modernization: New Platform Case Management Solutions

Loan Guaranty Service New Appraisal Management System (AMS) MOU 8-21-2020

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) Competency-Based Training System MOU 8-21-2020

Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) VRC National Performance Plan MOU 8-21-2020

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) Competency-Based Training System MOU 8-21-2020

Education Service Mandatory Overtime FY 2021 Foreign Private Medical Records (PMR) Nationwide Deployment MOu 8-21-2020

Employee Learning Inspires True Excellence (ELITE) Instructor Certification Program MOU 8-21-2020

Quality Management System (QMS) Decision Review Officer (DRO) Quality Review Checklist MOU 7-27-20

MOU VBA (4-06-2020) Inappropriate VSR Credit

Loan Guaranty Service National Realignment MOU – 04-06-2020

Support Services Division Beneficiary Travel Expense Reimbursement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) MOU 2-7-20

Appeals Management Office VA Video Connect Pilot Program MOU 1-6-20

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020

2019 VBA MOU

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020

National Call Center Legal Administrative Specialist and Public Contact Representative Performance Standard MOU

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Performance Standard Modification 10-31-19

Fiduciary Service Representative (FSR) Performance Standards MOU 10-31-19

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Task Based Quality Checklist MOU 10-31-19

Field Examiner Task-Based Quality Checklist MOU 10-31-19

Reasonable Accommodation Centralized Program Process MOU 10-31-19

Field Examiner Performance Standard Modification MOU 10-31-19

ASPEN Migration for Fiduciary Employees MOU 10-31-19

Fiduciary Service Representative (FSR) Task Based Quality Checklist MOU 10-31-19

Changes to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Redaction Process MOU 10-31-19

Education Service Revised Quality Scorecard MOU 10-31-19

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020 10-30-2019

Fid Hub Mandatory Overtime MOU for FY2020 10-30-19

Loan Guaranty Funding Fee Initiative MOU 10-30-19

Loan Guaranty MOU – Planview Enterprise One Usage Initiative MOU 10-30-19

SSD-VRE Beneficiary Travel Direct Reimbursement Pilot MOU 10-30-19

Education Service – Mandatory Overtime FY2020 10-30-19

MOU – Utilization of Veterans Service Center (VSC) Resources for Legacy Appeals 10-30-19

Mandatory-Overtime-MOU-FY-2020 Mandatory-Overtime-MOU-FY-2020

Pension Call Center Transition to the National Call Centers MOU 7-24-19

NWQ Distribution Change – PMCs MOU 7-24-19

Invoice Payment Processing System (IPPS) for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Initiative MOU 7-24-19

Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) Tier 1 Phone Calls Plan MOU 7-24-19

Field Examiner Production Element Modification MOU 7-24-19

Centralized Mail for Education Service MOU 7-23-19

Support Service Division (SSD) Limited Pay Process Standardization Pilot MOU 7-23-19

Support Service Division (SSD) Revolving Fund Loan Process Standardization Pilot 7-23-19

RVSR Exam Pilot 7-23-19

VRE Implementation of Time Study 7-23-19

Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) Changes to Performance Standards 7-23-19

Fiduciary Hub Transition Plan to the National Call Centers MOU 6-14-19

National Call Center Mental Health Executive Order 13822 6-14-19

Support Service Division (SSD) Attorney Fee Process Improvement Pilot MOU 6-13-19

National Call Center CRM Unified Desktop Optimized (UDO) Continuous Improvement Site Visits MOU 6-13-19

RVSR Job Task Analysis Survey 2019 MOU 6-10-19

Character of Discharge Consolidation MOU 5-24-19

Reassignment of PMC Employees to VSC MOU 5-24-19

VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor National Performance MOU 5-24-19

Rating Quality Review Specialist (RQRS) National Performance Standard MOU

Authorization Quality Review Specialist (AQRS) National Performance Standard MOU 5-23-19

VR&E VRC Competency-Based Training System (CBTS) National Baseline & Full Deployment MOU 5-2-19

National Call Center – Transition of Call Center Excluded Time Database Platform to SalesForce MOU 5-2-19

Indianapolis Fid Hub Quality Review Trainer Performance Standards MOU 5-2-19

Pension & Fiduciary Service Appeals National Quality Checklist MOU 5-1-19

Loan Guaranty (LGY) System Application Redesign (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface (VALERI) 5-1-19

Changes to PMC VSR Output Performance Element MOU 5-1-19

Education Service – Veterans Claims Examiner Lead – GS-12 National Performance Standards 5-1-19

Education Service – Senior Veterans Claims Examiner (VCE) Regional Processing Office GS-11 Standards 5-1-19

Education Service – Veterans Claims Examiner (VCE) GS-7 & GS-09 National Performance Standards 5-1-19

Decision Review Officer Performance Standards – Seattle and St Petersburg Decision Review Operations 5-1-19


QMS MOU 1-31-19

Field Examiner National Performance Standards MOU 1-31-19

Discontinuation of End Product 693 MOU 1-31-19

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Change in Process MOU 1-31-19

MOU Field Examiner Quality Review Checklist MOU 1-31-19

MOU VRE Centralized Mail and Active Folder Scanning MOU 1-31-19

PMC VSR Quality Review Checklist MOU 1-30-19

Nationwide Fiduciary Hub Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Excluded Time and Productivity Tool MOU 1-30-19

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Performance Standards MOU 1-30-19

Military Service Coordinator (MSC) National Performance Standards MOU 1-30-19

2018 VBA MOU

Workload and Time Reporting System (WATRS) MOU 11-14-18

Pension Management Center (PMC) Veterans Service Representatives (VSR) Performance Standards MOU 11-14-18

National Call Center Legal Administrative Specialist (LAS) National Performance Standards MOU 11-14-18

Mandatory-Overtime-MOU-FY-2019 11-14-18

Signed MOU- FE Excluded Time Policy 07/13/18

Signed MOU Revised Process IU 07/13/18

Signed MOU- Education Service Organizational Structure 07/13/18

Signed MOU- Claim Asst. Modification to Element 3 07/13/18

Louisville Fid Hub – Field Examiner (FE) Excluded Time Policy and Production Tracker MOU 05/14/18

Skills Certification ROs for RVSR-DRO JTA Site Visits MOU 05/14/18

VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) Updates MOU 05/14/18

Pension Fiduciary Automated State Consolidated Plot Processing MOU 05/14/18

Pension Management Center (PMC) Utilization of Automated Private Medical Records (PMR) Program MOU 05/14/18

PMC VSR Sr. VSR JRVSR and DRO Surveys MOU 05/14/18

BFFS Version 4.0 MOU 05/14/18

Salt Lake City Fiduciary Hub – Change in Work Credit for Location Unknown 05/14/18

EP 310 Future Exam Project MOU 05/14/18

VRE Field Survey – Capri MOU 05/14/18

Change in the Assignment of Work for all QRT Members MOU 02/09/18

GS 12 Senior VSR National Performance Standards MOU 01/22/18

Louisville Fid Hub – Field Examiner (FE) Excluded Time Policy and Produc…01/22/18

VSR Performance Standards – Modifications to Element 3 (Output) 01/11/18

VBA MOU Claims Assistant National Performance Standards 01-10-18

Mandatory Overtime MOU – FY 2018

2017 VBA MOU

Lincoln Fid Hub – Local Quality SOP 10/25/17

Indianapolis Fid Hub – Local Quality SOP 10/25/17

New Camp Lejeune (CLCW) Regulations and Presumptive Conditions MOU 10/25/17

Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) VSR National Performance Standards MOU 2017 10/25/17

Decision Ready Claims Program MOU 10/25/17

RVSR National Performance Standards MOU 2017 10/25/17

Expansion of Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) Pilot MOU 08/01/17

Requirement for IDES Military Service Coordinators (MSCs) to use ERRA Tool MOU 08/01/17

PMC VSR Training Curriculum MOU 06-13-17 08/01/17

National Work Queue Phases 2 MOU 08/01/17

VBA Real Property Workspace Management Directive MOU 08/01/17

VBA Letter Improvement Project – Veteran’s Experience Changes MOU 08/01/17

National Mentoring Program Initiative MOU 08/01/17

Education Service Regional Processing Office – Revised Quality Review Worksheet MOU 08/01/17

2017VSR Quality Review Checklist MOU 04/14/17

VSR National Performance Standards MOU 2017 04/14/17

Mandatory Overtime MOU – 2017 04/14/17

Loan Guaranty Service – Cisco Enterprise Telephone System MOU 04/14/17

Employee Performance Report (EPR) Tool MOU 04/14/17

Compensation Work Credit Measurement MOU 04/14/17

Claims Assistant National Performance Standards Pilot – 2017 04/14/17

Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Vet Success on Campus Expansion-Hybrid Pilot MOU 04/06/17

AFGE – MOU TeleHealth Scheduling System 04/06/17

BFFS Work Items MOU 04/06/17

Education Service MITRE Studies-Survey at the RPO Initiative MOU 02/23/17

VBA Telework Directive MOU 02/23/17

JRVSR Job Task Analysis Survey 01/30/17

Signed MOU on Committee on Waivers and Compromises 01/20/17


mou-centralized-mail-portal 11/15/16





Deployment of VR&E, SSD, and the Fid Hubs into Centralized Mail 08/10/16

Signed MOU on VBMS Functionality Upgrade 08/08/16

efolder Express Application 07/14/16

Loan Guaranty Notices of Values Timeliness Changes 07/17/16

MOU- Data Gathering Pilot for Veterans and Employees Experience with C and P Exam 06/14/16

Nice Call Recording System MOU 06/06/16

MOU- RMC Toolkit 04/13/16

MOU- EPIC 04/13/16

MOU- Telework Pilot Program 04/13/16

Mandatory Overtime 01/05/15

Customer Service in Public Contact (SAREA) 01/141/5

High Leverage Regional Office HLRO 01/15/15

OI&T Pilot – Use of New Technology (VOIP Soft Phones) in Telework Environment 01/15/15

Education Services Committee on Waivers and Compromises (COWC) Consolidation MOU 02/12/15

Rating Board Automation 2000 Test Pilot 02/13/15

Customer Relationship Management 02/18/15

National Call Center Pilot and Three Service Enhancements 02/19/15

VRE VRC Competency Based Training System (CBTS) Demo-Station Request 03/30/15

VRE Upgrade Enhancement to CWINRS System to use SAM 03/31/15

Temporary Surge for Reassignment of Work on Quality Review Teams 04/13/15

Education Service Telework MOU – Compliance Liaison Staff 04/22/15

Education Service Telework MOU – Compliance Liaison Staff05/27/15

Laptop Distribution and Field Desktops Replaced with Laptops MOU 07/20/15

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) MOU 07/20/15

Right Fax Initiative MOU 07/20/15

VBA – VSR Segmented Survey MOU 07/22/5

Printing Solution for telework employees 07/28/15

Regarding the Education Service Regional Process Office Time Study 07/29/15

Certification of Veteran Status Veteran Relatives 08/28/15

National Work Queue (NWQ) MOU – 10-28-15

MOU-Performance Standards for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Coordinators 12/08/15

VBMS End User Experience Management Initiative 03/11/14

Spring Surge 04/16/14

Day One Brokering Centers (D1BCs) Transition 04/17/14

Acquistion Realignment Contract Specialist 07/10/14



Columbia Fid-Hub LIW Work-at-Home MOU Pilot 10/09/14

Columbia Fid-Hub LIW Work-at-Home MOU Pilot 10/09/14

National Call Center Level II Knowledge Check Sheet 10/29/14

National Call Center Exclusion Category 12/09/14

National Workflow Process For Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) 12/09/14

Pension and Fiduciary (P & F) Work Measurement Study (WMS) with pilot 12/09/14


Southern Area VETSNET Initiative (SAVI) 01/29/13

Claims Processing Time Assessment02/08/13

Proposed Rating Integrated Systems Model (PRISM) 02/26/13

Realignment of VBAs Support Services Division 07/31/13

Disability Evaluation System Rating Activity Site (DRAS) for Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR) Performance Standards 07/31/13

VSR Data Gathering for National Performance Plan 11/15/13


Standarization and Simplifying Rating Notification SSRN 01/06/12

Transformation Initiative Integration Pilot 02/01/12

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System 02/09/12

Expansion of Fiduciary Hubs 03/01/12

Transformation Processing Model 03/28/12
Veterans Benift Management System (VBMS) 03/29/12

5 U.S.C. 7106(b)(1) Pilot 04/13/12

National Performance Standards for Legal Administrative Specialist (LAS) at National Call Centers, IRIS Response Center, and Pension Call Centers 04/18/12

National Performance Standards for Loan Technicians at Regional Loan Centers 04/19/12

Veterans Benefits Management Assistance Program (VBMAP) 07/18/12

Rules Based Process System 10/02/12

Veterans Claims Intake Processing (VCIP) 10/16/12

VSR Performance Standards 11/01/12

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Video Telecounseling Pilot 11-16-12

Private Medical Records (PMR) 12/10/12)_


Revised National Performance Plan Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor’s(VRC)Counseling Psychologist(CP)National Performance Standards 01/20/11

Mandatory Overtime 06/30/11

Quality Review Teams 12/21/11


Revised National Performance Plan Veterans Service Representative (VSR

VSR Elements


FFE MOU 06/03/09

Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) National Performance Plan 06/03/09

Field Examiner National Performance Plan 06/03/09

VBA Policy on Management of Veterans’ and other Government Paper Records 2009

VBA MOU National VSR, RVSR, SVSR Performance Standards 1-29-09

National Performance Plans for VSRs, RVSRs, and SVSRs 2009



Transfer of toll free calls 01/05/07

National Silent monitoring/call recording 05/03/07

National FlexiPlace Program 05/03/07

Socioeconomic Goals Performance Elements MOU 10/19/06

Art26MOU 02/01/06

Interim Certification MOU 05/19/06


Implementation of (ETA) at VBA Field Stations 03/30/05

Benifits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) Sites 03/28/05

Revised VSR Performance Standards 05/11/05

VRC/CP Performance Standards 06/14/05

National Scanner/Indexer Performance Standards 06/28/

National VSR Performance Standards Pension Maintenance 06/28/05

National VSR Performance Standards Pension Maintenance 06/28/05

Education Program Journey-Level ECSS and ELR Performance 06/28/05

Access Standardized Performance Elements Nationwide (ASPEN) 08/09/05

Relocation of COE Center to Winston-Salem 10/26/05


Pilot Testing of TIMS Proposed National Performance Standards 04/01/04

National ECM and Senior ECM Performance Standards 04/01/04

Pilot Testing of the PMC Proposed National Performance Standards 04/09/04

Pilot Testing of VSR National Performance Standards 05/27/04

Employee Transition Issues in the Education Work-Study Consolidation 07/26/04


Certification Validation test 07/02/03

Performance Standards for VCE’s in Education centers 06/30/03

Performance Standards test Loan Specialists 08/07/03

Learning Management System 09/15/03

MAP-D Implementation 10/08/03


A 76 Employee Transition 01/18/02

Claims Process Improvement (CPI) Pilot 02/21/02

National Performance Plan Journey VSRs 02/28/02

Claims Process Improvement (CPI) Implementation 04/04/02

C&V Redesign 05/23/02

Claims Process Improvement (CPI) 06/19/02

Work Redistribution temp Newark Philly 11/05/02

PROSTAR 08/16/02

Decision Review Officer National Performance Test 08/27/02

Outbased RVSRs 11/20/02

Employee Express EEX implementation 11/27/02

Decision Review Officer National Performance Plan 12/31/


CoreFLS Pilot Project of Financial Management and Logistics Systems 01/11/01

RBA 2000 01/22/01

VA Info Security Awareness Course 03/19/01

Previous NFFE facilities 03/22/01

Rehiring annuitants later amended in Oct 04/10/01

Work Stress Project 05/08/01

Virtual Call Centers VIC 061401

Remote Management in Loan Guarantee 06/25/01

SDN 3 Pre-Discharge and C&P jurisdiction 08/14/01

SIPA Beta Test eval 08/15/01

Rehiring annuitants to assist Tiger Team 10/15/01

Notational Performance Plan Journey RVSRs 12/20/01


Certification 01/02/00

Sector Sites 02/29/00

Remote Mgmt Cleveland Pittsburgh Pilot 04/04/2000

Case Mgmt Implementation 04/14/2000

SDN 8 Finished Product Review Worksheet Pilot 05/18/2000

SDN 2 Virtual Call Center Pilot 04/14/2000

National Telephone Hours 06/12/2000

C&P Focus Groups 09/11/2000

RPO Mandatory Overtime 11/13/2000

Rewards and Recognition 11/20/2000

Overseas Project 12/20/2000

STAR implementation 01/19/99

New Technology employee user computer 02/14/99

Technical Skills matrix 02/14/99

Vital Implementation 03/16/99

CATS System 03/21/97

Mortgage loan accounting center 12/15/99


Remote Mgmt VR&C Hartford & Boston 06/16/98

Ground Rules Mid Term Bargaining VBA 07/13/98

BPR Subject Matter Experts 07/14/98

Use of Teams to Perform Work 10/21/98


Education RPOs 03/05/97

Consolidation of Four Northern tier Medical Centers in VISN 12 to Milwaukee 03/18/97

Nationwide Loan Guaranty Restructuring in VBA 10/26/96

Help Teams 05/23/97
ISD Training 11/20/97


Loan Guarantee 12/13/96


Vountary early Retirement authorization VBA 090795

Consolidation of Education Claims Processing and Moving Chapter 30 Debt Collection VBA 07/28/94

Employee Development 11/12/92


BPR Testing at Demonstration Sites 0/10/901

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