VBA Demand to Bargain


 NVAC National VBA Demand To Bargain

To E-mail: Paul Fleming


VBA DTB (4-01-2021) Blue Water Navy Nehmer Project

VBA DTB (3-26-2021) Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot

VBA DTB (3-24-2021) Pension Management Center (PMC) Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) Burial Workload Consolidation

VBA DTB (3-24-2021) Claims Assistants Transition into Production WATRS

VBA DTB (3-24-2021) Office of Administrative Review (OAR) National Mentoring Program

VBA DTB (3-24-2021) Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Consolidated Processing

VBA DTB (3-23-2021) Updated Performance Standard Documents VSR RVSR DRO

VBA DTB (2-10-2021) Education Service – Revised EQTS National Performance Standard


VBA DTB (11-30-2020) VBMS-Fid Migration and Fiduciary Personnel Performance Change

VBA DTB (11-30-2020) Updated Solid Start Performance Standards

VBA DTB (11-30-2020) Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) National Performance Standards

VBA DTB (11-30-2020) Appeal Teams Transition Phase II

VBA DTB (11-30-2020) Mandatory Overtime for FY2021

VBA DTB (11-30-2020) National VSR SrVSR DIF Survey

VBA DTB (10-27-2020) Decision Review Officer (DRO) National Performance Standards

VBA DBT (8-17-2020) Louisville Fid Hub Work Assignment Change for LIEs

VBA DTB (8-17-2020) PMC VSR Credit Update

DTB – Loan Guaranty Service Leadership Realignment 8-17-20

DTB – Columbus Day Challenge – Supplemental Guidance 8-17-20

DTB – Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) Advisory Committee (VAC) 8-17-20

DTB – VBA Directive 6300- Records and Information Management 8-17-20


DTB – Veterans Month & Thanksgiving Day Challenge 10-23-19

DTB – Availability Improvement Project 10-23-19

DTB – Support Service Division (SSD) Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) Pilot Findings 10-23-19

DTB – IDES Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Performance Standard 10-23-19

VBA DTB (5-02-2020) National Call Center Mental Health Executive Order 13822

DTB – Pension Call Center Transition to the National Call Centers 5-2-19

DTB – Enterprise Quality Management System-Appeals Management Office (EQMS-A) 4-17-19

DTB – VRE Implementation of Time Study 4-17-19

DTB – Loan Guaranty Service (LGY) Proposed Changes to the current Performance Standard 4-17-19


DTB – RVSR Exam Pilot 12-10-18

DTB – Employee Survey 11-7-18

DTB – Proposed Changes in Pension VSR Individual Quality Review (IQR) Task Based Checklist 11-7-18

DTB – Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Change in Process 10-2-18

DTB – Mandatory Overtime for FY 2019 10-2-18

DTB – VRE Centralized Mail and Active Folder Scanning 9-28-18

DTB – VRE Competency-Based Training System (CBTS) Expanded Pilot and Interim Assessment national expansion 9-28-18

DTB – Education Service – Continuation of Mandatory Overtime in the Regional Processing Offices (RPOs) 9-26-18

DTB – Discontinuation of End Product 693 9-26-18

DTB – Consolidated Mail Processing Sites 8-27-18

DTB – Field Examiner National Performance Standard Proposal 8-27-18

DTB – Reduced Per Diem for Training and Details 07/30/18

DTB – Education Service Performance Plan for Senior Veterans Claims Examiner (LEAD)- GS-12 07/12/18

DTB – Education Service Performance Plan for Education Training Quality Specialist (EQTS)- GS-12 07/12/18

DTB – Education Service Performance Plan for Senior Veterans Claims Examiner (SVCE)- GS-11 07/12/18

DTB – Education Service Performance Plan for Administrative Support Assistant- GS-7. 07/12/18

DTB – Education Service Performance Plan for Veterans Claims Examiner (VCE)- GS-7 to 9 07/12/18</

DTB – Rescinding of OFO letter 18-01

DTB – GS-12 Senior VSR FAQs 020218

DTB – RVSR Performance Standard Modifications of Element 3 020218

DTB – Compensation Service Concurrent Receipt Initiative 012618

DTB – Indianapolis Fid Hub – Proposed Quality Review-Trainer Performan…012618

DTB – VRE Field Survey – CAPRI 012218

DTB – Legal Instruments Examiner (LIE) National Performance Standards….010718

DTB – Implementation of the Indianapolis Regional Office Hours of Duty… 010718

DTB – VA Regional Office Storage Consolidation Plan 010418


DTB – Pension Fiduciary Automated State Consolidated Plot Processing…

DTB – Appeals Modernization – Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAM…

DTB – PMC DRO-JRVSR Field Surveys

DTB – Transition of Call Center Excluded Time Database Platform

DTB – Revised Updated VBA Centralized Reasonable Accommodation Program…

DTB – QMS Data showing in EPR

DTB – Gold Standard – VSR Certified STR Reviews Pilot

DTB – OFO Letter 20F-18-01 FY18 Performance Management

DTB – Salt Lake City Fiduciary Hub – Work Credit

DTB – Pension Management Centers (PMC) Utilization of Automated Private Medical Records (PMR) Program 10/25/17

DTB – Change in the Assignment of Work for all QRT Members 10/25/17

DTB – BFFS 4.0 Upcoming Release 10/23/17

DTB – RVSR Weights by EP by Contention standards table 05/18/17

DTB – RVSR employee performance report (EPR) 05/18/17

DTB – RVSR Performance Standard 05/18/17

DTB – RVSR Quality Ckecklist 05/18/17

ULP Reg. March 1 Implementation-SIGNED 03/14/17

VBA VSR Performance Standards Signed ULP (00366841xA3328)03/09/17

DTB – VBA LEAD PIV Badge Survey 03/02/17

DTB – PF Service Beneficiary Fiduciary Field System (BFFS) April 15 2017

DTB – Separation Health Assessments (SHA) Pilot (Compensation Service) 03/02/17

DTB – National Work Queue Playbook Phase 2 02/23/17

DTB – ACT Card Pacific District (2) 02/23/17

DTB – Implementation of Mandatory Overtime 02/23/17

DTB – Auto-Cest National Deployment 01/25/17

DTB – Employee interface for new VSR standards 0/120/17

DTB – VSR Quality Review Checklist 01/20/17

DTB – PF Service Beneficiary Fiduciary Field System (BFFS) Field Examination Cluster Map 01/20/17

DTB – Proposed VSR National Performance Standards 01/20/17

DTB – VBA Letter 20-17-02 01/20/17

DTB Employee Development and Training Service 01/20/17


Mid-Term Bargaining Report Calendar Year 2016









dtb-lincoln-fid-hub-pf-service-fsr-task-list-review 12/12/16

dtb-lincoln-fid-hub-solicitation-for-award-discussion-panel-email 12/12/16

dtb-lincoln-fid-hub-phone-team-and-silent-monitoring-sop-update 12/12/16




dtb-jrvsr-job-task-analysis-survey 11/22/16

dtb-senior-vsr-job-task-analysis-survey 11/22/16

dtb-education-service-mitre-studies-survey-at-the-regional-processing-offices-initiative 11/22/16












dtb-consolidation-of-committee-of-waivers 09/21/16





DTB Reassignment of 106 Atlanta Employees in the RPO 08/23/16

DTB – EP 336 and EP 337 CESTING by Military Service Coordinators (MSCs) 07/13/16

DTB – VBMS Functionality Upgrade – Medical Disability Examinations 07/08/16

DTB- RMC Privacy act acknowledgement Letters(PIR) 07/08/16

DTB – File removal project 07/08/16

DTB -Loan Electronic Reporting Interface (VALERI) Services Contract 07/0/716

VRE Centralized Mail DTB 06/29/16

Priavate Medical records to PMC 06/29/16

DTB GS-13 DRO job task analysis surveys 06/09/16

DTB Education Development Training (EDT) Emerging Leaders Program for the Pacific District 06/09/16

GAO visits 06/09/16

eFolder Express application 05/18/16

DTB National Call Center Transition to the (NICE) Call Recording System and Work Force Management Implementation Plan 04/28/16

DTB National Call Center Timeliness of Client Management Performance Standard Mitigation Plan for 2016 mid-year Appraisals04/14/16

DTB Changes to Loan Guaranty Dashboard 4-11-16

NOV timeliness 04/01/16

DTB National Call Center Transition to the (NICE) Call Recording System and Work Force Management Implementation Plan 03/16/16

National Call Centers Modified Training Approach 03/03/16

National Call Centers Modified Training Approach 03/02/16

Leveraging Internal Future Excellence (LIFE) Informational Workshop 03/02/16

Telework Pilot for Call Centers 03/02/16

DTB Caseflow Certification Tool 02/29/16

DTB Telework Pilot for Call Centerr Agents 02/29/16

Cease and Desist PMC actions for CAs 02/29/16

Dtb Wartac 02/01/16

End Product Integrity and Control Dashboard (EPIC) 01/13/16

RMC Toolkit Pilot Plan 01/13/16

Mid-Term Bargaining Report Calendar Year 2015


RBA2K Transition Pilot 01/07/15

Exam Request Builder (ERB) Initiative 01/07/15
01-30-15 Elec. Comm. (1)

DTB-PMC employees working compensation claims 01/29/15

Field Desktops Being Replaced with Laptops 02/18/15

Upgrade Enhancement to the CWINRS System Subsistence Allowance Module (SAM) Deployment 02/18/15

Establishment of Telework Guidance for Compliance Liaison Staff 02/18/15

VBA DTB OT suspension in PMC 061815

VBA DTB Voice over Internet Protocol 06/18/15

VBA DTB Information Technology Specialist 06/18/15

VBA DTB All aspects of VBA’s telework program 06/18/15

VBA DTB Education Service Regional Processing Offices (RPOs) Time Study 06/18/15

VBA DTB Loan Guaranty Services plans to redistribute Certificate of Eligibility (COE) work 10/14/15

VBA DTB Change in Post Audits with no union representation 10/14/15

Claims Clinics concept charter 10/23/15

Dtb Outreach Reporting Tool (ORT) Initiative 10/23/15

Milwaukee Fid Hub Directive 16-01 10/23/15

PMC Centralized mail portal 10/23/15

Columbia Fid Hub LIE WAH Pilot 11/04/15

Dtb National Call Center Timeliness of Client Management Performance Standard Mitigation Plan 11/19/15

Dtb Outreach Reporting Tool (ORT) Initiative 11/19/15

All Work on Overtime Subject to Local Quality IQR and IPR and National Star review 11/23/15

DTB Employee Hardship Transfers 11/23/15

Dtb National Transaction Reports (Possible Surveillance Reports of Employees) 11/24/15

Dtb Outreach Reporting Tool (ORT) Initiative 12/08/15
Dtb QRT Staff Reassigned to Production Work 12/16/15

Dtb Appeals Modernization 12/22/15



Reassignment of QRS Employees – Spring Surge 02/24/14

Fiduciary Beneficiary Field System (BFFS) 03/07/14

VBA’s Plan to Utilize Contract Staff in Claims Development at Intake Sites 02/24/14

Reassignment of QRS Employees /Spring Surge 02/24/14

Telework Sample Test for VSRs RVSR and QRS 04/11/14

Specialized Adjudication Review Course SPARC 05/01/14

SR Apprasier- SAH Agents Performance Standards 05/16/14

Fast Letter 14-05 06/06/14

VBMS 06/11/14

VR&E Metrics and Performance Standards 06/24/14

Article 67 Skills Certification Letters 07/01/14

VR&E TeleCounseling Rollout 07/01/14

100% Desk Audit 07/18/14

Phoenix RLC Performance Standards 08/02/14

Work Queue 08/04/14

VSR Telework 08/04/14


Centerlized FOIA 08/08/14

OIT Region 5 Fid Hub Broadband ISP Service Plan 08/08/14

VSRs Performance Standards implemented 09/01/14

Change in RVSRs performance standards implemented 09/19/14

Quality Review Pilot 10/14/14

Loan Guaranty National Workflow Process for Certificates of Eligibility 10/14/14

National Call Center Pilot & Implementation of 3 Service Enhancement 10/31/14

Work Measurement Study (WMS) to assess the work performed in the fiduciary hubs 10/31/14

Education Service Committees on Waivers and Compromises (COWC) Initiative 11/14/14

OI&T Pilot – Use of New Technology (VOIP Soft Phones) in the Telework Environment 11/14/14

Customer Service Pilot in the Public Contact Areas for the Southern Area Regional Offices 11/14/14

Application of National Performance Standards on Overtime 11/18/14

Customer Relationship Management- Unified Desktop in the Intake Processing Center Pilot Initiative 11/18/14

High Leverage Regional Offices 11/20/14


Time Allocation Assessment 01/17/13

VBA Senior Appraiser /Specially Adapted Housing Agent-GS-11/12 Performance Standards under Phoenix Regional Loan Center 01/22/13

Eligibility Verification elimination 01/23/13

Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Development Checklist 01/23/13

Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Disability Rating Activity Sites(DRAS) in Providence and Seattle 02/28/13

VBA Acquisition Organization Realignment of the Contract Specialists 1102 series 02/28/13

Sr. Veterans Service Representative (SVSR) Job Task Analysis Site 03/01/13a>

VBA Fast Letter 20-15-05 05/10/13

Mandatory Overtime 05/15/13


Pension and Fiduciary Service IRS-SSA up-front Verification Initiative 07/25/13

VRC Position Description 07/25/13

Employee Hardship Transfers 07/26/13

End Use Experience Management Pilot VR&E 10/03/13

Government Lockout 10/03/13

Centralization of Mail Activity 10/25/13

Directed Reassignment of File Clerks 10/25/13

eRO Project 10/25/13


Fiduciary Hub 1-800 phones 06/20/12

Rules Based Process System (RBPS) 07/03/12

Station Shutdown for Challenge Training–Oakland, CA 07/03/12

Proposed Rating Integrated Systems Model (PRISM) 07/17/12

RVSR Performance Standards 08/21/12

Expediting Homeless Claims 08/21/12

RVSR National Performance Standards 08/21/12

Proposed changes to the National performance Plan 08/29/12

ROC nationally manned help desk 09/27/12

Implementation of the issue based change to the national Systematic Technical Accuracy Review (STAR) 10/16/12

Centralized Administrative Account Transaction System (CAATS) Pilot 11/08/12

Support Service Division (SSD) Performance Standards and Redesign 11/16/12

VBA Virtual RVSR Challenge Training Change 11/20/12

Affected employees as a result of VBA Letter 20-11-34 (VBA Telework Policy) 12/27/11


Mandatory Overtime VBA 03/11/11

RVSR PD – VSR, RVSR and DRO National Performance Standards 04/08/11

VBA Imposed Sanction 04/14/11

VA Handbook 5007 Part V Chapter 6 Sunday Premium Pay for Part-time Employees 04/20/11

Expansion of Fiduciary Hub Pilot VBA 04/21/11

VSR Single Signature Initiative-PMC 04/28/11

Intake Processing Center (IPC) in Regional Offices 06/01/11

VA Directive 0633 and VA Handbook 0633 Transit Benefit Program 06/01/11

Data Gathering Pilot for Veterans for C&P Process MOU 6-14-2016

Claims Assistance Efforts 06/20/11

Express Lane Program Pilot 06/21/11

VHA T21 Initiative 09/13/11

VRM Customer Relationship Management CRM System 09/22/11

VBMS (Veteran’s Benefits Management System) 09/23/11

Revised VA Handbook 0633 Transit Benefit Program (September_2011) 09/23/

Extension of Mandatory Overtime 10/06/11

Transformation Initiatives 11/05/11

Telework Policy 12/27/11


Call Recording System 12/03/10

Requesting that you provide AFGE/NVAC VBA Midterm Committee with any additional information to include Appendix A 12/03/10

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