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Please be patient as our website is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION and we are adding files daily.  For more information or to share an event, reach out to the Department of Communication & Media using the contact form below.

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AFGE National VA Council

Why unions matter

Robert Reich explains why labor unions impact the middle class and raise wages.

Branding Guidelines

AFGE National VA Council branding guidelines were created to help clarify and build  awareness of our message and mission. Help us create a consistency by using only the guidelines below. If you have any questions or need help designing something for your local office that relates to official AFGE National VA Council business, please reach out to the Department of Communication & Media. We’re here to help.

Official NVAC Logo Designs

Our official logo represents the inclusive nature of our mission, representing Bargaining Unit Employees with the strength of a singular voice together. One Union.

Out of many - We ARE one.

NVAC logo zip file for download

Official NVAC colors to be added

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