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Demand To Bargain

See below for National Demands to Bargain filed by NVAC concerning changes to your working conditions.

2023 National DTB

DTB (11-09-2023) CPAC Payer Relations

DTB (10-27-2023) OIT Changes to Performance Standards End User Operations

DTB (10-27-2023) OIT Disabling Active Directory Accounts

DTB (10-25-2023) COMPACT Act 201 Training

DTB (10-23-2023) Member Services Pharmacy Customer Care Updating Performance Standards and Protocol Changes

DTB (10-16-2023) Member Services CPR FY 24 Pharmacy Technician Performance Standards Changes

DTB (10-04-2023) External Provider Scheduling Software as a Solution (SaaS) tool

DTB (10-04-2023) Proposed New VHACO Functional Organizational Chart of Affected AFGE BUE List

DTB (10-03-2023) Member Services Mandated Overtime

DTB (10-03-2023) VCL Mandated Overtime

DTB (9-06-2023) Organizational Realignment of IVC Field Operations

DTB (8-18-2023) VHA Access 101 Training

DTB (8-18-2023) Strategic Workforce and Succession Planning

DTB (8-16-2023) Updates to VA Handbook Staffing Part II & Part III PSB Dissolution

DTB (8-16-2023) SME Resume Review

DTB (8-10-2023) Pre-Certification Structured Interview Process Job Aid

DTB (7-28-2023) Integrated Scheduling Solution Tool

DTB (7-28-2023) OPS Standardized Management and Program Analyst Performance Plan – Position Description

DTB (7-26-2023) Scale of Awards

DTB (6-21-2023) VA Notice 23 – Update to Policies and Procedures for Telework

DTB (6-16-2023) Removing GSA Fleet Vehicles from VHA Member Services

DTB (6-15-2023) Employee Recognition and Awards

DTB (6-02-2023) VCL Internal Backup Center Plan

DTB (6-02-2023) VA Workforce Plans in the National Capital Region

DTB (5-12-2023) VA Directive 1900 National Standards of Practice

DTB (5-04-2023) AvaAure Telesitter System Implementation

DTB (4-27-2023) Legal Administration Specialist Performance Plan Changes

DTB (4-12-2023) Title 38 RUR Nurses

DTB (4-04-2023) Regional Procurement Office West Realignment

DTB (3-30-2023) Veterans Crisis Line

DTB (3-30-2023) Redcap Survey for Cooperative Studies Program

DTB (3-10-2023) Form 4649 Incentive and Form 4659P Performance Awards

DTB (3-1-2023) Notice 23 – 0X Separation Procedures

DTB (2-24-2023) Conversion of Statisticians, Economists, Informaticists, and Data Scientists to Hybrid Title 38 Positions

DTB (2-24-2023) VHA Directive 1351 Staffing Methodology for VHA Nursing Personnel – Supporting Document

DTB (2-24-2023) VHA Directive 1351 Staffing Methodology for VHA Nursing Personnel

DTB (2-24-2023) Member Services Handbook Chapter 18 RTA for Contact Centers

DTB (2-23-2023) Training Interdisciplinary VAMC Teams to Partner with Community Law Enforcement Based Deflection Initiatives

DTB (2-14-2023) Member Services Health Resources Center Help Desk Lead Contact Representative Performance Standards

DTB (2-13-2023) Upgrade the VA’s Time and Attendance System to Government Time and Attendance

DTB (2-09-2023) NCA Cemetery Caretaker Initiative

DTB (2-09-2023) Office of Integrated Veterans Care implementation of Mandatory High Reliability Organization 101 and 201 Training

DTB (2-06-2023) OIT Standby Duty Guidance to Management

DTB (2-03-2023) Talent Experience Platform – Enhanced HR Smart Employee and Manager Self-Portal VA Enterprise Deployment

DTB NCA Guide COVID 19 v 59 – Letter of Agreement (1-27-2023)

DTB (2-01-2023) Critical Skill Incentive Implementation

DTB (1-17-2023) IVC Realignment

DTB (1-11-2023) OIT Cloud Fax Service Implementation

2022 National DTB

DTB (12-14-2022) Pharmacy Benefits Management Academic Detailing Study

DTB (11-30-2022) Mandatory Body Cameras for Police

    DTB (11-30-2022) Prohibited Procedures in Security and Law Enforcement

    DTB (11-23-2022) NCA Changes to Performance Plans

    DTB (11-17-2022) COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan

    DTB (11-17-2022) DFAS Programming Error for AFGE BUE Retirement Contributions

    DTB (11-17-2022) Veterans Crisis Line Centralized Sick Line Implementation

    DTB (11-16-2022) MSCPAC Laws 3.0 Pilot Revenue Utilization Review Department Go Live

    DTB (11-16-2022) OCC Nurse Navigator Performance Standards

    DTB (10-17-2022) Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention SOP

    DTB (9-29-2022) IT Specialist Customer Support Performance Measure

    DTB (9-23-2022) Revision to Handbook 5017 Part V Abolishing PSB

    DTB (9-22-2022) VA Erroneous Premium Pay Coding and Payment Prospective Correction Letters

    DTB (9-21-2022) Patients Who Wish to Record Clinical Encounters

    DTB (9-21-2022) OCHCO Bulletin Update on Quarantine and Isolation and Leave Options

    DTB (9-20-2022) Technician Performance Plan Standard

    DTB (9-13-2022) Mandatory Training for PACT Sec 603 Clinical Reminders Screening Tool

    DTB (9-13-2022) Update to Processing of Requests for COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

    DTB (9-07-2022) NESSU Time and Leave Standard Operation Procedures

    DTB (8-30-2022) Privileging

    DTB (8-29-2022) Telework Request Agreement Form

    DTB (8-10-2022) LEAF

    DTB (8-05-2022) COVID-19 Safety Protocols Accommodation Requests

    DTB (8-02-2022) OCC VA Health Chat

    DTB (7-28-2022) Health Eligibility Center Veterans Health Benefit Handbook Job Aid

    DTB (7-22-2022) Pharmacy Academic Detailing

    DTB (7-22-2022) Pre-Employment Reference Policy

    DTB (7-21-2022) Moderate Sedation by Non-Anesthesia Providers

    DTB (6-14-2022) VCS Employee Payroll Deduction Issue

    DTB (6-10-2022) VA Notification of Invalid Pay Rates

    DTB (4-26-2022) OCHO Bulletin Parental Bereavement Leave

    DTB (4-21-2022) POM OCC Delivery Operations, Meals and Rest Breaks, Leave Requests, Dress Code and Fragrance Free Workplace Policy

    DTB (4-20-2022) Community Care CRM Phase II Pilot Project

    DTB (4-19-2022) OCC, OVAC, OF Reorganization

    DTB (4-12-2022) Mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Testing Program for Employees

    DTB (4-11-2022) OIT COVID-19 Testing Procedures

    DTB (4-11-2022) Workplace Reentry Notice

    DTB (4-07-2022) HR Smart Employee Service Card

    DTB (4-06-2022) VCL Absence Leave Policy

    DTB (4-05-2022) VA Go Green Electronic Earning and Leave Statement

    DTB (3-28-2022) Board of Veterans Appeals COVID-19 Safety Annex

    DTB (3-28-2022) VACO Workplace Safety Annex

    DTB (3-24-2022) National Cemetery Administration Safety Annex to Charting the Course

    DTB (3-24-2022) OIT Safety Annex to Charting the Course

    DTB (3-15-2022) Mandatory Suicide Risk and Intervention Training Updates

    DTB (3-03-2022) Updated COVID-19 community levels, mask-wearing and screening testing guidance

    DTB (2-22-2022) NCA COVID-19 Safety Protocol – Testing Program

    DTB (2-18-2022) Outpatient Scheduling Management

    DTB (2-08-2022) Employee Undue Hardship Review

    DTB (2-02-2022) COVID-19 Vaccination Program

    DTB (1-12-2022) Member Services’ Occupant Emergency Plans, Safety and Emergency Mngt Training

    DTB (1-07-2022) Temporary Postponement of Applicant Drug Testing

    DTB Archives

    2020 National DTB

    DTB (12-22-2021) FMBT Program Modernization

    DTB (12-13-2021) VA COVID Safety Plan Nov 2021 VA Reentry Plan

    DTB (12-09-2021) DevSecOps Employee Rotation Program

    DTB (12-08-2021) OCC Payment Operations and Management Addendum

    DTB (11-17-2021) Veterans Crisis Line Updated Organization Chart

    DTB (11-17-2021) Veterans Crisis Line Updated SOP Staff Returning to Independent Work

    DTB (11-17-2021) Veterans Crisis Line Pilot Program

    DTB (11-04-2021) Telework Request Agreement Form

    DTB (10-29-2021) COVID-19 Vaccination Program Exception Requests

    DTB (10-22-2021) Office of Acquisition Logistics and Construction New Performance Standards

    DTB (10-20-2021) Administrative Action for COVID-19 Vaccination Noncompliance

    DTB (10-18-2021) OS&LE Standards of Appearance

    DTB (10-14-2021) VA Health Connect Customer Relationship Management Platform

    DTB (10-05-2021) COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Program

    DTB (9-23-2021) Member Services Performance Standards

    DTB (9-23-2021) Administrative Investigation Boards & Fact-findings

    DTB (9-21-2021) EHRM Training Update and Overview

    DTB (9-08-2021) VA Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer Bulletin on COVID

    DTB (9-03-2021) VA Supplemental Agency Ethics Regulation Proposed Outside Employment

    DTB (9-01-2021) Safer Federal Workforce Task Force COVID Testing Non-Vaccinated No Attestation

    DTB (9-01-2021) OCC Revenue Operation Realignment

    DTB (8-31-2021) NCA Updated Performance Plans for NCA Cemetery Caretakers

    DTB (8-26-2021) Harassment Prevention Program Procedures

    DTB (8-18-2021) VA OIC Training Resource Guide

    DTB (8-12-2021) Revised Travel Restrictions

    DTB (7-29-2021) Mandatory COVID Vaccinations for Dpt of VA Police Employees

    DTB (7-14-2021) Integrated Financial and Acquisition Management System EZ

    DTB (6-30-2021) Paper W2s and LES Delivery Changes

    DTB (6-23-2021) Voluntary Service Specialist National Performance Standards

    DTB (6-16-2021) Updated CLC Moving Forward Guidance

    DTB (6-16-2021) Paid Parental Leave

    DTB (6-11-2021) VAs Supremacy Process

    DTB (6-09-2021) Vaccination Recognition with Fours of Administration Leave

    DTB (6-07-2021) VA OCC Customer Experience Implementation of Shift Change Process

    DTB (6-02-2021) A Nurse-led Intervention to Extend the Veterans HIV Treatment Cascade for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Interviews

    DTB (5-14-2021) OI&T End User Operations Transition to a Single Servicing Human Resources Office

    DTB (5-14-21) OI&T End User Operations Transition

    DTB (5-07-2021) Member Services Health Resource Center First Party Performance Standards for Contact Representatives

    DTB (4-23-2021) OCC Delivery Operations Self-Service Annual Leave Policy Pilot 

    DTB (4-21-2021) OCC Delivery Operations Reassignment of Affected Employees 

    DTB (4-16-2021) Retroactive Negotiations of the Accountability Act

    DTB (4-09-2021) OCC Revenue Operations Request for Review of RUR Nurses Activity Tool CPACs and Satellites

    DTB (4-09-2021) VA Replacement of IRIS System to Ask (AVA)

    DTB (3-30-2021) Community Care Revenue Operations Emergency Treatment Process CPACs

    DTB (3-23-2021) American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Public Law 117-2) Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund 

    DTB (3-03-2021) VA Charting the Course Maintaining Continuous Services to Veterans while Supporting a COVID-19 Safe Workplace

    DTB (2-22-2021) OCC Payment Operations & Management Change in Regional Officers

    DTB (2-18-2021) VA Telehealth Service Patient Use Characteristics & COVID-19 Interview Quality of Care Impact

    DTB (2-17-2021) Improving Implementation of Outpatient Goals of Care Conversions for Veterans with Serious Illness Interviews 

    DTB (2-09-2021) OCC Integration Office Compressed Work Schedules CIS and CIPM

    DTB (1-26-2021) EO Protecting the Federal Workforce

    2018 National DTB

    DTB (12-18-2018) Employee Compensation & Management Portal (ECOMP)

    DTB (12-03-2018) Official Time Repudiation

    DTB (11-05-2018) Employee Awards & Recognition, Dissolving Professional Standards Boards

    DTB (10-12-2018) Office of General Organizational Realignment

    DTB (9-27-2018) Advance Payment for Resources Sharing Agreements

    DTB (9-24-2018) VA Financial Policy Travel Chapter 7

    DTB (9-19-2019) CPAC Federal Review Technician Position Downgrades

    DTB (9-19-2018) Office of General Organizational Realignment

    DTB (9-19-2018) Directive 5005 Revision – Staffing

    DTB (9-07-2018) VA Handbook 5007 Changes – Pay Administration

    DTB (8-31-2018) Customer Service Experience Policy Statement

    DTB (8-23-2018) Drug Testing and Employees Assistance Program

    DTB (8-22-2018) VA Handbook 5007-Pay Administration Changes

    DTB (8-22-2018) OCC Phased Implementation of Clinical Care Tool

    DTB (7-27-2018) CPAC Revenue Operations Tuition Assistance and Training

    DTB (7-17-2018) Standardized Sharepoint for VA-DoD Billing

    DTB (7-17-2018) Healthcare Appeals Tool (HAT) System

    DTB (7-16-2018) Use of Arbitrators

    DTB (7-16-2018) Refinement of Veterans Choice Program

    DTB (9-07-2018) VA Handbook 5007 Changes – Pay Administration

    DTB (7-16-2018) CPAC Planned Revenue Utilization Review Data Collection

    DTB (6-25-2018) OIT Air Gap

    DTB (6-14-2018) Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) Quality Management (QM) Program Implementation SOP

    DTB (6-08-2018) Realignment of OIT Personnel to Incident & Problem Management (I&PM)

    DTB (6-06-2018) ePerformance Appraisal System for Title 38

    DTB (4-26-2018) CPAC Staff Job Aid

    DTB (4-25-2018) VA Expansion Anywhere to Anywhere Telehealth Initiative

    DTB (4-25-2018) Updated Consolidated Patient Account Centers Performance Standards PSAs

    DTB (4-25-2018) Realignment of OIT Personnel to Office of Strategic Sourcing

    DTB (4-17-2018) CPAC Revenue Operations Privacy Policy update

    DTB (4-12-2018) OCC Claims Adjudication and Reimbursement Split

    DTB (4-12-2018) NCO 20 Employee Input Committee

    DTB (4-04-2018) OCC Clinical Review Tool

    DTB (4-02-2018) NCA Implementation of GPS and GIS at National Cemeteries

    DTB (4-11-2018) Response to April 5, 2018 Master Agreement alteration

    DTB (3-26-2018) Union Notification regarding Request and Approval Official Time Use

    DTB (3-13-2018) CPAC Service Connected and Special Authority Validation Policy

    DTB (3-13-2018) CPAC Revenue Operations Privacy Policy update

    DTB (3-06-2018) ORMs EEO Toll-Free Number for Filing Complaints, Report Harassment, ADR

    DTB (2-23-2018) VA OPM USA Hire Standards Assessment Pilot Expansion

    DTB (2-16-2018) Veterans Experience Office (VEO) Feedback Tool

    DTB (2-01-2018) ORMs EEO Toll-Free Number for Filing Complaints, Report Harassment, ADR

    DTB (1-05-2018) VERS Champion RUR Nurses

    DTB (1-03-2018) Wide Required Suicide Prevention SAVE Training

    2017 National DTB

    2016 National DTB

    DTB VA Office of Diversity Inclusion Technical Assistance Review focus groups – Withdrawal (02-04-2016)

    DTB (12-07-2016) OIT New Web-based NSD Ticket Tool

    DTB (12-01-2016) OIT Contracting Out National Help Desk Service Functions

    DTB (11-16-2016) VA Limited English Proficiency Policy Statement and Language Access Plan

    DTB (11-04-2016) VA Office of Veteran Experience Implementation of Own the Moment Program

    DTB (10-18-2016) VCS Revised Performance Standards

    DTB (10-18-2016) VCS Revised Performance Standards – Letter-of-Agreement (11-22-2016)

    DTB (10-18-2016) OIT Deployment of Microsoft Office 16 and Migration to 365

    DTB (10-18-16) CPAC Manpower Analysis Model Study (NE and Mid-Atlantic CPAC)

    DTB (9-27-2016) OIT VISN 6 Vista DB Migration to VA Data Ctr Warner Robins GA

    DTB (9-27-2016) Enhanced Version of USA Staffing – Withdrawal (10-04-2016)

    DTB (9-27-2016) Enhanced Version of USA Staffing

    DTB (9-20-2016) VA Directive 5383 and Handbook – VA Drug Free Workplace Program

    DTB (8-26-2016) VHA VISN VAMC Contact Center Expansion (VCCE)

    DTB (8-24-2016) Office of Info Technology Annual Mandatory Security of Apps on iOS Device Training

    DTB (8-18-2016) VA Office of Diversity Inclusion Employee Engagement Svcs (EES)

    DTB (8-10-2016) VA Revisions to VA Handbook 5007 Pay Admin Title 5 and Title 38

    DTB (8-08-2016) Security Changes in Accessing Employee Personnel Folder

    DTB (8-03-2016) OIT MyVA Transformation

    DTB (8-01-2016) VA Directive and VA Handbook 0730 Security and Law Enforcement Appendix G

    DTB (7-13-2016) VA Leaders Developing Leaders Cascade

    DTB (6-01-2016) VHA CPAC Change in Working Conditions for Facility Revenue Technicians FTR

    DTB (4-22-2016) VA Directive 6517 and VA Handbook 6517 Risk Management Framework for Cloud Computing Services

    DTB (3-24-2016) VA Police Officer GS-06 Performance Appraisal Standards under MyVA Security and Preparedness Initiative

    DTB (3-21-2016) Veterans Choice Program Chief Business Office Providers Agreement and Home Health Aide Services Agreement

    DTB (3-21-2016) National Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP) Facility Equipment Maintenance Program

    DTB (3-15-2016) VistA Scheduling Enhancement 042216

    DTB (3-02-2016) MyVA Security and Preparedness Initiative

    DTB (3-01-2016) VA OIT Realignment of Enterprise System Engineering and Executive Program within SDE

    DTB (2-05-2016) VCS Hours of Operations Category 1-4VCS locations

    DTB (2-04-2016) VAs eLES Process

    DTB (2-04-2016) VA Handbook 5017 Employee Recognition and Awards Part V Title 38 Special Advancements and Cash Awards

    DTB (1-27-2016) VA OIT Establishment of Enterprise Program Management Office

    DTB (1-27-2016) VA Mandatory Use of PIV Multifactor Authentication for Access to VA Information Systems

    DTB (1-13-2016) Disciplinary Adverse Actions and the use of Administrative Leave VAIQ-7661457

    DTB (1-11-2016) OIT Up to Two IT Device Policy


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