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serving Bargaining Unit Employees

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Union representatives take on these roles with respect for defending the integrity of bargaining employees. They serve with humility knowing that within the walls of the VA system there will be ideological disagreements.

Each representatives’ dedication is a link between making sure the Master Collective Bargaining Agreement (MCBA) is followed and ensuring the values of all federal employees are met.

When facing disparities in the workplace, your Local Union Officers and representatives are your first defenders of the terms in the MCBA.

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Christopher Bovie

District 1

Geddes Scott

District 2

Joe Malizia

District 3

Bob Fetzer

District 4

Debra Cook-Rice

District 5

Tinita Cole

District 6

Linda Parker-Cooks

District 7

Barbara Galle

District 8

Barbara Whitson-Casanova

District 9

Derrick Mathis

District 10

Denise Lieb

District 11

Gary Locken

District 12

Bernard Humbles

District 13

Calanit Kedem

District 14

Victor Ramirez

District 15


Colin Barrett

David Bump

Kip Chappell

Monica Fultz

Steve Graves

LaVawn Green

Bill Jefferson

Nicholas Keogh

David Lash

Gabriel Lopez

Damien Luviano

James Martin


Irene Coley

Keith Ireland

Kevin Lapham

Tajauna Smith

Susan Austin

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