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Standing together for better working conditions


We're listening

Our organization is a collective of passionate people committed to securing legislative and legal rights of our Bargaining Unit Employees. Our greatest strength is our members and when government fails federal employees, we’re here to defend their civil liberties while working to sustain and strengthen our democracy. We are stronger together.  


NVAC Officers are resolute in upholding labor movement values securing worker rights and fighting to ensure VA remains the best healthcare system in the country.

Who are the NVAC Officers working to uphold our overall mission of justicefairnessequality, and dignity for all

 AFGE National VA Council

 AFGE National VA Council


Out of many – We are one.
NVAC Representatives are here to support and defend your interests. They’re your voice, carefully listening to understand your needs, representing you fairly in an effort to protect members, fight for equal pay, and create safer workplace environments where standards are equal for all. District, National, and Safety Reps make sure workplace issues are being properly addressed and you’re treated with dignity. 

Fighting For Bargaining Unit Employees