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Why should I participate with my local office?

  1. You have a safe place to voice concerns
  2. Warm, welcoming mentorship that can help you navigate government employment
  3. Engaging unity of like-minded people motivated with a high level of loyalty, commitment, and dedication for improving working conditions
  4. Educational opportunities to help you understand a complex government system  
  5. Stay current with issues, information, agreements, and news that affects your life
  6. You’ll have an advocate with union recognition
  7. You have a passion for making a difference

Out of many – We are one.

AFGE National VA Council

Members take

How can we help protect each other?
Our local offices are the first line of defense against unfair labor practices. AFGE National VA Council is here in support of locals. When we stand together our voices echo in solidarity to create an empowering change for current and future employees.

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National VA Council

Joining Benefits

Collective Superpowers

  • There’s strength in numbers when AFGE NVAC members stand together fighting for workplace justice.
  • We’re in the trenches and on Capitol Hill securing a brighter future.

Membership Superpowers

  • Retirement
  • Education
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home

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