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Surveys help to provide valuable information about the workplace. They can help to determine priorities for bargaining when problems with workloads and conditions are not being properly addressed. They ensure our members have a voice. 

To improve searchability of files that may affect you and your departments, the following naming conventions were created:

DTB Survey/Study (month-date-year) Title of the Survey or Study

2024 Surveys

DTB survey (1-03-2024) VA Office of Connected Care Stakeholder Prospective Outcomes Evaluation Survey

DTB survey (1-04-2024) VISN-23-Extended-Care-Research-Home-Health-Survey (Iowa City, Sioux Falls, Black Hills and Central Iowa)

DTB survey (1-04-2024) Telehealth Hub for Veterans at Risk for Housing loss with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance use Disorder Evaluation

DTB survey (1-05-2024) Vet Center and Veterans Outreach Program Pilot

DTB survey (1-09-2024) VISN 23- Extended Care Survey

DTB survey (1-09-2024) VISN 15 – Dialogue Pulse Survey

DTB survey (1-11-2024) OIT Special Salary Rate (SSR) Survey

DTB survey (1-12-2024) New Graduate Nurse Practitioner Mentorship Program Needs Assessment Questionnaire Survey  

DTB survey (1-18-2024) CPAC Compliance Culture Survey

DTB survey (2-01-2024) EBQI Equity Interviews and Surveys

DTB survey (2-01-2024) Change Agents for the Treatment of Trauma-Related Problems Survey

DTB survey (2-02-2024) VA VINCI Customer Needs Assessment Survey

DTB survey (2-09-2024) Quality of Mental Health Services for Homeless Veterans in Primary Care Setting Survey

DTB survey (2-09-2024) Learning Education and Development Burnout Survey

DTB survey (2-13-2024) I CARE Moments Feedback Survey for VCL Crisis Operations Employees

DTB survey (2-13-2024) Nursing Protocol for Heart Failure in CPRS Survey 

DTB survey (2-13-2024) VHA’s MIDAS Survey

DTB survey (2-14-2024) VA Office of Research and Development Pain CHAMP Survey

DTB survey (2-16-2024) VA’s Services and Syringe Program (SSPs) Survey

DTB survey (2-16-2024) RAMP VA Survey_ Study

DTB survey (2-16-2024) Functional Impairment Survey_ Interview

DTB survey (2-20-2024) REBOOT 72/80 Nurse Survey

DTB survey (2-28-2024) VHA DOL Roles Survey

DTB survey (2-29-2024) HPO Homeless Program Staff Safety Survey

DTB survey (3-06-2024) Guideline Directed Medial Therapies in Patient with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Study

DTB Survey (3-08-2024) Reporting Concerns of Abuse and Neglect

DTB Survey (3-08-2024) Pioneer Survey

DTB Survey (3-11-2024) VHA Mental Health Provider

DTB Survey (3-26-2024) VACE Digital Twin Evaluation Interviews Study

DTB Survey (3-26-2024) Homemaker Health Aide Use and Veterans-Centered Outcomes Study

2023 Surveys

DTB Survey (11-13-2023) SALIENT Expanding Access to Care

DTB Survey (11-09-2023) VA Women Health Services Birth Control on Demand

DTB Study (11-08-2023) ORH Cardiology Hub

DTB Survey (11-02-2023) Home and Community-Based Services

DTB Study (11-02-2023) VHA Nursing Home to Home Pilot Evaluation

DTB Survey (11-01-2023) VHA National CARE Accredited Pain Program

DTB Survey (10-31-2023) VHA Readjustment Counseling Service, Counselor and Client Engagement

DTB Survey (10-31-2023) Improving Physical Rehabilitation for Rural Vets with Complex Care Needs

DTB Study (10-27-2023) Veterans on Insulin Pumps 

DTB Study (10-27-2023) Sustainability of Compliance with Surgical Site Infection Prophylaxis

DTB Survey (10-27-2023) OIT Employee Engagement

DTB Survey (10-23-2023) State of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

DTB Study (10-12-2023) VHA Telemental Health Access and Clinical Resource 

DTB Study (10-18-2023) VA Voices Accredited Course Evaluation – DISAPPROVED

DTB Study (10-18-2023) VHA Scaling Post-Acute Recovery Care

DTB Study (10-18-2023) VHA Qualitative Study on Race-Ethnicity Data

DTB Survey (10-17-2023) OIT Annual IT Customer Satisfaction

DTB Study (10-16-2023) Leveraging Pandemic Practice Changes to Optimize Evidence-Based Pneumonia Care

DTB Study (10-12-2023) VHA Telemental Health Access and Clinical Resource

DTB Study (10-12-2023) Veterans Child Care Assistance Program

DTB Survey (10-12-2023) VHA Privacy Compliance and Accountability Workforce

DTB Study (10-04-2023) OIT Manpower Management Program

DTB Survey (10-04-2023) CPAC Compliance Assessment

DTB Study (10-04-2023) Assessment of Provider Experience with Clinical Pharmacist Practitioners

DTB Survey (10-04-2023) Gender Identity

DTB Survey (9-20-2023) Pain Management, Opioid Safety, and Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

DTB Survey (9-20-2023) C difficile Testing

DTB Survey (9-20-2023) National Employee Occupational Health Program Evaluation

DTB Survey (9-14-2023) Assessment of Barriers to Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Gap Analysis

DTB Survey (9-07-2023) Integrating Personal Values into Primary Care for Veterans with Multi-morbidity

DTB Survey (9-07-2023) Impact of COVID-19 on Implementation of Outcomes of VA’s Life Sustaining Treatment Decisions

DTB Survey (9-06-2023) Integrating Veteran-Centered Care for Advanced Liver Disease

DTB Survey (8-31-2023) Clinical Pharmacy Practice Office

DTB Survey (8-16-2023) Rapid Evaluation of RelieVRX

DTB Survey (8-15-2023) Mental Health Training

DTB Survey (8-03-2023) Pre-Certification

DTB Survey (8-06-2023) Science Data Assessment

DTB Survey (7-27-2023) Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

DTB Survey (7-26-2023) Office of Rural Health Medical Foster Home Program

DTB Survey (7-26-2023) Antimicrobial Resistant Organism Laboratory Testing Procedures

DTB Survey (7-25-2023) Federal Library Value

DTB Study (7-25-2023) VISN 10 Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy for Veterans

DTB Study (7-20-2023) Military Exposures Care Confidence Scale

DTB Study (7-19-2023) Remote Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

DTB Survey (7-19-2023) Telehealth Research and Innovation for Veterans with Cancer

DTB Survey (7-18-2023) Tele-Geriatric Mental Health

DTB Study (6-23-2023) Disruption of Health Services, The impact of COVID 19 on Veterans with SCID Centers and Spoke Sites

DTB Survey (6-21-2023) Rural VA Provider Professional Development

DTB Survey (6-21-2023) Office of Information Security

DTB Survey (6-12-2023) Oracle Cerner Millennium Satisfaction

DTB Survey (6-12-2023) Vist A-CPRS Satisfaction

DTB Survey (6-06-2023) Veterans Crisis Line Employee Communication

DTB Study (6-06-2023) Moral Injury Syndrome

DTB Study (5-25-2023) Rural Health Study of Mindfullness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention

DTB Survey (5-18-2023) Healthcare Technology Management Job Satisfaction – NOT APPROVED

DTB Study (5-11-2023) Access, Quality and Equity of Anticoagulants in Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation

DTB Study (5-11-2023) Military Exposures Care Confidence Scale Study

DTB Survey (5-11-2023) MIDAS QUERI Improvement

DTB Survey (5-09-2023) Leveraging COVID-19 to Modernize Depression Care

DTB Survey (5-08-2023) National Tele-Critical Care Nurse Report

DTB Survey (5-05-2023) ILEAD Internal Communication

DTB Survey (5-04-2023) Employee Wellness Coordinator Listening Sessions

DTB Survey (5-04-2023) Pulse Check

DTB Survey (5-04-2023) Pulse Check

DTB Study (5-01-2023) VHAs Comprehensive Virtual Care for Women Veterans

DTB Survey (4-28-2023) MLSE

DTB Survey (4-27-2023) VHAs ECOE Office Tele-EEG Evaluation

DTB Study (4-27-2023) VHA’s Unplanned Discharge Among Residential VA Mental Health Treatment Settings

DTB Study (4-27-2023) Outpatient Palliative Care Implementation to Improve Outcomes for Aging Veterans

DTB Survey (4-27-2023) VISN 6 CCCC RN Poll

DTB Survey (4-14-2023) COMPACT Act Environment

DTB Survey (4-13-2023) VISN 10 Reboot Optimize Meeting Times

DTB Survey (4-12-2023) Cooperative Studies Program

DTB Survey (4-12-2023) TeleCritical Care Needs Assessment

DTB Survey (4-12-2023) AES

DTB Survey (4-11-2023) CCC Remote Skin Assessment RNs

DTB Survey (3-28-2023) DEI Work Climate

DTB Survey (3-28-2023) Psychological Safety

DTB Study (3-22-2023) Implementing Occupational Therapist Delivered BBT

DTB Study (3-16-2023) Understanding and Improving Video-Based Primary Care Delivery to Veterans

DTB Study (3-16-2023) Maintaining Preventive Care during Public Health Emergencies through Effective Coordination

DTB Survey (3-14-2023) Lung Cancer Screening

DTB Survey (3-10-2023) Care Needs

DTB Survey (3-08-2023) VISN 12 Provider Experiences Cannabis

DTB Survey (3-08-2023) VISN 10 Evidence Based Psychotherapy Provider

DTB Survey (3-08-2023) VISN 20 Primary Care Providers Dementia Committee

DTB Survey (3-2-2023) ACORN Partner Sites Satisfaction

DTB Survey (3-2-2023) ACORN Partner Sites Periodic Reflection

DTB Survey (3-2-2023) ACORN Partner Sites Bi-Annual Site Survey

DTB Survey (2-24-2023) FMBT

DTB Study (2-16-2023) Maintaining Preventive Care during Public Health Emergencies

DTB Survey (2-14-2023) National Gastroenterology and Hepatology Program Liver Transplant Services

DTB Study (2-10-2023) IVC Evaluation of Referral Coordination Initiative Interviews

DTB Survey (2-08-2023) CRC Implementation Strategy

DTB Survey (2-07-2023) VA Employee Experience Remote Work

DTB Survey (2-02-2023) Rapid Qual Methods Hub

DTB Survey (2-02-2023) INTEGRATE

DTB Survey (1-26-2023) VHA Cultural Health

DTB Study (1-25-2023) Evaluating Health Services for Justice-Involved Veterans

DTB Survey (1-24-2023) Examining Clinician Attitudes and Beliefs of Whole Health

DTB Survey (1-17-2023) VHA Veterans Crisis Line Callers with Complex Needs

DTB Survey (1-11-2023) VISN 20 Office of Nursing Professional Service Biannual staff updates

DTB Study (1-11-2023) VHA RVW

DTB Survey (1-06-2023) VISN 20 Research Policy

DTB Survey (1-06-2023) VISN 20 Evaluating a Novel Web-Based Postpartum Health Tool

DTB Survey (1-06-2023) VISN 20 Home-Based Conservative Care Model for Adanced Kidney Disease

DTB Survey (1-06-2023) VISN 8 WellHive Questionnaire CCC

DTB Survey (1-06-2023) Health Professionals Education Program

DTB Survey (1-04-2023) VISN 23 Feedback Form Tiered Safety Huddle System

2022 Surveys

DTB Survey (12-16-2022) Optimizing Resilience for Rural VA Rehabilitation Clinicians

DTB Survey (12-16-2022) OMHSP Interviews

DTB Survey (12-14-2022) Whole Health and Arts

DTB Survey (12-12-2022) VA Military Spouse & Family Member Needs

DTB Survey (12-08-2022) Trust and Experience

DTB Survey (11-30-2022) National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans Staff Turnover

DTB Survey (11-30-2022) Consolidated Wave Stack End User Validation Feedback Form

DTB Survey (11-22-2022) VISN 23 Racism

DTB Survey (11-21-2022) Women Employees’ Career Seasons

DTB Survey (11-16-2022) LOCI Learning Network Hub Site

DTB Study (11-16-2022) Nursing Evaluation Time Motion

DTB Study (11-16-2022) Engaging Patients to Promote Deprescribing

DTB Survey (11-16-2022) OAEM Climate Change

DTB Study (11-16-2022) Pragmatic Trail to Enchance Quality, Safety, and Patient Experience

DTB Study (10-26-2022) Evaluation of VA Health Connect

DTB Survey (10-21-2022) OIT Employee Engagement

DTB Study (10-21-2022) Facilitators and Barriers to Anal Dysplasia Screening

DTB Survey (10-17-2022) VISN 20 Employee Whole Health

DTB Survey (10-14-2022) VHA Privacy Compliance and Accountability

DTB Study (10-14-2022) Care Coordination and Outcomes for High Risk Patients

DTB Survey (10-07-2022) Palliative Care for Patients with Heart Failure

DTB Survey (10-04-2022) Organizational Change Management

DTB Study (9-29-2022) VHA Evaluation of Sub-Speciality Wait Times

DTB Survey (9-29-2022) Primary Care Mental Health Integration

DTB Survey (9-29-2022) OIT Annual IT Customer Satisfaction

DTB Study (9-28-2022) Developing e-Triggers to Detect Telemedicine Related Diagnostic Safety Events

DTB Survey (9-28-2022) VISN 20 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DTB Study (9-27-2022) VCL Mobile Crisis Program

DTB Study (9-27-2022) VISN 20 & 23 Update to the Written Exposure Therapy

DTB Survey (9-27-2022) Stakeholder Prospective Outcomes Evaluation Project for QUERI

DTB Survey (9-27-2022) Videoconference Antimicrobial Stewardship Team

DTB Study (9-22-2022) Novel Custom Foot Orthotics

DTB Study (9-20-2022) AAPI Suicide Prevention

DTB Survey (9-20-2022) Career Aspirations and Development Tool

DTB Survey (9-15-2022) Safer VA EHR Modernization Pilot Program

DTB Study (9-15-2022) FMBT CNN Readiness Assessment

DTB Study (9-14-2022) VHA Evaluation VCL VMET Program

DTB Survey (9-08-2022) VISN 20 Bi-Annual Nursing Staff Update

DTB Study (8-31-2022) PIE August

DTB Study (8-15-2022) Reducing Employee Turnover

DTB Study (8-12-2022) MOUD Outcomes

DTB Study (8-07-2022) NS SPH Mobility Bundle Rapid Response Project

DTB Survey (8-05-2022) Occupational Safety and Health Activities Evaluation

DTB Survey (8-04-2022) ODS Wound Care

DTB Survey (8-04-2022) VISN 20 Education Series

DTB Survey (8-01-2022) Employee Education System

DTB Survey (8-01-2022) Office of Healthcare Environment and Facilities Programs and Employee Education System

DTB Survey (7-21-2022) Stakeholder Prospective Outcomes Evaluation

DTB Survey (7-20-2022) Cognitive Behavioral Theory

DTB Survey (7-05-2022) VA Health Connect Feedback

DTB Survey (7-20-2022) Environmental Services Workflow

DTB Survey (7-20-2022) VHA PACT Work Experiences

DTB Study (7-14-2022) VHA PACT Overveiw

DTB Survey (7-12-2022) VHA Patient Centered Learning

DTB Survey (7-07-2022) Prostate Cancer

DTB Survey (7-05-2022) Collateral Duties of CBOC Nursing Staff

DTB Survey (7-04-2022) Physician Assistant Occupational Burnout and Veteran Suicide Training

DTB Study (6-30-2022) VISN 20 Lived Experience of Nurses

DTB Study (6-30-2022) VISN 20 VA Portland HCS Lived Experience of Nurses

DTB Study (6-30-2022) Mental Health Services in Community Living Centers

DTB Survey (6-15-2022) VA LGBTQ+ Veterans Care Coordinator Program

DTB Survey (6-15-2022) VHA Evaluating VA EPCC Clinician Interviews


DTB Study (6-14-2022) PREVAIL to Reduce Suicide Attempts in High-Risk Adults

DTB Survey (6-07-2022) OIT Privacy Workforce

DTB Survey (6-07-2022) Research Study Consulting after Combat

DTB Survey (6-07-2022) Integrated Financial and Acquisitions Management System

DTB Study (5-27-2022) VHA COVID-19 Prevention Health Inventory

DTB Survey (5-24-2022) VHA’s Surveillance Priorities and Outcomes

DTB Survey (5-20-2022) Pharmacogenomic Testing for Veterans Program

DTB Study (5-18-2022) VHA Homeless Programs Burnout

DTB Study (5-12-2022) Social Workers Experiences during COVID

DTB Survey (5-12-2022) Doctoral Degree Nurses

DTB Study (4-29-2022) Veterans with a High Prevalence of Multimorbidity

DTB Survey (4-28-2022) Observations Beneficiary Travel Self-Service System BTTSSS

DTB Survey (4-28-2022) VHAs Understanding Service Needs of TBI patients

DTB Survey (4-26-2022) WMC National Child Care Interest

DTB Study (4-21-2022) Stakeholders Perspectives of Integrating Suicide Prevention Treatment into CPT for PTSD

DTB Survey (4-21-2022) Veterans Crisis Line Lethal Means Safety Pilot

DTB Survey (4-21-2022) All Employee

DTB Survey (4-20-2022) Women’s Whole Health PACT

DTB Study (4-20-2022) BE-ACTIVE

DTB Survey (4-20-2022) RISK – ID and Safety Planning

DTB Study (4-20-2022) Designing for Implementation and Dissemination of High-Value Heart Failure Transitional Care

DTB Survey (4-14-2022) Employee Occupational Health Program Evaluation for Fiscal Year 2021

DTB Survey (4-07-2022) VISN 20 Blood Pathogen Exposure

DTB Study (4-06-2022) VISN 20 Virtual Human Patient to Improve Safety Planning

DTB Survey (4-06-2022) VA Health Connect

DTB Survey (4-05-2022) Caregiver Support Program Caregivers FIRST

DTB Survey (3-31-2022) Employee Whole Health & Well Being Assessment

DTB Study (3-30-2022) VA CARRIAGE II UVC

DTB Survey (3-23-2022) Women’s Health Learning Needs Assessment

DTB Survey (3-21-2022) VISN 20 Examination of Implementation and Effectiveness of High-Risk Flags for Suicide Prevention – Withdrawal 

DTB Survey (3-17-2022) VISN 23 Video Connect Feedback

DTB Survey (3-16-2022) VISN 20 High-Risk Flags for Suicide Prevention

DTB Survey (3-15-2022) VISN 17 Participatant Baseline Questionnaire Employee Whoe Health Self-Care

DTB Survey (3-15-2022) VA Development, Security and Operations Awareness

DTB Survey (3-14-2022) VHA Clinical Resource Hub Evaluation

DTB Study (3-03-2022) Quadruple Aim QUERI-Prism Iterative RE-AIM Assessment Tool

DTB Survey (3-03-2022) OPCC & CT Well-being signs evaluation

DTB Survey (2-24-2022) OGC Inclusion, diversity, equity & accessibility

DTB Survey (2-18-2022) VISN 18 CCC Health Connect LNA

DTB Survey (2-18-2022) PACT

DTB Survey (2-18-2022) VHA’s Readjustment Counseling Service

DTB Study (2-16-2022) VISN 20 Evaluating the Standardized Virtual Human Patient to Improve Safety Planning Skills

DTB Survey (2-16-2022) I Move! Up Research Program

DTB Survey (2-10-2022) Review for Setting the Agenda of Research to Support Caregiveres

DTB Survey (2-10-2022) VISN 22 Tele-Diabetes

DTB Survey (2-10-2022) VISN 23 PACT Training Education Evaluation

DTB Survey (2-10-2022) Practices to Enhance DEI

DTB Survey (2-09-2022) VA Health Connect

DTB Survey (2-08-2022) Geri-Change 6 week Telehealth Group Intervention

DTB Survey (2-02-2022) VHA Setting the Agenda of Research to Support Caregivers

DTB Survey (1-28-2022) MCAA Engagement

DTB Survey (1-24-2022) 2021 LGBTQ+ Veterans Care Coordinator

DTB Survey (1-24-2022) REACH VET

DTB Survey (1-24-2022) PHASER

DTB Study (1-25-2022) Management of Hearing Loss

DTB Survey (1-25-2022) Enterprise Command Operations, Diversity, and Inclusion

DTB Survey (1-17-2022) VISN 23 Sexual Health and Intimacy Clinical Practices for TBI during COVID

DTB Study (1-14-2022) VHA Building Better Pain Teams Across Disciplines

DTB Survey (1-14-2022) VHA High Reliability Organization Pulse Check

DTB Survey (1-07-2022) Peer Support

DTB Survey (1-05-2022) Suicide Prevention Coordinators Patient Record Flags

DTB Study (1-05-2022) Justice Outreach Program

DTB Study (1-04-2022) VISN 20 & VISN 23 Office of Rural Health Written Exposure Therapy

DTB Study (1-04-2022) MOVE! Disparities for Black Veterans

Survey Archives

2021 Surveys

DTB Study (12-22-2021) Oral Telemedicine Interview

DTB Survey (12-22-2021) OIT Customer Experience

DTB Survey (12-13-2021) ODE of the OIT Employee Engagement

DTB Survey (12-09-2021) VHA Homeless Programs Office Racial Equity Organizational Assessment

DTB Survey (12-09-2021) OCC Out-Processing

DTB Survey (12-09-2021) Telehealth- Mediated Antibiotic Stewardship Intervention

DTB Survey (11-23-2021) Scribe Focus

DTB Study (11-23-2021) COVID-19 Impact on Pain Management Highlight, Explaining, and Realigning Services

DTB Study (11-08-2021) VA Grant and Per Diem Case Mngt Program for Homeless Experienced Vets

DTB Survey (11-04-2021) Veterans Crisis Line Responder Job Analysis

DTB Survey (11-04-2021) Medical Foster Home Program

DTB Study (10-27-2021) VHA COVID-19 in 20 Evaluation

DTB Survey (10-06-2021) Office of Management, Financial Management Business Transformation

DTB Survey (10-05-2021) PACT Survey on Work Experience and Improving Communication

DTB Survey (9-28-2021) Moral Injury Among Healthcare Workers on the Frontlines of COVID-19

DTB Survey (9-27-2021) Quadruple Aim QUERI – Relational Coordination

DTB Survey (9-22-2021) Chronic Kidney Disease Cascade of Care

DTB Survey (9-20-2021) IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

DTB Survey (9-17-2021) Strengthening Cerner Implementation for Health Professions Trainees

DTB Survey (9-17-2021) PERSIVED QUERI

DTB Study (9-03-2021) Amend ORMDI Barrier Analysis Focus Group

DTB Study (9-03-2021) Developing Cross-Sector Collaborations to Meet the Social Needs of Veterans

DTB Survey (8-31-2021) VISN 23 MVAHSC Watch Huddle Staff Feedback

DTB Study (8-25-2021) Implementing a Clinical-Community Partnered Intervention to Address Food Insecurity among High-Risk Veterans

DTB Study (8-25-2021) VA Community Care Opiod Safety Initiative Interviews

DTB Survey (8-18-2021) SCIP Helpdesk-Users Group

DTB Survey (8-11-2021) OCC Directorate Strategic Planning Front Line Input

DTB Survey (8-11-2021) Employee Representative Occupational Safety and Health 

DTB Survey (8-10-2021) Improving Dermatology Access by Direct-to-Patient Teledermatology Computer-Assisted Diagnosis

DTB Survey (8-03-2021) Veterans Transportation Service Best Practices Interviews

DTB Survey (7-30-2021) DevSecOps Pre and Post Rotation Participant

DTB Survey (7-30-2021) High Risk Veterans (RIVET) Program

DTB Survey (7-15-2021) Annual Biomedical Engineering Customer Satisfaction

DTB Study (7-09-2021) Mindful Hand Hygiene 

DTB Survey (7-07-2021) VHA Redefining Elder Care in America Project

DTB Study (7-02-2021) VHA SHAARK Partnered Evaluation Initiative

DTB Survey (6-21-2021) Addressing Racial-Ethnic Disparities

DTB Study (6-10-2021) VISN 8 Rapid Evaluation of Integration of Whole Health into Primary Care and Mental Health 

DTB Survey (6-17-2021) HIV Telehealth HUBS 

DTB Survey (6-03-2021) Tele-Neuropsychology Practice and Attitudes 

DTB Survey (6-02-2021) STRIDE Sub-Project of the Optimizing Function and Independence Implementation

DTB Study (6-02-2021) A Nurse-led Intervention to Extend the Veterans HIV Treatment Cascade for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

DTB Study (5-28-2021) VHAs Hannon Act, Section 506, Feasibility and Advisability 

DTB Study (5-28-2021) Multi-Sites Pilot Trail of Strengths-based Linkage to Alcohol Care 

DTB Survey (5-28-2021) Experiences of VA Social Workers 

DTB Survey (5-27-2021) VHA Department Adverse Event Reporting System

DTB Survey (5-18-2021) VA Post-Pandemic Future of Work Planning 

DTB Survey (5-14-2021) VISN 20 Learning Needs Assessment 

DTB Survey (5-13-2021) VISN 20 AES COVID-19

DTB Survey (5-07-2021) National Tele-Critical Care Office AFC Work-group Questionnaire and Assessment

DTB Survey (5-03-2021) Mitigating Racial-Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities in VA Care Quality and Patient Experience 

DTB Survey (5-03-2021) MIDAS QUERI 

DTB Survey (4-12-2021) Pharmacy Automation Assessment FY 21 

DTB Survey (4-14-2021) VHA Office of Primary Care Modernization Evaluation 

DTB Survey (4-14-2021) VA Video Connect during COVID-19 Adoption Project

DTB Study (4-15-2021) Mental Health Provider Burnout

DTB Survey (4-22-2021) VA 2021 All Employee Survey 

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Office of Nursing Service Qualitive – Researcher & Nurse Scientist Experiences

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Understanding the Impact of the EHR Transition

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Continuous Quality Improvement

DTB Survey (3-19-2021) Care Coordination and Integrated Case Management

DTB Survey (3-18-2021) VISN 20 Education Department Post Audiovisual Production Evaluation

DTB Study (3-12-2021) VISN 23 Orthopedic Staff at Iowa City and Minneapolis

DTB Survey (3-12-2021) VISN 20 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work Climate Survey

DTB Survey (3-03-2021) VA State Veterans Home Telehealth Affect Due to COVID-10 Interviews

DTB Survey (3-03-2021) VA Delivering Telehealth/Virtual Care

DTB Survey (2-24-2021) Strengthening Suicide Prevention Efforts for Women Veterans 

DTB Survey (2-24-2021) Career Aspiration and Development Survey

DTB Survey (2-16-2021) Campaign for Inclusive Care Quality Improvement Evaluation

DTB Study (2-10-2021) Targeted Contact Use to Prevent MRSA Transmission

DTB Survey (2-09-2021) VISN 20 Pappas Clinical Preceptors

DTB Study (2-09-2021) Effect of Maternity Care Coordination on Pregnancy Outcomes Study 

DTB Survey (2-09-2021) VHA OCC Care Coordination Model

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) Nursing Innovations Collaboration for Evaluation

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) Optimizing Function and Independence QUERI-Caregivers FIRST Field Readiness

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) FY 21 HR Modernization Customer Service

DTB Survey (1-05-2021) Office of Mental Health Mental Health Provider SAIL

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