Surveys help to provide valuable information about the workplace. They can help to determine priorities for bargaining when problems with workloads and conditions are not being properly addressed. They ensure our members have a voice. 

To improve searchability of files that may affect you and your departments, the following naming conventions were created:

DTB Survey/Study (month-date-year) Title of the Survey or Study

2021 Surveys

DTB Study (12-22-2021) Oral Telemedicine Interview

DTB Survey (12-22-2021) OIT Customer Experience

DTB Survey (12-13-2021) ODE of the OIT Employee Engagement

DTB Survey (12-09-2021) VHA Homeless Programs Office Racial Equity Organizational Assessment

DTB Survey (12-09-2021) OCC Out-Processing

DTB Survey (12-09-2021) Telehealth- Mediated Antibiotic Stewardship Intervention

DTB Survey (11-23-2021) Scribe Focus

DTB Study (11-23-2021) COVID-19 Impact on Pain Management Highlight, Explaining, and Realigning Services

DTB Study (11-08-2021) VA Grant and Per Diem Case Mngt Program for Homeless Experienced Vets

DTB Survey (11-04-2021) Veterans Crisis Line Responder Job Analysis

DTB Survey (11-04-2021) Medical Foster Home Program

DTB Study (10-27-2021) VHA COVID-19 in 20 Evaluation

DTB Survey (10-06-2021) Office of Management, Financial Management Business Transformation

DTB Survey (10-05-2021) PACT Survey on Work Experience and Improving Communication

DTB Survey (9-28-2021) Moral Injury Among Healthcare Workers on the Frontlines of COVID-19

DTB Survey (9-27-2021) Quadruple Aim QUERI – Relational Coordination

DTB Survey (9-22-2021) Chronic Kidney Disease Cascade of Care

DTB Survey (9-20-2021) IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

DTB Survey (9-17-2021) Strengthening Cerner Implementation for Health Professions Trainees

DTB Survey (9-17-2021) PERSIVED QUERI

DTB Study (9-03-2021) Amend ORMDI Barrier Analysis Focus Group

DTB Study (9-03-2021) Developing Cross-Sector Collaborations to Meet the Social Needs of Veterans

DTB Survey (8-31-2021) VISN 23 MVAHSC Watch Huddle Staff Feedback

DTB Study (8-25-2021) Implementing a Clinical-Community Partnered Intervention to Address Food Insecurity among High-Risk Veterans

DTB Study (8-25-2021) VA Community Care Opiod Safety Initiative Interviews

DTB Survey (8-18-2021) SCIP Helpdesk-Users Group

DTB Survey (8-11-2021) OCC Directorate Strategic Planning Front Line Input

DTB Survey (8-11-2021) Employee Representative Occupational Safety and Health 

DTB Survey (8-10-2021) Improving Dermatology Access by Direct-to-Patient Teledermatology Computer-Assisted Diagonisis

DTB Survey (8-03-2021) Veterans Transportation Service Best Practices Interviews

DTB Survey (7-30-2021) DevSecOps Pre and Post Rotation Participant

DTB Survey (7-30-2021) High Risk Veterans (RIVET) Program

DTB Survey (7-15-2021) Annual Biomedical Engineering Customer Satisfaction

DTB Study (7-09-2021) Mindful Hand Hygiene 

DTB Survey (7-07-2021) VHA Redefining Elder Care in America Project

DTB Study (7-02-2021) VHA SHAARK Partnered Evaluation Initiative

DTB Survey (6-21-2021) Addressing Racial-Ethnic Disparities

DTB Study (6-10-2021) VISN 8 Rapid Evaluation of Integration of Whole Health into Primary Care and Mental Health 

DTB Survey (6-17-2021) HIV Telehealth HUBS 

DTB Survey (6-03-2021) Tele-Neuropsychology Practice and Attitudes 

DTB Survey (6-02-2021) STRIDE Sub-Project of the Optimizing Function and Independence Implementation

DTB Study (6-02-2021) A Nurse-led Intervention to Extend the Veterans HIV Treatment Cascade for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

DTB Study (5-28-2021) VHAs Hannon Act, Section 506, Feasibility and Advisability 

DTB Study (5-28-2021) Multi-Sites Pilot Trail of Strengths-based Linkage to Alcohol Care 

DTB Survey (5-28-2021) Experiences of VA Social Workers 

DTB Survey (5-27-2021) VHA Department Adverse Event Reporting System

DTB Survey (5-18-2021) VA Post-Pandemic Future of Work Planning 

DTB Survey (5-14-2021) VISN 20 Learning Needs Assessment 

DTB Survey (5-13-2021) VISN 20 AES COVID-19

DTB Survey (5-07-2021) National Tele-Critical Care Office AFC Workgroup Questionnaire and Assessment

DTB Survey (5-03-2021) Mitigating Racial-Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities in VA Care Quality and Patient Experience 

DTB Survey (5-03-2021) MIDAS QUERI 

DTB Survey (4-12-2021) Pharmacy Automation Assessment FY 21 

DTB Survey (4-14-2021) VHA Office of Primary Care Modernization Evaluation 

DTB Survey (4-14-2021) VA Video Connect during COVID-19 Adoption Project Survey 

DTB Study (4-15-2021) Mental Health Provider Burnout Study 

DTB Survey (4-22-2021) VA 2021 All Employee Survey 

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Office of Nursing Service Qualitive – Researcher & Nurse Scientist Experiences

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Understanding the Impact of the EHR Transition

DTB Survey (3-31-2021) Continuous Quality Improvement

DTB Survey (3-19-2021) Care Coordination and Integrated Case Management

DTB Survey (3-18-2021) VISN 20 Education Department Post Audiovisual Production Evaluation

DTB Study (3-12-2021) VISN 23 Orthopedic Staff at Iowa City and Minneapolis

DTB Survey (3-12-2021) VISN 20 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work Climate Survey

DTB Survey (3-03-2021) VA State Veterans Home Telehealth Affect Due to COVID-10 Interviews

DTB Survey (3-03-2021) VA Delivering Telehealth/Virtual Care

DTB Survey (2-24-2021) Strengthening Suicide Prevention Efforts for Women Veterans 

DTB Survey (2-24-2021) Career Aspiration and Development Survey

DTB Survey (2-16-2021) Campaign for Inclusive Care Quality Improvement Evaluation

DTB Study (2-10-2021) Targeted Contact Use to Prevent MRSA Transmission

DTB Survey (2-09-2021) VISN 20 Pappas Clinical Preceptors

DTB Study (2-09-2021) Effect of Maternity Care Coordination on Pregnancy Outcomes Study 

DTB Survey (2-09-2021) VHA OCC Care Coordination Model

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) Nursing Innovations Collaboration for Evaluation

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) Optimizing Function and Independence QUERI-Caregivers FIRST Field Readiness

DTB Survey (1-15-2021) FY 21 HR Modernization Customer Service

DTB Survey (1-05-2021) Office of Mental Health Mental Health Provider SAIL

Survey Archives

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