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Do you have questions or need training? Reach out to our NVAC T&E department for help.

Click on the email address above for assistance.

AFGE NVAC Training & Education

Our department is designed to support the mission of the National VA Council by effectively educating and training union leaders and members on issues that affect their employment. We provide training that promotes a better understanding of laws & regulations, employee rights, unions, your role as a steward or officer, Master Agreement, and other relevant topics. Training & Education is here to help you develop and hone your skills to be able to help other locals in your area.

National Training & Education Committee (NTEC)

This committee is made up of a Committee Chair, the President of NVAC, the NVAC Director of Training & Educationfive National Reps, and one District Rep. 

Meeting monthly to discuss past and upcoming training initiatives, the objective is for the NTEC to outline training needs on the local level to be scheduled throughout the year and how to execute it.

The National (Joint) Training & Education Committee (NTEC) based on the Charter for the NTEC, which is in the Master Agreement (Article 4, Section 6) is to meet 4 times a year. The committee is co-chaired by Chair (Management) and a Chair (Labor).  Other committee members include the NTEC (Internal to NVAC) and the Training Committee (Management). The purpose of this committee is to plan joint training initiatives to be executed throughout the year. 

AFGE NVAC Training & Education Labor Management Survey 

AFGE-NVAC is conducting a short survey of AFGE VA Locals to better understand your training needs and the state of your labor-management relationship.

First, NVAC is planning its 2022 training series with the NVAC Legal Team and wants to know which training topics would be most helpful to you and your Local. Second, NVAC is working with VA Central Office to find ways to improve labor-management at the local level, including mediation, training, and interventions. We need to know if these resources would be helpful to your Local.

Thank you for taking a minute to fill out this survey. We are requesting one response per Local.

** This survey does not constitute any form of advice, guidance, or agreement. Responses are being collected for informational purposes only and will become property of AFGE and will be maintained by AFGE. Completing this survey does not constitute a formal complaint or report of wrongdoing, nor does it satisfy or toll any deadlines that may apply.**

 AFGE National VA Council

Upcoming Training

Master Agreement Training

Legal Team Training

Legal Team Training

The AFGE NVAC Legal Team is excited to announce a new monthly training series developed with the National Training & Education Committee. The Legal team is prepared to provide monthly training workshops on a variety of topics to address a variety of needs.
Be a part of these sessions by registering online. You can find information on individual classes on our Events page, in President's Briefings, and by reaching out to our Department of Training & Education.

Click for the Events page

Virtual Training

Stewards Training

AFGE has created online training to help new Stewards understand their role.

Follow this link to AFGE and stay informed!

Online AFGE Stewards Training

Training By Request

Union Training Request Form

Are you looking for ways to engage with new members?

We're here to help you learn and stay up to date on administrative and regulatory changes.

Helping you connect with information needed

Joint Training Request Form

Needing assistance developing training to stay relevant?

The Joint National Training & Education Committee (Joint NTEC) is here to provide training to help local unions on various topics.

Download the form and return to the Director of Training & Education

Previous Training


12th Annual New Local Presidents' Training

August 20 - 24, 2023
Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center
Roanoke, VA

Training is geared toward new Local presidents who have not attended this training and those who need a refresher.


New Local Presidents' Training

July 10 - 15, 2022
Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center
Roanoke, VA
The AFGE National VA Council hosted its first in-person New Local Presidents’ Training, since the pandemic, and it was a HIT! With participants from across the country, NVAC jumped feet-first into this training world. We held engaging, thoughtful discussions and group interactions with expert presenters.


AFGE National VA Council
2021 Health & Safety Training

Continuing to break new ground in the virtual landscape, NVAC hosted its first virtual conference, and it was AMAZING! Special guest speakers such as VA Secretary Denis McDonough, AFGE President Everett Kelley, Doug Dulaney, Managing Director, VHA Office of HEFP, our keynote speaker Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, FACP. During our closing plenary we had the pleasure of the Acting Under Secretary, Deborah Kramer interacted with the audience in a Q & A session.

Title 38 Training

All segments of the agenda are appropriate for official time. Please note that VACO LMR does not grant or control local official time; this is done at the local level.
November 18, 2021 - November 19, 2021
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Eastern Time
Zoom virtual training

10th Annual New Local Presidents' Training

Training is geared toward new Local presidents who have not attended this training and those who need a refresher. When available, previous training will be uploaded to our AFGE National VA Council Document Database.

Click the link to view training videos and materials.
Once you click the button, you will be taken to the searchable database to view the training videos.

 AFGE National VA Council

AFGE National VA Council
Health & Safety Conference

The 2024 AFGE/NVAC Health and Safety Conference in San Antonio, TX was a tremendous success. Attendees from across the nation gathered for a week of Safety, Awareness, Fellowship and Education. Expert instructors imparted their knowledge on various topics to include Mental Health First Aid, OSHA, Active Shooter, Safe Patient Handling and Mobility, among many others. As each individual returns to their facilities, they are encouraged to share what they have learned with their fellow coworkers and advance the need for safer working conditions and best practices. We look forward to seeing everyone again for the next Health and Safety Conference!


Grow your knowledge at the
2023 AFGE National Health & Safety Conference

SAFE - Safety, Awareness, Fellowship, Education

April 17 - 21, 2023

A continued commitment to meet the needs of union members is important to NVAC. We have a new schedule ready to go! Click on the link to register.

Knowledgeable Instructors

Each instructor is a subject matter expert (SME) in his/her field. These instructors have a wealth of knowledge that they will be sharing which provides you the opportunity to take that information back to your Local.

Training In a Fluid Environment

During this time, your safety is our utmost concern. Our conference location has a ‘Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment’ that focuses on the safety and well-being of guests.

 AFGE National VA Council

AFGE National VA Council
TrienNiAl Training Convention

Thank you to all the participants, delegates, and special guests.

Be watching our Facebook page and newsletters for photos.

See you in three years!

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AFGE National VA Council

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