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Veterans Integrated Service Network Demand To Bargain

The Department of Veterans Affairs geographically divided healthcare services into 18 individualized administrative areas called the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN). These VISNs help to segment and better serve veterans and their healthcare needs. Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs) within VISNs have a right to better working conditions. AFGE National VA Council works to enforce and expand these rights. 

To improve searchability of files that may affect you and your departments, the following naming conventions were created:

VISN # DTB (month-date-year) Title of the Demand To Bargain

2023 VISN Demand To Bargain



2022 VISN Demand To Bargain


VISN 23 DTB (12-22-2022) Mail Operations and Security Plan

VISN 23 DTB (12-01-2022) Government Purchase Card Procedures

VISN 23 DTB (12-01-2022) CCC Professional Nurse and Pharmacists Anual Leave

VISN 23 DTB(12-01-2022) CCC Standardized Nursing

VISN 23 DTB (12-01-2022) Call Center Pharmacy Technician Performance Standards

VISN 23 DTB (11-21-2022) Directive 1351 Staffing Methodology on Ward 3K

VISN 23 DTB (11-18-2022) Resilience Team Peer Support and SOP Employee Whole Health

VISN 23 DTB (11-16-2022) CCC Performance Standards Pharmacy Technician

VISN 23 (10-17-2022) SOP Quality Management and Patient Safety

VISN 23 DTB (9-19-2022) RN Competency Validation

VISN 23 DTB (9-22-2022) Shift Trail Behavorial Recovery Unit

VISN 23 DTB (8-30-2022) CCC Holiday Coverage

VISN 23 DTB (8-30-2022) CCC Holiday Coverage

VISN 23 DTB (8-21-2022) GI Clinic Staff Assignments

VISN 23 DTB (8-12-2022) Medical Reconciliation

VISN 23 DTB (8-08-2022) Cybersecurity Program

VISN 23 DTB (8-01-2022) Out of Operating Room Airway Management

VISN 23 DTB (7-27-2022) Employee Dress Code

VISN 23 DTB (7-20-2022) PACT Team Coverage

VISN 23 DTB (7-11-2022) Secure Messaging in Community Care

VISN 23 DTB (6-10-2022) Construction of Centralized Service Project

VISN 23 (5-09-2022) SOP Device Related Pressure Injury Prevention for Respiratory Equipment

VISN 23 (4-29-2022) E-Screening for PACT Teams in Primary Care Clinics

VISN 23 DTB (4-18-2022) Staff Moves

VISN 23 DTB (3-21-2022) Twin Ports VA Clinic Staff Work Location Moves

VISN 23 DTB (2-10-2022) Education Department Relocation

VISN 23 DTB (1-28-2022) Management & Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

VISN 23 DTB (1-14-2022) Physical Restraint and Seclusion

VISN 23 DTB (1-06-2022) MCP IM-01 Medical Records


VISN DTB Archives

2020 VISN Demand To Bargain

2021 VISN Demand To Bargain


VISN 20 DTB (12-22-2021) COVID-19 Labor Pool

VISN 20 DTB (12-21-2021) CCC WHEN Support

VISN 20 DTB (10-14-2021) Dental Service Antigen Testing

VISN 20 DTB (10-14-2021) Pharmacy Service Performance Standards

VISN 20 DTB (10-08-2021) Social Work Competencies

VISN 20 DTB (10-06-2021) Implementation of New Leave SOP GMS Micro Clinics

VISN 20 DTB (10-06-2021) Social Service Assistant Performance Plan

VISN 20 DTB (9-27-2021) AvaSure System Implementation and Training

VISN 20 DTB (9-27-2021) High Risk COVID Exposure and Return to Work

VISN 20 DTB (9-22-2021) Clinical Pharmacists, Ambulatory Care Functional Statements

VISN 20 DTB (9-21-2021) Clinical Pharmacy Specialist PACT and Mental Health Performance Standards

VISN 20 DTB (8-30-2021) Replace Nurse Call System Implementation

VISN 20 DTB (8-11-2021) COVID Labor Pool National Notification

VISN 20 DTB (8-02-2021) Pharmacy Service Automation ScriptCenter

VISN 20 DTB (8-02-2021) VHA National Unscheduled Consult

VISN 20 DTB (6-30-2021) Referral Coordination Program Compressed Tour of Duty

VISN 20 (5-27-2021) Records Management Policy

VISN 20 DTB (5-13-2021) AES COVID-19 Survey

VISN 20 DTB (5-04-2021) VOCERA Implementation

VISN 20 DTB (4-23-2021) Electronic Health Record Modernization on PCP

VISN 20 DTB (4-07-2021) Competencies for Technicians and Work Leaders

VISN 20 DTB (4-07-2021) EMS Technicians Changes to Check-out, Check-in Process for Keys and Communication Devices

VISN 20 DTB (4-07-2021) EMS Work Leader Performance Plans Update

VISN 20 DTB (4-07-2021) Housekeeping Aids Performance Plans Update

VISN 20 DTB (3-01-2021) Clinical Contact Center GS-6 Advance Medical Support Assistants

VISN 20 DTB (2-26-2021) SOP for Puget Sound Micro Clinics

VISN 20 DTB (2-19-2021) Women’s Health Educational Needs Assessment Questionnaire

VISN 20 DTB (2-09-2021) COVID Labor Pool Update

VISN 20 DTB (2-09-2021) EMS TL and Tour of Duty Changes

2019 VISN Demand To Bargain

2018 VISN Demand To Bargain

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